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Liberia 'Has Marked 90%' of Guns Located by Government

26 October 2016

Liberia News Agency

An official of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) says Liberia is far ahead of some of the member states when it comes to the collection and marking of arms in the region. According to her, about 90 percent of arms collected in Liberia have been marked, with just 10 percent remaining. The ECOWAS Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace and Security, Mrs. Halima Ahmed, made the disclosure recently when she paid a courtesy call on Liberia's Foreign... (

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Liberia Declares Full Amnesty for All Who Surrender Guns

11 September 2016

Front Page Africa

Monrovia - President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has by proclamation declared unconditionally and without reservation, that all persons who, shall surrender small arms and light weapons under the ECOWAS - EU Weapons collection program. In Grand Gedeh, Maryland, and River Gee Counties the project will give full Amnesty for the offence of illegal possession, use, and supply of fire arms and objects for lethal use against the Republic of Liberia with the restoration of all... (

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Liberia Passes Firearms and Ammunition Control Act

31 May 2016

Liberia News Agency

The Chairman of the Liberia National Commission on Small Arms (LINCSA), James M. Fromayan, has described as "an historic and welcome development" the passage of the Liberia Firearms and Ammunition Control Act (LFACA). "This is a huge step towards the process leading to the full transition of national security from UNMIL (U.N. Mission in Liberia) to the national security apparatus," he said. Addressing the Ministry of Information press conference in Monrovia Tuesday,... (

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Liberia Enacts Gun Control, UN Lifts Arms Embargo [FR]

27 May 2016

Jeune Afrique

[Translated summary: The United Nations Security Council has lifted the sanctions imposed on Liberia, including the arms embargo. Liberia has recently approved a bill on gun and ammunition control.] Le Conseil de sécurité des Nations unies a adopté mercredi une résolution relative à la levée des sanctions imposées au Liberia, notamment l'embargo sur les armes. Treize ans après la fin de la guerre civile au Liberia, le pays se retrouve enfin exempt de toutes... (

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Liberia Passes Long-awaited Domestic Gun Control Law

18 May 2016

The New Dawn (Monrovia)

The 'Liberia Firearms and Ammunition Control Act of 2015', the legal framework for regulating the possession and use of small arms and light weapons in the country, has been passed into law by the National Legislature. The domestic guns control law was finally passed on Thursday, May 12, 2016 when the House of Representatives concurred with an earlier action of the Liberia Senate on the passage of the Act. It can be recalled that the upper House in October 2015 voted... (

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Groups Say Liberia is Vulnerable to the Proliferation of Guns

9 May 2016

The Analyst (Monrovia)

The Liberia Commission on Small Arms (LICOMSA) says the country's security stands to face daunting challenges after the departure of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) from the country. An official of the commission who address a workshop of the a civil umbrella network, the Liberia Action Network on Small Arms (LANSA) at the YMCA last Friday told the group that the security situation will be vulnerable unless steps were taken to curb the proliferation and... (

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Liberian Politicians Urged to Pass New Firearms Act

20 April 2016

News (Liberia)

The Chairman of the House Committee on National Security, Alfred Koiwood says he will do everything to ensure that the House of Representatives concur with the Senate on the Fire Arms Act. Speaking at the first quarterly review meeting of national partners of the Liberia National Commission on Small Arms (LiNCSA), Rep. Koiwood's statement was in response to an appeal from LiNCSA Chairman, James Fromayan. The meeting, which was supposed to have been a review of the... (

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Hospital-Based Research in Liberia on Armed Violence

19 February 2016

International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War / IPPNW (USA)

Results of hospital-based research in Liberia on armed violence spearheaded by members of IPPNW was published recently by the Small Arms Survey in Switzerland. A main finding of The Value of Hospital Data - Understanding and Preventing Intentional Injury in Liberia (1) was that the Liberian Armed Violence Observatory (LAVO) is not receiving all the data it needs to most effectively inform intervention strategies on armed violence prevention. "Our analysis of hospital... (

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UN - Liberia's Refusal to Enact Firearms Law Dampening Embargo Lift

10 June 2014

Front Page Africa

MONROVIA — The United Nations Panel of Experts said in its May 2014 report to the Security Council that the government of Liberia is dragging its feet on the enactment of national firearms legislation. The Panel said the law is critical to providing the legal framework and institutional mechanism to ensure effective small arms control in Liberia, a country that has in the past been controversial as it relates to arms trafficking in the region. "The Panel is of the... (

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Cops Who Carry Guns Should Be Trustworthy, Says Liberia Police Boss

21 April 2014

New Dawn (Monrovia)

Deputy Police Director for Operation Colonel Abraham Kromah, has called for the trust-worthiness of police officers that are expected to be armed at various police stations and depots across the country. "They have to be trusted and trained before we give them arm, and we will ensure that, the public should not worry," he said. Col. Kromah disclosed that officers who will be armed will go through thorough training like the Police Support Unit (PSU) and the Emergency... (

