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Nouvelles sur les armes à feu

République démocratique du Congo (RDC)

429 Guns Destroyed During Buyback Operation in Congo [FR]

24 August 2016

Radio Okapi (Kinshasa)

[Translated summary: Authorities of the province of Haut-Katanga (Congo) have destroyed 429 firearms of different calibres. These arms were recovered in three months during an on-going civilian disarming operation on which the owners were rewarded with motorcycles, bikes and other goods.] Les autorités de la province du Haut-Katanga ont détruit, mardi 23 août, environ 429 armes à feu de différents calibres, dans la cité de Kilwa, située à plus de 350 km de... (

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République démocratique du Congo (RDC),Corée du Nord,Rwanda,Burundi

North Korea Giving Guns to Congolese Police, Soldiers: UN

14 May 2016

Daily Mail (UK), Associated Press

UNITED NATIONS — U.N. experts say Congolese army officers and police reported receiving pistols from a group of 30 North Korean instructors training their presidential guard and special police forces, which would appear to be a violation of U.N. sanctions banning Pyongyang from exporting weapons or providing military training. The panel of experts monitoring U.N. sanctions against Congo said they found that pistols similar to those produced in North Korea were issued... (

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République démocratique du Congo (RDC),Afrique,Soudan,Soudan du Sud,Bulgarie,Iran

Chasing Bullets, Firearms in the Democratic Republic of Congo

13 May 2014

IRIN (UN News)

Virunga National Park — Her job is to track and trace small arms and ammunition in Africa's conflict zones. Each bullet, assault rifle, mortar, rocket or other item of military hardware she documents forms a piece of a huge jigsaw being created by the UK-based NGO Conflict Armaments Research (CAR) to map the precise flows of conflict weaponry in Africa. Moving within the ebb and flow of the Democratic Republic of Congo's (DRC) conflict, the investigator, who asked... (

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Union Européenne,Kenya,Tanzanie,Afrique,République démocratique du Congo (RDC),Somalie

African Experts Seek Ways to Curb Proliferation of Small Arms

13 May 2014

Shanghai Daily (China)

NAIROBI - Experts from across Africa will meet in Nairobi on Wednesday to seek ways to help address the proliferation of small arms and light weapons in the continent, ravaged by many conflicts. A statement from the Nairobi-based Regional Centre for Small Arms (RCSA) said Tuesday the 3rd meeting of the AU-Regions steering committee on small arms and light weapons and disarmament, demobilization and reintegration will seek ways of combating cross border flows illicit... (

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Afrique occidentale,République centrafricaine,Soudan,Nigeria,République démocratique du Congo (RDC),Cameroun,Libye

Arms Smuggling to Nigerian Criminals Threatens Cameroon

21 February 2014

IRIN (UN News)

YAOUNDE — Recent arms seizures and arrests of traffickers in Cameroon's Far North Region have highlighted the escalating insecurity caused by Boko Haram in neighbouring Nigeria and the impact of the unrest in the Central African Republic (CAR) and Sudan. In January, Cameroon's security forces arrested a man attempting to transport 655 guns to Nigeria. In September 2013, 5,400 AK-47 rifles were seized on a pick-up truck in Maroua, the capital of Far North Region,... (

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Chine,République démocratique du Congo (RDC),Allemagne,Royaume-Uni,Myanmar,Israël,Union Européenne,Italie,Espagne,Égypte,France,Libye,Arabie saoudite

European Arms Sales to Middle East Reach Record Level, NGOs Concerned

1 February 2014

Ekklesia (UK)

European Union countries licensed arms exports in 2012 valued at €39.9 billion, according to newly released figures. This included a record €9.7 billion in sales to the Middle East – a 22 percent increase on sales in the previous year. The statistics are revealed in the Fifteenth Annual Report on Control of Exports of Military Technology and Equipment. The European Network Against the Arms Trade (ENAA) says that the figures show little change in arms export... (

