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Shipment of War Weapons to Luxembourg Was "Normal" [FR]

21 October 2016

L'essentiel (Luxembourg)

[Translated summary: A shipment of 200 weapons of war (pistols and Kalashnikovs) heading to Luxembourg was detained in the Germany-Austria border. However, after 14 hours, authorities concluded that the shipment was perfectly legal. Gun dealers explain that several collectors and sport shooters are interest in semi-auto rifles.] LUXEMBOURG -- La police et les vendeurs d'armes l'assurent: intercepter un camion transportant plus de 200 armes de guerre potentiellement... (

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Luxembourg Central to Europe's Gun Trafficking Routes [FR]

9 March 2016

Le Quotidien (Luxembourg)

[Translated summary: Luxembourg finds itself in the middle of Europe's gun trafficking routes. Luxembourg police seize thousands of guns, and in 2012 86,427 firearms owned by 15,670 people were legally registered.] Les ministres de la Sécurité intérieure et de la Justice affirment que le Luxembourg ne joue pas de rôle dans le trafic international d'armes de guerre. C'est faux. Un réseau en partie implanté au Grand-Duché et démantelé en février 2015 alimentait... (

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Ten Things the Gun Industry Won't Tell You – Wall St Journal

20 May 2014

Wall Street Journal

1. "Owning our product may be hazardous to your health." In the U.S., there are now somewhere between 270 million and 310 million guns, according to the Pew Research Center — that's almost one gun for every person in the nation. Judges and legislators across the political spectrum recognize the constitutional right to bear arms. And gun and ammunition sales to private citizens are a significant part of a nearly $15 billion industry that's seeing plenty of growth: On... (

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Belgian Policeman Suspected of Corruption in New Gun Deal

3 September 2013

Flanders News

Brussels examining magistrate Jean-Claude Van Espen has named a federal police commissioner as a suspect in a case of fraud and corruption. The police officer stands accused of influencing the purchase of 20,000 Smith & Wesson guns for the federal police the dailies De Morgen, De Standaard and Het Nieuwsblad report. The officer forms part of the commission that had the job of deciding which arms could be used as regular firearms by Belgium's federal police. Detectives... (

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Gaston Glock May Have Made Misleading Statements Under Oath in US

10 September 2009

Business Week (USA)

Apparent discrepancies in how Gaston Glock has described ownership of his gun company and its affiliates suggest that the Austrian industrialist may have made misleading statements under oath in U.S. legal proceedings. The seeming inconsistencies appeared when BusinessWeek compared documents submitted on behalf of Gaston Glock to a court in Luxembourg with statements he made during depositions in product liability suits against his company in the U.S. Since the... (

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Washington, Britain, Other Countries Show Handgun Bans Don't Work

22 January 2008

National Post (Toronto), Editorial

Toronto Mayor David Miller and the federal NDP have called for a ban on all handguns in Canada. Following the killing of two innocent bystanders in Toronto by stray bullets in the past week, it's natural to cast about for solutions. But calls for a handgun ban amount to meaningless symbolism. If restricting ownership of handguns among ordinary law-abiding citizens had a positive impact on crime, our existing laws would already have produced the benefits. Since 1934,... (

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