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Armed Violence and Illegal Guns in East Africa - Recent Study

26 July 2016

New Times (Rwanda)

East African Community (EAC) member countries are meeting in Kigali for a validation workshop on the study by the Regional Centre on Small Arms (RECSA) on the status of armed crimes in Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. The report dubbed 'Analysis of Armed Crime Rates' released yesterday, in Kigali was conducted between 2010 and March 2016 with the support of African Development Bank (AfDB). According to the report, Rwanda registered 421 cases related to... (

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Gun Verification Exercise in Tanzania Registers 14,000 Firearms

22 July 2016

Tanzania Daily News

Over 14,000 firearms have been verified in the past three months, the exercise that helped to collect 198.8m/- as fee for such weapons. In March, this year, the Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr Paul Makonda, issued a three-month ultimatum to owners of firearms in the regions to surrender their weapons to the police for verification. During the exercise a total of 11,602 owners surrendered their weapons for verifications despite some challenges during the... (

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Kenya's Private Gun Ownership the Largest in East Africa

11 July 2016

East African (Nairobi)

Kenya has the largest number of guns in civilian hands in eastern Africa amid rising gun attacks while Rwanda has the least, a global survey shows. Data from Sidney-based, a website backed by the United Nations, puts the estimated number of guns possessed by Kenyan civilians at about 680,000, comprising licit and illicit firearms. Tanzania has 550,000 guns in private hands, Uganda (400,000), Ethiopia (320,000), Burundi (100,000) and 58,000 for... (

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Homemade Guns Surrendered to Police Stations in Tanzania

30 May 2016

Tanzania Daily News

About 61 homemade firearms locally known as gobole owned illegally have been surrendered at different police posts in Katavi Region since the exercise was officially launched on March 21, this year. The Katavi Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr Damas Nyanda, said the verification exercise will officially end on June 30, this year, saying that so far 61 per cent of firearms verification have been completed and established that most of them are legally owned. He further... (

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Tanzania's Neighbouring Countries a Source of Illegal Guns

16 May 2016

Citizen (Dar es Salaam)

Mwanza will not win the war against illegal fire arms unless peace is found in neighbouring war torn countries, Mwanza Regional Commander Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police (SACP) has said. According to the police head ongoing conflict in South Sudan has also contributed to the presence of guns in Tanzania. "Criminals travel to any country looking for guns and they are often readily available in places such as South Sudan, due to this, the city is experiencing... (

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Tanzania: Guns to Be Given Back to Owners

29 April 2016

Tanzania Daily News

DODOMA — Firearms that were impounded during anti-poaching campaign dubbed as "operation tokomeza" would be returned after verification of their genuineness and legal ownership, the Prime Minister, Mr Kassim Majaliwa, told the National Assembly here yesterday. He said that the police force was still going on with the verification exercise to identify a number of things, including genuineness; legal ownership and whether such arms were free from any involvement in... (

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Tanzania to Re-Mark All Imported and Registered Guns

23 April 2016

Tanzania Daily News

ARUSHA — Tanzania may soon start marking all sorts of firearms with special engraving to distinguish weapons registered in the country, against those owned in other states, it was revealed in Arusha. Vice President, Ms Samia Suluhu Hassan, said that with nearly 900,000 light weapons and small arms circulating around the globe, it is vital for Tanzania, as well as other African countries to start engraving special national labels to indicate where each firearm was... (

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Firearm Licensing Clampdown to Curb Tanzania Gun Crime

10 April 2016

Citizen (Dar es Salaam)

ARUSHA — No new gun permits will be issued in Arusha until an ongoing exercise to verify ownership is complete, regional authorities have said. Figures on the number of people who legally own firearms in the region are not readily available, but the current verification exercise could help determine that. There are growing concerns over the spate of armed robberies in Arusha. Regional commissioner Felix Ntibenda said last week authorities have stopped accepting... (

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No New Gun Permits Until Tanzania Completes Firearm Audit

8 April 2016

Citizen (Dar es Salaam)

ARUSHA -- With ongoing confiscations of illegal firearms still underway, Ngorongoro District and regional authorities say they will not issue any fresh firearm permits until the verification exercise is completed. Arusha regional commissioner Felix Ntibenda made the announcement during the inauguration of a police station at Tengeru on the outskirts of Arusha. "By virtue of the fact that one is a gemstone dealer is not grounds for one to possess weapons," he pointed... (

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African Nations Should Tighten Gun Registration: Tanzania

3 April 2016

Tanzania Daily News

Tanzania has called upon other countries to review the law on domestic firearm registration to cope with the current situation, in order to address the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons. Addressing parliamentarians for Global Action meeting in Dar es Salaam yesterday, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr Tulia Ackson, said the firearms registration should reflect the challenges the world faces today. "Here in Tanzania, we undertook such an exercise... (

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Tanzania: Politicians Involved in Illegal Small Arms Trade