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Tanzanie,République démocratique du Congo (RDC),Somalie,Mozambique,Kenya

Assault Weapons From Mozambique Used by Tanzanian Poachers

30 December 2013

Independent (UK)

The wildest sound on the savannah is not the lion's roar, but the elephant's trumpet. When he senses a lurking poacher, the elephant screams, loud and shrill, to alert the herd and scare his enemy. The poacher, standing only a few feet away takes aim and fires. The elephant screams again, before he collapses in a heap. One bullet will rarely kill an adult elephant, and it takes many minutes before the life drains away. Military weapons such as AK-47s are increasingly... (

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République démocratique du Congo (RDC)

DRC Votes on New Law to Regulate Gun Possession, Trafficking [FR]

4 December 2013

Digital Congo

[Translated summary: The Democratic Republic of Congo government has voted to accept a draft law on the control of firearms and ammunition and the prevention of firearms trafficking. The law includes licence requirements and works to meet the DRC's obligations under the Nairobi Protocol.] KINSHASA - La Chambre haute du Parlement s'est appesantie sur la réglementation de la détention et du trafic d'armes légères en RDC en votant à sa séance plénière de mardi un... (

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Burundi,République démocratique du Congo (RDC)

Second Disarmament Campaign Begins in Burundi (Fr)

11 November 2013

Ici Lome (Togo)

[Translated summary: Burundi officials have begun a second voluntary national disarmament campaign to reduce the number of illegal firearms held by citizens. Authorities also hope that the move will reduce the crime rate, with weapons entering the country through its porous borders. The first disarmament campaign in 2009 resulted in the collection of thousands of weapons.] Burundi - Le chef de l'Etat burundais Pierre Nkurunziza a procédé ce lundi au lancement de la... (

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Océanie,Iran,Corée du Nord,République démocratique du Congo (RDC),Soudan,Syrie,Europe,États-Unis,Asie,Afrique,Amérique

Editorial: Containing the Conventional Arms Trade

30 September 2013

New York Times, Editorial

Efforts to control the $70 billion a year global market in conventional weapons got a big boost when the United States signed the United Nations arms trade treaty, joining more than 100 other countries in affirming the need to keep these weapons out of the hands of unscrupulous regimes, militants and criminals. But the work is far from done. At least 50 member countries, including the United States, must still carry out the next step and ratify the treaty for it to... (

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République démocratique du Congo (RDC)

Armed Groups Impose 'Gun Law' in Eastern DRC

1 August 2013

Voice of America

GOMA — People who have fled from the Democratic Republic of Congo's eastern conflict zone say the armed groups that control their villages have imposed a new rule: each family must buy a firearm from the local armed group, or face unpleasant consequences. There are many firearms in Masisi territory, the part of eastern Congo that saw the country's worst inter-ethnic violence last year. Now, according to people who fled the territory, gun ownership has been made... (

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République démocratique du Congo (RDC),Zimbabwe,Mozambique,Angola,Zambie,Afrique

Zambia Calling for a 'Bullet-Proof' Arms Trade Treaty

18 March 2013

Times of Zambia

TODAY (March 18, 2013) will be a crunch day of epic proportions when the United Nations Organisation (UN) convenes at its New York Headquarters to start negotiations to conclude an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) that has the potential to forever regulate the hitherto unregulated trade in conventional weapons. The global trade in conventional weapons - from warships and battle tanks to fighter jets and machine guns - remains poorly regulated. No internationally agreed... (

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République tchèque,Hongrie,Côte d'Ivoire,Iran,Guinée,Niger,Russie,Soudan du Sud,Chine,Ouganda,Afghanistan,Nigeria,Kenya,Iraq,République démocratique du Congo (RDC)

