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Nouvelles sur les armes à feu


Mongolia to Amend Firearms Law

5 January 2014

Post (Ulan Bator)

Crimes and murders committed involving firearms have increased in recent years. Thus, the controls on firearms users are being tightened with amendments to the Law on Firearms. Mongolia currently observes a law on firearms enacted in 2001. The Law on Firearms regulates the ownership, privatization and use of firearms not designated for battle, which belong to justice system bodies, the intelligence agency, police, and the armed forces. As of 2013, a total of 46,982... (

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Ammo Stash Found in Mongolia, Officials Worried About Smuggling

23 November 2013

UB Post (Mongolia)

Only two entities in Mongolia currently are permitted to import firearms and ammunition. However, several cases of illegal smuggling and importation of firearms were reported lately. Customs officers in Ulaanbaatar found seven boxes of ammunition while inspecting a container delivering second-hand clothes from the U.S. The authorities found 350 pieces of ammunition in total. Owner of the container said that he had no knowledge of the ammunitions in the container and... (

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Anti-piracy Security Firms Keep Guns in Floating Armouries to Avoid Law

22 March 2012

Associated Press

NAIROBI, Kenya — Private security firms are storing their guns aboard floating armories in international waters so ships that want armed anti-piracy guards for East Africa's pirate-infested waters can cut costs and circumvent laws limiting the import and export of weapons, industry officials say. Companies and legal experts say the operation of the armories is a "legal gray area" because few, if any, governments have laws governing the practice. Some security... (

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Mongolia Bans Import of Firearms

6 April 1998


ULAN BATOR — Mongolia imposes a total ban on the import of firearms and ammunition as of April 6, 1998. This decision was passed at a meeting of representatives of Mongolia's Foreign Ministry, the main police agency, the customs and a number of other agencies. The ban on the import of arms will be in operation until the passage of the law regulating the import of arms and ammunition. Participants in the meeting believe the present legal norms in the area "do not meet... (

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