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Gun Policy News articles focus only on small arms, firearms and/or guns. Each article also touches on policy options to reduce gun violence and to prevent firearm injury.

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TraffickingFirearm StorageFirearm Theft and DiversionFirearm Trafficking in the United StatesFirearm ViolenceFirearm Violence PreventionFirearms and DevelopmentFirearms and Domestic ViolenceFirearms and Family ViolenceFirearms and Gang ViolenceFirearms and GenderFirearms and Human RightsFirearms and Public HealthFirearms and Self DefenceFirearms and Self DefenseFirearms and YouthFirearms and the United NationsFirearms at SchoolFirearms in AfghanistanFirearms in AfricaFirearms in AsiaFirearms in AustraliaFirearms in BrazilFirearms in CanadaFirearms in Central AfricaFirearms in Central AmericaFirearms in Central AsiaFirearms in ChinaFirearms in East AfricaFirearms in East AsiaFirearms in Eastern EuropeFirearms in EuropeFirearms in FinlandFirearms in IndiaFirearms in IraqFirearms in IsraelFirearms in JapanFirearms in KenyaFirearms in MexicoFirearms in New ZealandFirearms in NigeriaFirearms in North AfricaFirearms in North AmericaFirearms in Northern EuropeFirearms in OceaniaFirearms in PakistanFirearms in Papua New GuineaFirearms in RussiaFirearms in South AfricaFirearms in South AmericaFirearms in South AsiaFirearms in South East AsiaFirearms in Southern AfricaFirearms in Southern EuropeFirearms in SwitzerlandFirearms in UgandaFirearms in West AfricaFirearms in West AsiaFirearms in Western EuropeFirearms in YemenFirearms in the AmericasFirearms in the CaribbeanFirearms in the PacificFirearms in the United KingdomFirearms in the United StatesGenuine Reason for Firearm UseGenuine Reason for Gun UseGenuine Reason for Small Arms UseGlock PistolGun AmnestyGun BanGun BuybackGun ClubGun CollectorGun Control InternationalGun Control NewsGun Control USAGun DealerGun IndustryGun Injury, Non-fatalGun LawGun LegislationGun Lobby GroupsGun ManufactureGun Marking and TracingGun NewsGun Owner Background CheckGun Owner LicensingGun Purchase Background CheckGun RegistrationGun RightsGun Running and Small Arms TraffickingGun Sales and TransfersGun SeizureGun ShowGun Smuggling and TraffickingGun Smuggling in North AmericaGun StorageGun Theft and DiversionGun Trafficking in North AmericaGun Trafficking in the United StatesGun ViolenceGun Violence PreventionGuns and DevelopmentGuns and Domestic ViolenceGuns and Family ViolenceGuns and Gang ViolenceGuns and GenderGuns and Human RightsGuns and Public HealthGuns and Self DefenceGuns and Self DefenseGuns and YouthGuns and the United NationsGuns at SchoolGuns in AfghanistanGuns in AfricaGuns in AsiaGuns in AustraliaGuns in BrazilGuns in CanadaGuns in Central AfricaGuns in Central AmericaGuns in Central AsiaGuns in ChinaGuns in East AfricaGuns in East AsiaGuns in Eastern EuropeGuns in EuropeGuns in FinlandGuns in IndiaGuns in IraqGuns in IsraelGuns in JapanGuns in KenyaGuns in MexicoGuns in New ZealandGuns in NigeriaGuns in North AfricaGuns in North AmericaGuns in Northern EuropeGuns in OceaniaGuns in PakistanGuns in Papua New GuineaGuns in RussiaGuns in South AfricaGuns in South AmericaGuns in South AsiaGuns in South East AsiaGuns in Southern AfricaGuns in Southern EuropeGuns in SwitzerlandGuns in UgandaGuns in West AfricaGuns in West AsiaGuns in Western EuropeGuns in YemenGuns in the AmericasGuns in the CaribbeanGuns in the PacificGuns in the United KingdomGuns in the United StatesHandgun BanHandguns in Firearm ViolenceHandguns in Gun ViolenceHandguns in Small Arms ViolenceHeckler & KochHillary ClintonHome Made FirearmHome Made GunHome Made Small ArmsImitation FirearmImitation GunImporting FirearmsImporting GunsImporting Small ArmsJoe BidenJohn McCainM16 Assault Rifle M-16Machine GunMass ShootingMicrostamping AmmunitionMurder-Suicide by FirearmMurder-Suicide by GunMurder-Suicide with Small ArmsNational Rifle AssociationOpen CarryPenalty for Firearm CrimePenalty for Gun CrimePenalty for Small Arms CrimePolice and FirearmsPolice and GunsPolice and Small ArmsRemington FirearmRight to Keep and Bear ArmsRuger FirearmSchool ShootingSchools and FirearmsSchools and GunsSmall Arms AmnestySmall Arms BuybackSmall Arms CampaignSmall Arms DealerSmall Arms DestructionSmall Arms IndustrySmall Arms Injury, Non-fatalSmall Arms LawSmall Arms LegislationSmall Arms LobbySmall Arms ManufactureSmall Arms Marking and TracingSmall Arms MorbiditySmall Arms NewsSmall Arms Owner LicensingSmall Arms RegistrationSmall Arms Sales and TransfersSmall Arms SeizureSmall Arms Smuggling and TraffickingSmall Arms StorageSmall Arms Theft and DiversionSmall Arms ViolenceSmall Arms and DevelopmentSmall Arms and Domestic ViolenceSmall Arms and Family ViolenceSmall Arms and Gang ViolenceSmall Arms and GenderSmall Arms and Human RightsSmall Arms and Public HealthSmall Arms and Self DefenceSmall Arms and Self DefenseSmall Arms and YouthSmall Arms and the United NationsSmall Arms at SchoolSmall Arms in AfghanistanSmall Arms in AfricaSmall Arms in AsiaSmall Arms in AustraliaSmall Arms in BrazilSmall Arms in CanadaSmall Arms in Central AfricaSmall Arms in Central AmericaSmall Arms in Central AsiaSmall Arms in ChinaSmall Arms in East AfricaSmall Arms in East AsiaSmall Arms in Eastern EuropeSmall Arms in EuropeSmall Arms in FinlandSmall Arms in IndiaSmall Arms in IraqSmall Arms in IsraelSmall Arms in JapanSmall Arms in KenyaSmall Arms in MexicoSmall Arms in New ZealandSmall Arms in NigeriaSmall Arms in North AfricaSmall Arms in North AmericaSmall Arms in Northern EuropeSmall Arms in OceaniaSmall Arms in PakistanSmall Arms in Papua New GuineaSmall Arms in RussiaSmall Arms in South AfricaSmall Arms in South AmericaSmall Arms in South AsiaSmall Arms in South East AsiaSmall Arms in Southern AfricaSmall Arms in Southern EuropeSmall Arms in SwitzerlandSmall Arms in UgandaSmall Arms in West AfricaSmall Arms in West AsiaSmall Arms in Western EuropeSmall Arms in YemenSmall Arms in the AmericasSmall Arms in the CaribbeanSmall Arms in the PacificSmall Arms in the United KingdomSmall Arms in the United StatesSmith & WessonStray Bullet, Gun Death and InjurySubmachine GunUN Small Arms Programme of ActionUnintentional Firearm InjuryUnintentional Gun DeathUnintentional ShootingUnited Nations Programme of Action on Small Arms


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