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Nouvelles sur les armes à feu


Gun Maker Gains Recognition for Indonesian Assault Rifle

8 August 2016

Jakarta Post

The Pindad SS1-V1 left not only a definite hole in the US Marine Corps' body armor, but also a big impression on participants of the recent Rim of Pacific joint military training in the Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Base, Hawaii. Admiration for the Indonesian-made assault rifle was sparked during a zeroing test on July 10. A zeroing test, conducted at a range of 25 meters, measures the power of each participating corps before the joint training begins. Major Indra Fauzi... (

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Indonesian Presidential Guards Involved in Illegal US Gun Trade

10 July 2016

Jakarta Globe

JAKARTA -- A US court has found a soldier participated in a scheme to purchase guns and send them to members of the Indonesian presidential security detail, an explosive report reveals. Indonesian descendent, Audi Sumilat, of El Paso, Texas, pleaded guilty in federal court on Wednesday (06/07) to one count of conspiracy to make false statements in connection with the acquisition of firearms, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office. In his testimony, Audi said he... (

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No Penalty for Gun-Smuggling Presidential Guard in Indonesia

9 July 2016

Jakarta Post

The Indonesian Military (TNI) has confirmed that it will not impose any sanctions to eight members of the Presidential Security Detail (Paspampres) who have bought firearms illegally in the US. TNI spokesperson Maj. Gen. Tatang Sulaiman said in contrast to a claim made by US authorities who said the gun purchase was illegal, the investigation findings by the military's internal affairs team found that no law was broken. "The military police did the questioning and... (

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Indonésie,Union Européenne

Gun Borrowed from Indonesian Soldier Used in Shooting

5 April 2014

Jakarta Post

Indonesian Military (TNI) Commander Gen. Moeldoko on Friday offered an apology in light of the shooting of a Nasdem Party campaign post in North Aceh regency on Feb. 16, which involved the use of a TNI-issued weapon. The two local political party supporters suspected of the crime have since been apprehended, but the results of a ballistics examination revealed that the weapon used belonged to a soldier. "I would like to be honest about it and apologize for the... (

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Fatal Shooting May Be Linked to Gun Thefts From Indonesia Police Station

7 January 2014

Jakarta Globe

JAYAPURA - An unidentified armed group fatally gunned down an ojek driver in the Wuyuneri hamlet, located in the Puncak Jaya district of Papua, on Tuesday morning. Abdul Halil, a 43-year-old motorcycle taxi driver, originated from Makassar, South Sulawesi. He was taking a customer from Mulia to Wuyuneri. As they arrived at state high school SMU 1, someone shot him in the face. It's not yet clear how many people were involved in the shooting. Sr. Comr. Pujo Sulistyo,... (

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Indonesia Police Urged to Take Stern Action Against Illegal Gun Owners

1 September 2013


PALU, C Sulawesi - Chairman of the Indonesia Police Watch Presidium (IPW) Neta S Pane urged police and the government to take stern actions against illegal weapon owners following the recent spate of shooting cases. In his written statement received here on Sunday, Pane said that police could not prevent and catch the mysterious gunmen. Of the 20 mysterious shooting cases which occurred over the past 45 days, police were only able to arrest one perpetrator namely in... (

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Indonesia Police Arrest Suspected Kingpin in Homemade Firearms Ring

30 August 2013

Jakarta Globe

Jakarta Police have arrested a man believed to be the alleged kingpin behind the manufacture and sale of illegal weapons in Central Jakarta on Wednesday. This follows the arrest of another suspect by the name of Ramli, also known as Iqbal Hussaini, in Cipayung, East Jakarta on Tuesday night . Ramli is believed to be a gun supplier for terrorists and has served prison terms for plotting to kill cleric and Liberal Islamic Network official Ulil Abshar Abdalla. "The... (

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Indonesian Rights Groups Call For Total Ban On Civilian Gun Ownership

16 August 2013

Jakarta Post

Human rights activists have called for a total ban on handgun possession for civilians and a review on the use of guns by the police and the military amid concerns of rising gun violence. The activists said that allowing civilians to own firearms for safety reasons, particularly among businessmen, could create fear among the general public, especially in resource-rich areas such as the country's easternmost province of Papua. "There is no need for civilians to... (

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Indonesia Police Launch Crack Down on Illegal, Unlicensed Guns

14 August 2013

Jakarta Post

The National Police will crack down on illegal possession of firearms following a series of shootings against police officers and prison guards. National Police deputy chief Comr. Gen. Oegroseno said on Tuesday that strict law enforcement would be imposed on those possessing illegal firearms. "We will intensify our precautionary measures. Those who are fooling around with firearms will face legal proceedings," Oegroseno told reporters at National Police headquarters on... (

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In Indonesia: Challenge is to Keep Out Illegal Guns

8 August 2013

Straits Times (Singapore)

Money may be the only constraint when it comes to owning a gun in Indonesia - illegally. To own it legally, strict prerequisites apply. One must be physically and mentally fit, not bad-tempered - based on a psychology test at the national police headquarters - and between age 21 and 65, with no criminal record. Police will also evaluate the need for owning a gun before granting a permit. High-ranking civil servants and senior managers at private firms may be... (

