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Montenegro Destroys 1,140 Confiscated Guns

9 July 2016

SEESAC (Belgrade)

Montenegro destroyed 1140 pieces of small arms and light weapons (SALW) at a smelter in Niksic to mark the International Gun Destruction Day on 9 July, 2016, including 752 guns and one revolver, 7 automatic weapons, 381 rifles and 214 different part of weapons. Minister of Internal Affairs Goran Danilovic, Head of European Union (EU) Delegation to Montenegro Mitja Drobnic, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Resident Representative Fiona McCluney and... (

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European Commission Tightens Gun Control Across the EU

18 November 2015

European Commission - Press release

The European Commission today adopted a package of measures to make it more difficult to acquire firearms in the European Union, better track legally held firearms, strengthen cooperation between Member States, and ensure that deactivated firearms are rendered inoperable. The proposals presented today were foreseen in the European Security Agenda adopted in April 2015, but have been significantly accelerated in light of recent events. The Commission is hereby supporting... (

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How Did the 13 November Paris Killers Get Their Guns?

17 November 2015

Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)

How Did the 13 November Paris Killers Get Their Guns? Full details of the arms used in the 13 November massacres will emerge in time. This post provides some information on illicit automatic weapons, such as the Kalashnikov, in France, and how they reach illicit markets. Overall, it appears that there is a pool of several thousand illicit military style firearms in France and relatively small numbers are trafficked in from abroad. Such quantities mean that terrorists... (

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Balkan Police Work to Raise Public Awareness Against Arms Trafficking

25 October 2013

Southeast European Times

Increasing police co-operation and raising public awareness about the danger from firearms is the key to limiting the trafficking of illegal weapons in the Balkans, experts said. Civil society groups estimated there are millions of small and light arms that are widely available. "The significant number of circulating small and light weapons creates a fertile ground for the general sense of insecurity, vulnerability of citizens to armed violence and serious crime, with... (

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Citizens in Former Yugoslavia 'Traumatised and Heavily Armed'

10 April 2013

Washington Post

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina — The wars from 1991 to 1999 as Yugoslavia broke up took up to 200,000 lives, turned millions into refugees and left much of the region's people traumatized and heavily armed. It was the bloodiest conflict in Europe since World War II. The millions of weapons that remained in possession of civilians after the fighting have caused fatalities every week, as traumatized former soldiers either shoot family members or commit suicide or... (

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South East Europe Workshop Confirms Surplus Firearms a Regional Threat

8 April 2013

SEESAC (Belgrade)

On 3-5 April, the 6th Workshop of the Regional Approach to Stockpile Reduction (RASR) of Conventional Weapons and Munitions Initiative took place in Bled, Slovenia. The focus of the 6th RASR workshop were national legal frameworks regulating import, export and transit of weapons, ammunition and dual-use goods, particularly as they relate to the surplus weapons and munitions. RASR is a regional initiative which aims to coordinate and support countries of South East... (

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Balkan Countries Work to Round Up Privately Held Guns, Ammunition

5 September 2011

Southeast European Times (Pristina)

The statistics about gun ownership regionwide are surprising and the results can be deadly. In Albania alone, for example, analyst Jonuz Kola estimated this summer that 6% to 9% of the population has a weapon in the home. Scores of accidental shootings occur, including that of a 9-year-old in Shkodra, who died at the hands of his 11-year-old brother on July 18th. Xhavit Shala, an expert within the Albanian Interior Ministry notes that in 1997, a considerable amount of... (

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Macedonia, Albania Discuss Kosovo Gun Trafficking, More Border Seizures

14 May 2010

SEESAC (Belgrade) / RTA

After two confrontations with renegades, the Police cracked down on Tetovo Novo Selo again, arrested four persons and seized a number of weapons, ammunition and explosives. The situation in Macedonia is stable, KFOR reinforced its fast intervention units in the region of Sar Planina. A minimum three persons were arrested in the night action of Macedonian special units in Novo Selo, near Tetovo, a town on the west of the country, only two days after the most serious... (

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US, Congo, Zimbabwe, Montenegro All Involved in Gun Running - Report

12 July 2009

Sunday Independent (South Africa)

Zimbabwe is not only stockpiling modern weapons, but is circumventing sanctions by exporting arms to the US via Eastern Europe, according to a report to be released this week. According to the International Peace Information Service (IPIS), a Belgian research hub, the situation in Zimbabwe is a good example of why the UN-proposed Arms Trade Treaty needs to be as comprehensive as possible. Throughout last year, when the political climate was at its most volatile, the... (

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Passenger Jet Hit, Damaged by Celebratory Gunfire Over Montenegro

9 January 2008

Associated Press

PODGORICA, Montenegro — A stray bullet struck a passenger jet while it was landing in Montenegro, slightly damaging the aircraft, the state airline said Wednesday. No one was hurt as the bullet, apparently fired into the air during a traditional Orthodox Christmas Eve celebration, hit the tail stabilizer on the Montenegro Airlines Fokker 100, company spokesman Nenad Markovic said. Police were investigating who fired the shot. The jet carrying 32 passengers and five... (

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Montenegro, Other Balkan Nations Donate Guns, Ammunition to Afghanistan

