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Gun Sales Soar in Lithuania After Russian Invasion of Ukraine

11 March 2022

National Interest (Lithuania)

Gun buyers in Lithuania are flocking to stores. Lithuanian media report that sales have increased eightfold and applications for gun licenses have more than doubled. Media outlets also report that shooting ranges are seeing increases in clients hoping to hone their skills. These sales are believed to be largely driven by Lithuanian fears that Russia could invade in the future. "[Putin] has much larger ambitions in Ukraine," President Joe Biden said in February. "He... (

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Gun Trafficking Network Dismantled in Spain, Lithuania [ES]

5 September 2016

20 Minutos (USA)

[Translated summary: 52 people were arrested in a raid that dismantled a drug and arms trafficking network linking Spain and Lithuania. Police reported that at least 50 guns were seized, AK-47 and Makarov pistols among them. The network purchased guns from collectors and repaired them in workshops to make them operational and sell them.] Cincuenta y dos personas fueron arrestadas en un operativo que desmanteló una red de tráfico de drogas y armas que operaba en... (

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1/3 of Femicides Committed With Gun in Latin America and Caribbean [ES]

2 March 2012

RT-TV Novosti (Russia)

[Translated summary: Nearly a third of crimes against women are committed with a firearm and in Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras this indicator is 60% - Small Arms Survey.] El mayor nivel de feminicidios se registra en Latinoamérica y el Caribe. Catorce países latinoamericanos aparecen entre los 25 del mundo con la tasa más elevada de crímenes contra la mujer. El informe de la organización de investigaciones independientes Small Arms Survey,... (

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Irish Man Accused of Real IRA Gun Running Found Guilty in Lithuania

21 October 2011

BBC News

An Irish man accused of involvement in weapons smuggling for the Real IRA in Lithuania has been found guilty and sentenced to 12 years in prison. Michael Campbell, 39, from County Louth was caught in an MI5 weapons sting operation in 2008. He was convicted of supporting a terrorist group, illegal possession of weapons and attempted smuggling. He denied the charges against him, saying MI5 had set him up and claiming he was a victim of entrapment. His two-year trial... (

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World War II Machine Gun Found in Lithuanian Mail, Bound for Germany

22 March 2011

Associated Press

VILNIUS, Lithuania — Lithuanian customs and postal officials say they have found a fully functional machine gun dating from World War II, complete with ammunition, in a package at Vilnius International Airport. Officials said Tuesday that the German-made MG-42 machine gun was found after scanning a suspicious 20-kilogram (44-pound) package posted in Lithuania and bound for Germany. Customs spokeswoman Asta Mikeleviciute says it was the first time that customs... (

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Lituanie,Royaume-Uni,Irlande du Nord

Real IRA 'Gunrunner' Held 18mths in Lithuania Jail, Denied Trial, No Bail

30 August 2009

BBC News

VILNIUS — The trial in Lithuania of a County Louth man charged with trying to buy arms and explosives for the Real IRA has been adjourned until October. Michael Campbell, 36, was arrested in Lithuania after allegedly trying to buy weapons from an intelligence officer posing as an international arms dealer. His brother, Liam, is believed to be a senior Real IRA member, which opposes British rule in Northern Ireland. It was set up in 1997 after the mainstream IRA... (

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Lituanie,Royaume-Uni,Irlande du Nord

Ulster Gun Runner Held in Lithuania Sought Weapons for Real IRA

15 March 2009

Daily News (Bahrain)

VILNIUS, Lithuania — A man suspected of trying to buy arms in Lithuania for Real IRA - an Irish Republican Army splinter group that claimed the recent killing of two British soldiers — must stand trial, prosecutors said yesterday. For the first time, Sinn Fein, the IRA-linked political party that represents most of the north's Catholic minority, was sending representatives to the burial of an officer killed in sectarian violence. The mourners at the funeral in... (

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Accused Real IRA Gunrunner Named in Lithuanian Arrest Warrant

14 September 2008

Times (UK)

Anti-terrorist police in Lithuania are seeking the extradition of a Co Louth man they believe is linked to an alleged attempt by dissident republicans to purchase arms in the eastern bloc. The authorities in Vilnius have issued a European arrest warrant for Brendan McGuigan, 28, from Omeath in Co Louth, who is being sought in connection with an investigation into attempted arms-smuggling by the Real IRA. McGuigan is alleged to have travelled to Lithuania in August... (

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UK Criminals Kill with Lithuanian Gas Guns Converted to Fire 9mm Bullets

21 July 2008

Times (UK)

James Andre Smartt-Ford, known as Dre, was standing by the steps to the ice at Streatham rink when a black-clad youth emerged from the crowd, gripping a gun. He fired two shots from close range into his victim's back. Dre fell forward dying, his blood spreading across the ice. The revolver that killed Dre had the words "Made in Russia" imprinted close to the muzzle, and was fitted with a silencer to muffle the shots. But nothing could mask the tang of cordite in the... (