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Over 400,000 People Murdered Worldwide in 2012, 40 Percent Caused by Guns

10 April 2014

UN Dispatch (New York)

Almost half a million people across the world lost their lives in 2012 as a result of intentional homicide, with the highest murder rates logged in the Americas and Africa, and the lowest in Europe, Asia and Oceania, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) reports. "Too many lives are being tragically cut short, too many families and communities left shattered. There is an urgent need to understand how violent crime is plaguing countries around the world,... (

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Melding Guns Into Weapons of Mass Attraction – Global Picture Gallery

6 March 2014

Guardian (UK)

Art of War - Picture gallery captions: Non-Violence, or the Knotted Gun, by Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd. The bronze replica of a 45-calibre revolver, a gift from Luxembourg to the United Nations, was sculpted in memory of the Swedish artist's longtime friend John Lennon. Though not created from recycled munitions, the sculpture has been cited as one of the inspirations behind the arms-to-art movement. Sculptor Gonçalo Mabunda recycles weapons recovered from... (

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États-Unis,Côte d'Ivoire,Liberia

Liberia Govt Officials Allegedly Involved in Secret Firearm Deals

11 December 2013

New Dawn (Monrovia)

Details emerging from the latest UN Panel of Experts report on Liberia have unveiled some chilling and staggering information as to how government officials and or political appointees are secretly acquiring firearms. The UN Panelists appointed to monitor the arms embargo and other military related activities here in pursuant to UN resolution 2079 (2012), said most of the firearms were either purchased from returning mercenaries from the Ivory Coast or through other... (

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How Disarmament in Africa Got More Complicated

5 November 2013

IPI Global Observatory

Africa is ground zero in the international debate on controlling the small arms and light weapons trade. For more than a decade, diplomatic activity to contain arms and ammunition transfers has been animated by a concern with instability and contagion generated by the continent's many wars. Leading think tanks, research groups, and advocacy organizations have repeatedly drawn attention to the way the burden of armed violence in Africa is a product of low-tech assault... (

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Côte d'Ivoire,Liberia

Liberia Hosts Small Arms Workshop to Address Gun Trafficking

4 October 2013

New Democrat (Monvoria)

The Liberia National Commission on Small Arms (LiNCSA) will on October 8 embark on a week-long consultative workshop on arms control in three southeastern counties including River Gee, Maryland and Grand Gedeh Counties. The workshop which is being funded by the ECOWAS Commission will target border communities along the Liberian-Ivorian border within the three counties as well as security officers assigned at these border points. A statement from the Liberia National... (

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Officials Suspect Single-Barrel Guns Being Made in Liberia, Held Illegally

5 August 2013

New Republic Liberia

Unconfirmed reports gathered by this paper suggest that single-barrel guns widely used by hunters in all parts of Liberia are being produced here with reports pointing to Grand Gedeh and Lofa Counties, two of the counties with a significant portion of the country's tropical rainforests where there is incessant pillage and hunting of rare animals or endangered species as well as illicit mining by both local and migrant communities. Artisans from neighboring countries... (

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West African Countries Tackle Cross-Border Arms

30 June 2013

Voice of America

Countries of the Mano River basin in West Africa are trying to forge a joint strategy to counter the cross-border movement of armed groups and the illegal trafficking of weapons in their region. Representatives of the United Nations and regional organizations joined the talks on Saturday. Decades of armed conflict and political strife, including civil wars in Sierra Leone and Liberia, have caused lasting issues of insecurity in the Mano River region, particularly in... (

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Alleged Gun Smuggler Investigated in Liberia

6 June 2013

News (Monrovia)

Police in Monrovia are investigating a man identified as Bernard Cooper in connection with illegal entry of guns in Liberia. Cooper is believed to be a Liberian-American national. Sources told this paper that suspect Cooper was arrested Friday, May 31, 2013 in the vicinity of the Monrovia City Hall in Sinkor and taken to the headquarters of the Liberia National Police for investigation. During preliminary probe by criminal investigators on Saturday, June 1, 2013 after... (

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Some 437,000 People Murdered Worldwide in 2012 - UNODC Study

10 April 2013

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Media release

VIENNA - Almost half a million people (437,000) across the world lost their lives in 2012 as a result of intentional homicide, according to a new study by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). Launching the Global Study on Homicide 2013 in London today, Jean-Luc Lemahieu, Director for Policy Analysis and Public Affairs, said: "Too many lives are being tragically cut short, too many families and communities left shattered. There is an urgent need to... (

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Egypt Major Recipient of Illicit Libyan Weapons: UN Report

10 April 2013

Daily News (Egypt)

The United Nations published a report on Tuesday which concludes that weapons used during the Libyan civil war against Muammar Gaddafi are being funnelled at an alarming rate to other countries in the region. The report said these weapons have been found to be used in the recent war in Mali, the West Bank in Palestine and the ongoing Syrian civil war, with Egypt and the Sahel region receiving the most significant amounts. The report said these weapons are fuelling... (

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