23 August 2007

SEESAC (Belgrade) / South East European Times, Transcript

Montenegro's government is defending its decision to send surplus weapons and ammunition to Afghanistan as a contribution to the global fight against terrorism. On August 14th, the cabinet agreed to donate around 1,500 automatic rifles, 100 machine guns and 250,000 bullets to Afghan troops battling the Taliban. The explanation was that Montenegro wants to help stabilise Afghanistan and contribute to global security. Opposition parties have questioned the move. The... (

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Gun Runners, Handguns Intercepted en Route from Montenegro to Italy

9 August 2007

BBC Worldwide Monitoring / Gazeta Shqiptare (Albania), Transcript

Luck helped them a month ago when they miraculously escaped arrest, but not yesterday afternoon. In the second operation this august, the officers of the Tropoje Police Commissariat seized a shipment of handguns coming from Kosova [Kosovo] and heading for Tirana. The bag with 21 Mini-Zastava handguns fell in the nets of the Cyclone operation conducted by the department against weapons trafficking near Fierze on the Tropoje-Kruje road. The weapons, according to the... (

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Guns, Rocket Launchers, Grenades Seized at Kosovo-Montenegro Border

14 December 2006

SEESAC (Belgrade) / Dan (Podgorica)

The police assume that the weapons, found a couple of days before the action "Orlov let", were a part of the contingent to be smuggled into Montenegro. During the investigation the Italian soldiers arrested five persons from Kosovo, who belonged to an organized group that was supposed to transfer the weapons to Montenegro. On the border with Kosovo the KFOR officials have seized a considerable amount of weapons that was supposed to end up in our country. The weapons... (

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Guns a Threat: Regional Parliamentary Seminar for South Eastern Europe

3 November 2006

Danas Daily (Belgrade)

BELGRADE — Over half a million people a year die from gun violence, said yesterday Rastislav Vrbensky, Deputy Resident Representative of UNDP Serbia at the opening of the Regional Parliamentary Seminar on Small Arms and Light Weapons. He pointed at the danger of ammunition surpluses and recalled a recent ammunition explosion in Paracin. The ammunition surplus, said Vrbensky, can be diverted from military stockpiles into zones of instability or get into the hands of... (

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Meeting of Balkan Nations Agrees on Plan to Combat Gun Violence

2 November 2006

Vecernje Novosti (Belgrade)

There are at least five hundred million rifles, pistols and other SALW [small arms and light weapons] in circulation in the world and they kill approximately 500,000 people per year in armed conflicts and criminal activities. These statistics were released yesterday at the Regional Seminar on Small Arms and Light Weapons for the Parliamentarians of Western Balkans, held yesterday at the Belgrade hotel Hyatt Regency. The speakers warned that SALW possession represents a... (

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Police Arrest Truckers With 1,000 Guns: Army Says Shipment is Legal

10 March 2006

BBC Worldwide Monitoring / Danas Daily, Transcript

A truck carrying weaponry, which the Montenegrin police intercepted on Mt Bioc near Podgorica on Tuesday [7 March], was legally transporting armaments designated for export and which was to be transported on from Podgorica's Golubovci airport; the mediator in the armament sale was the Jugoimport-Mont Company, the SCG Army's Chief of Staff Ljubisa Jokic said yesterday [9 March]. Speaking after the presentation of an analysis of the combat capability of the SCG Army at... (

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1,000 Undocumented Submachine Guns, Explosives 'Legal,' Insists Army

9 March 2006

SEESAC (Belgrade) / VIP News Service

More than 1,000 undocumented submachine guns and explosive devices of domestic make were seized at Bioce near Podgorica on Tuesday, with the army insisting that the weaponry was meant for legal export and that the problem was an administrative one, Belgrade press writes on Friday. The armament was in a truck with Belgrade license plates and the driver could not produce the right papers when asked by the police to show documents of origin of the shipment. The driver and... (

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In Montenegro, 2,129 Firearms Collected, Melted in Steel Furnace

2 March 2006

SEESAC (Belgrade) / VIP / Danas

A total of 2,129 firearms collected in Montenegro were brought to the steel plant in Niksic were they were destroyed. The Belgian press says that these are weapons the Montenegrin police seized during regular activities. Danas daily said that over half a million rounds of ammunition were destroyed. The destruction of the weapons was done by the Montenegrin police as part of its strategy to control and reduce the number of small caliber and light weapons. There are... (

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Almost a Quarter of Montenegrins Have Weapons, Both Licensed and Illicit

21 February 2006

SEESAC (Belgrade) / Kurir / VIP News Service

Citizens of Montenegro, according to official information, have about 103,000 pieces of various weapons, writes Kurir on Tuesday. This number pertains to weapons that have official licenses, but it is estimated that in Montenegro there are currently at least some 40,000 pieces more of unregistered weapons and explosive devices inherited from the past. This information was announced by the coordinator for carrying out the national strategy for control and decrease of... (

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Fifty Sniper Rifles Stolen from Army Barracks in Montenegro

22 January 2006

BBC Worldwide Monitoring / Dan (Podgorica), Transcript

Sources in the Serbia-Montenegro Army have told Dan that about ten days ago unidentified perpetrators stole 50 optical sight sniper rifles, several assault and semiautomatic rifles and a small quantity of ammunition from the Pero Cetkovic barracks in Bar [Montenegrin port]. Three soldiers who were standing guard during the theft were detained and interrogated in the Bar police headquarters. They have been charged with negligence on duty. After the questioning the... (

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