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Lituanie,Irlande,Royaume-Uni,Irlande du Nord

Real IRA Suspect Arrested in Lithuania-to-Ireland Gun Running Sting

24 January 2008

Guardian (UK)

The brother of one of the Real IRA's founders has been arrested in Lithuania while allegedly trying to buy arms for the dissident Irish republican terror group. Michael Campbell, 35, was arrested in Vilnius on Tuesday in a "sting" involving the local police, Garda Síochána, Interpol and British security services. An unnamed Irish woman was detained alongside Campbell as he allegedly tried to negotiate a deal with a police agent who was posing as an international arms... (

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EU May 'Fast Track' Convertible Gun Ban, Background Checks, Registration

12 November 2007

BBC News

A British MEP is hoping to "fast track" a new EU deal on gun control and says last week's school massacre in Finland should act as a wake up call. Last week, the BBC reported that police in Britain, faced with a flood of easily convertible replica guns, want changes to European laws. Labour MEP Arlene McCarthy, who chairs a key committee, said a new deal could be in place by the end of the year. The new directive would make it harder to buy guns across the EU.... (

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Manchester, UK Crime Guns Mostly 'Replicas Converted to Fire Live Bullets'

31 October 2007

BBC News

More than half the guns recovered in Greater Manchester are replicas converted to fire live bullets, an investigation has revealed. A special BBC North West Inside Out programme has tracked the guns from where they originate to their use in shooting incidents in the north west. Many of the guns originate in Germany and Lithuania. They are often converted in small engineering workshops here in the UK the programme found. It is illegal to own or import the guns... (

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Russian Baikal Starter Pistols Converted in Lithuania, Sold to UK Criminals

21 October 2007

Independent (UK)

The name Andrius Rauba means nothing to the urban drug gangs whose turf wars have left 53 children and teenagers dead in the UK this year, at least 10 of whom have been shot. And yet, from thousands of miles away, he was a vital link in the chain that very probably led to those tragedies. Ballistics experts working to establish which guns took the lives of two more teenagers on Britain's streets this week will be not be surprised if they discover links to Rauba's trade... (

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German, Lithuanian Gun Dealers Supply Convertible Handguns to UK Crims

30 September 2007

Sunday Times (UK)

COLOGNE — Replica handguns that are being converted so British criminal gangs can use them to maim and kill can be bought in Germany without a permit. Guns of the type said to be fuelling gang culture in the UK are available in high street stores and family-run arms dealerships for as little as £80. Outlawed in the UK, they are sold over the counter in Germany as blank firers, CS gas guns and alarm pistols. They are then smuggled into Britain and converted into... (

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British Police Trace Converted, Smuggled Handguns to Lithuanian 'Factories'

2 September 2007

Sunday Telegraph (UK)

Hundreds of guns being brought into Britain illegally can be traced to factories in Lithuania. British detectives are working with undercover officers from eastern Europe to try to stem this tide of illegal arms. Officers believe gangs and organised crime networks are being supplied by gun factories hidden in the countryside outside the capital of Vilnius. According to senior officers in London and Manchester, the current "weapon of choice" is a 9mm pistol converted... (

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Lithuanian Vet Put Hundreds of Guns on Streets of London, Manchester

24 February 2007

Guardian (UK)

In Lithuania, the ancient market town of Kedainiai, a two-hour drive north of the capital, is best known for its agricultural and dairy produce. For some reason, local people are particularly proud of their cucumbers: it is, they like to say, the cucumber capital of the country. Over the past two years, however, Kedainiai has been producing another, more lucrative, and far more deadly commodity, one which is having an impact on the lives of youths 1,100 miles away in... (

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Lithuania-to-UK Gun Running Earns 4 Smugglers Up to 18 Years in Prison

28 July 2006

BBC News

Four men caught trying to smuggle an armoury of illegal weapons from Lithuania could have caused mayhem on the streets, a judge has said. Lithuanians Marius Renke and Anton Vaisnoras, and Dawson Wray, of Eccles, Gtr Manchester, and James Parker, of Coventry, admitted smuggling the guns. Judge Bernard Lever said all were prime movers to supply the guns to gangsters. Renke was jailed for 18 years, Vaisnoras 14 years, Parker 13 years six months and Wray 11 years six... (

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Lithuanian Guns Down Eight in Tiny Village

16 February 1998


VILNIUS — A man went on a house-to-house killing spree and shot dead eight neighbours before he was beaten to death by survivors in a small village in Lithuania, police said on Monday. The dead, aged between 17 and 65, were four men and four women. "It seemed that he wanted to kill everyone in the village," said police inspector Cheslovas Girdzishka, giving details of the massacre in Drauchiu in the Shirvintos region some 50 km (30 miles) north of the capital... (

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