3 April 2016

Guardian (Dar Es Salaam)

Politicians are said to be contributing to illegal arms trade by supporting and deliberately arming rebel groups to accomplish their narrow interests. A senior government official made this observation in Dar es Salaam yesterday at an Africa parliamentary workshop on addressing illicit trade of small arms and light weapons organized by the Parliamentarians for Global Action (PGA). The two day workshop was attended by members of Parliaments from 13... (

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Tanzania: Owners Must Surrender Guns for Verification

2 April 2016

Tanzania Daily News

Tanzania Police Force has issued a three month ultimatum to owners of firearms in all regions in the country to surrender their guns to the police force for verification, effective from today. Addressing journalists in the city yesterday, Training and Operation Commissioner of Police (CP) Nsato Mssanzya urged the wananchi to ensure they are paying for their guns before verifications. "The exercise is operated in all regions and every regions has its own specific time... (

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Tanzania: Illegal Gun Shops Trade Firearms for Livestock

29 March 2016

Tanzania Daily News

ARUSHA — In America, proliferation of guns and other firearms is abetted by online sales, but in Arusha the case is different; it was recently discovered that there are some gun shops located deep into the bush, issuing pieces of artilleries at throwaway prices. Also, one needs not to have money to obtain the same. Guns are exchanged with livestock, including cattle, sheep, goats or farm harvests measured by bags of maize or beans. The Arusha Regional Commissioner,... (

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African Experts Seek Ways to Curb Proliferation of Small Arms

13 May 2014

Shanghai Daily (China)

NAIROBI - Experts from across Africa will meet in Nairobi on Wednesday to seek ways to help address the proliferation of small arms and light weapons in the continent, ravaged by many conflicts. A statement from the Nairobi-based Regional Centre for Small Arms (RCSA) said Tuesday the 3rd meeting of the AU-Regions steering committee on small arms and light weapons and disarmament, demobilization and reintegration will seek ways of combating cross border flows illicit... (

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Tanzania Police Seize Guns in Operation to Recover Illegal Firearms

9 May 2014

Tanzania Daily News

The influx of illegal firearms in Mara Region is alarming and the police force is now planning a house to house operation aimed at recovering all guns from hands of criminals. A total of seven illegal firearms most of them submachine guns (SMG) and more than 420 bullets have been seized by the police in Mara Region since the beginning of this year. "Since January to April 30 this year we have impounded seven guns and four of them are SMGs, two pistols and a shotgun,"... (

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Tanzania's New, Tough Firearm Sale, Possession Laws

20 January 2014

Tanzania Daily News

Disturbed by a recent spate of indiscriminate killings using legally owned firearms, the government will soon introduce a new legislation to strictly regulate and control importation, sales and ownership of guns. Although it is not yet established whether the new Act will phase out the existing Arms and Ammunition Act of 2007, the legislation will address the shortcomings in the current Act used by gun owners to use them in criminal acts, kill themselves and innocent... (

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Assault Weapons From Mozambique Used by Tanzanian Poachers

30 December 2013

Independent (UK)

The wildest sound on the savannah is not the lion's roar, but the elephant's trumpet. When he senses a lurking poacher, the elephant screams, loud and shrill, to alert the herd and scare his enemy. The poacher, standing only a few feet away takes aim and fires. The elephant screams again, before he collapses in a heap. One bullet will rarely kill an adult elephant, and it takes many minutes before the life drains away. Military weapons such as AK-47s are increasingly... (

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Tanzania Officials Concerned Over Increasing Civilian 'Misuse' of Guns

18 December 2013

Tanzania Daily News

President Jakaya Kikwete on Tuesday condemned the everincreasing incidents of misuse of firearms and warned members of the public against illegitimately taking the law in their hands. The president expressed his disgust at the spate of mob justice and firearm misuse in his message to the Mwanza Regional Commissioner (RC), Eng. Evarist Ndikilo, following the deaths of two people as a result of a land conflict at Kanyama Village in Kisesa Division, Magu District on... (

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How Disarmament in Africa Got More Complicated

5 November 2013

IPI Global Observatory

Africa is ground zero in the international debate on controlling the small arms and light weapons trade. For more than a decade, diplomatic activity to contain arms and ammunition transfers has been animated by a concern with instability and contagion generated by the continent's many wars. Leading think tanks, research groups, and advocacy organizations have repeatedly drawn attention to the way the burden of armed violence in Africa is a product of low-tech assault... (

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Opinion: Rising Gun Ownership Rates in Tanzania a Real Issue

29 September 2013

Tanzania Daily News, Opinion

Never in the history of this country has there been a need to learn to say SORRY even when you are wrong, than these times where buying and owning a gun is as easy as buying a mobile phone, it brings cold chills sprinting down my spine. It is very common today to see very young people seated in a public place with two, three smart phones on the table and Glock on the side. Today owning a gun is as fashionable among Tanzanian youths as knowing Diamond's latest song,... (

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