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Indonesia Police Ask Citizens to Surrender Illegal Homemade Guns

18 April 2013

Borneo Post

MIRI - The people here who have in their homemade guns are urged to surrender them to the police station or risked legal action taken against them. District police chief ACP Mun Kock Keong told a press conference here yesterday that they would not compromise with any group of individuals found in possession of the guns. "It is a serious offence to possess such gun [sic]. The offenders could be jailed up to 14 years if found guilty under Section 4 of the Firearms... (

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Indonesia Police Say Most Armed Robbers Use Homemade Guns

17 April 2013

Jakarta Post

JAKARTA - The police revealed on Tuesday that most guns used in armed robberies were homemade. City police spokesman Sr. Comr. Rikwanto said that 98 percent of the guns confiscated from robbery suspects were homemade and that most of them were made by air rifle makers. "We are now tracing the air rifle makers who produce the homemade guns used in crimes," he said. He added that the police had confiscated evidence such as raw materials for guns from an air rifle... (

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Indonesia Police Arrest Former Soldier for Selling Gun

13 February 2013

Jakarta Post

Police announced on Tuesday that they had arrested a former member of the Indonesian Military for selling a firearm he snatched from a police cadet in Makassar, South Sulawesi. Police arrested TMT, 25, in South Jakarta on Jan. 7 after detectives posed as buyers. Police also seized a V2 firearm as evidence. The suspect was about to sell the firearm for Rp 25 million (around US$2,500). Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Rikwanto said that the man robbed the cadet just... (

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Indonesia Man Arrested for Illegal Gun Possession

24 November 2012

Jakarta Post

A gold miner identified as MA, 21, was arrested on a beach in Nabire, Papua, for possessing an illegal firearm, a magazine and 12 bullets during a raid conducted by Papua Police on Friday at around 9:30 a.m. local time. "We are still investigating how he [MA] got the weapon and the reason why he had the gun," said Papua Police deputy chief Brig. Gen Paulus Waterpauw on Friday. This is the second arrest after police nabbed two civilians, HE and AN, in Manokwari, West... (

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Guns, Sharp Weapons Seized in Indonesia School Raid

13 November 2012

Independent (South Africa) / Agence France Presse

JAKARTA - Indonesian police detained 48 students and a teacher from an Islamic boarding school and seized firearms and sharp weapons, a spokesman said on Tuesday, in the nation's latest terror raid. Dozens of police stormed the Darul Akhfiya school in eastern Java's Nganjuk district on Monday and kept the students and teacher overnight for questioning. "Police detained 48 students and a teacher on Monday after the community reported unusual activity at the school and... (

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Indonesian Men Arrested for Alleged Unlicenced Replica Gun Selling

22 October 2012

Jakarta Globe

Jakarta Police arrested two men accused of selling unlicensed airsoft guns on social networking sites last week. The men, identified only as "D" and "A.G.," were stood next to a table of realistic-looking airsoft guns in a press conference on Monday. Police seized 187 airsoft guns, including replicas of pistols and assault rifles, in the raid. "They sold the guns at fairly low prices, from Rp 3 million ($312) to Rp 6 million for the [assault rifles]," Jakarta... (

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Philippines Police Handgun Traced to Indonesia Terror Raid

25 September 2012

Philippine Star

MANILA, Philippines - The Intelligence Group of the Philippine National Police (PNP) has already identified the police officer whose government-issued handgun was recovered from terrorists in Indonesia, an official said yesterday. PNP spokesman Chief Superintendent Generoso Cerbo Jr. said intelligence agents have "identified the unit and the policeman holder of the 9mm. Our agents are checking on the circumstances." He said they are investigating how the gun ended up... (

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Papua New Guinea Police Arrest Man Over Alleged Gun Smuggling

14 September 2012

Pacific Islands News Association (Fiji) / Post Courier

A substantial amount of gun powder, live bullets, firearms and accessories were seized by the National Criminal Intelligence Unit (NCIU) of Lae police and Border Security officers in Lae recently. The weapons and gun powder were confiscated following a police intelligence report of alleged gun smuggling into the country, and especially through the Lae port. On Tuesday this week, police arrested an Indonesian man and charged him with four counts of unlawfully dealings... (

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Indonesia Police Investigate Gun, Ammo Found at Theme Park

8 September 2012

Jakarta Globe

A cleaning employee at a major theme park in East Jakarta has discovered a handgun and hundreds of bullets in a plastic bag on the rim of an artificial lake there, a police officer said on Friday. Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Rikwanto said that Samit, 36, found the plastic bag while cleaning the rim of the lake at the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah freshwater museum compound. Rikwanto did not say when the bag was found. "It is still being investigated at the East... (

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Indonesia Police Seize Guns, Questions over Smuggling from Philippines

2 September 2012

Manila Bulletin

MANILA, Philippines — Is there a smuggling of guns from the Philippines to Indonesia? This question cropped up after the Indonesian police in Solo City (or Surakarta City), Central Java, Indonesia, killed two of three suspected terrorists in a raid on Friday night. Reports from The Jakarta Post (JP), an English newspaper, said the Densus (Department) 88, an elite police group, raided two locations in Solo City, but two of the suspects, identified only as "F" and... (

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