Trail of Bullet Casings Leads from Africa's Wars Back to Iran

11 January 2013

New York Times

The first clues appeared in Kenya, Uganda and what is now South Sudan. A British arms researcher surveying ammunition used by government forces and civilian militias in 2006 found Kalashnikov rifle cartridges he had not seen before. The ammunition bore no factory code, suggesting that its manufacturer hoped to avoid detection. Within two years other researchers were finding identical cartridges circulating through the ethnic violence in Darfur. Similar ammunition then... (

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République démocratique du Congo (RDC),États-Unis,Burkina Faso,Tanzanie

US Entrepreneurs Turning Thousands of African AK-47s into Jewellery

26 November 2012

New York Times

NEW YORK — As icons go, few things communicate global menace more effectively than the stark silhouette of an AK-47. Designed more than six decades ago by Mikhail Kalashnikov, a former Soviet tank commander, the assault rifle boasts the dubious distinction of being the most abundant and reliable killing device in history. "In much of the world they are everyman's gun," the New York Times foreign correspondent C.J. Chivers wrote in "The Gun," his 2010 social history... (

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Somalie,République démocratique du Congo (RDC),Kenya,Soudan du Sud,Soudan,Ouganda,Afrique orientale

East Africa States to Work Together to Reduce Gun Trafficking

16 October 2012

New Vision (Kampala)

Directors of Criminal Intelligence and Investigations Directorates (CIID) in the East African region on Monday resolved to support Somalia to neutralise gun trafficking across the region. The directors said arms traffickers were taking advantage of Somalia's instability and location next to the sea. The Inspector General of Police, Lt. Gen. Kale Kayihura, said Somalia, which is now a reconstructed state, is ready to halt and thrash all culprits in gun trafficking... (

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Somalie,République démocratique du Congo (RDC),Caraïbes,Océanie,Europe,Asie,Amérique,Afrique,Liberia,Australie

Arms Trade Treaty Must Include All Guns and Ammo, Says Australia

2 July 2012

Sydney Morning Herald, Opinion

Ten years ago, tens of thousands of Kalashnikov assault rifles were transported into the West African country of Liberia. It was a violation of the UN arms embargo. The weapons were used by forces loyal to Charles Taylor to commit the most terrible crimes. Boys, some as young as 11, were handed these weapons and told to kill. In the farms and villages of places such as Bong County on the border with Guinea, these Kalashnikovs became weapons of massive destruction. The... (

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Syrie,Russie,Afrique,Chine,Inde,Pakistan,Union Européenne,Amérique,Asie,Europe,Océanie,République démocratique du Congo (RDC),Soudan,Tchad,Colombie

NGOs Set Minimum Specifications for Arms Trade Treaty [FR]

27 June 2012

Le Monde (France), Opinion

[Translated summary: Associations, NGOs and hundreds of members of the global coalition "Control Arms" have set minimum specifications for the future Arms Trade Treaty. It will have to control all types of conventional arms and ammunition used by military as well as by law enforcement, since they can be used for serious human rights violations. ATT will include exports but also imports, transit and all types of transfers and all actors, such as arms brokers, like Viktor... (

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Libye,République démocratique du Congo (RDC),Tchad,République centrafricaine,Soudan

Sudan's Small Arms and Light Weapons Conference: a Right Step

29 May 2012

Sudan Vision Daily

Last week Khartoum hosted the Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) conference for Sudan and its western neighbouring states including Central African Republic, the Republic of Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Libya. The conference aimed at strengthening cooperation and coordination efforts in order to control the spread, flow, misuse and illegal circulation of small arms and light weapons within and across the borders, and on the fundamental... (

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République démocratique du Congo (RDC),République centrafricaine,Niger,Côte d'Ivoire,Mali,Congo

Towards the Support of Congo in the Fight against Small Arms [FR]

25 May 2012

Afriquinfos / Xinhua

[Translated summary: The representative of the Regional Center on Small Arms (RCSA), Marie Claire Bisamaza, reiterated the will of the organisation to support the Republic of Congo in implementing a National Plan of Action aiming at protecting the territory against proliferation of small arms and light weapons.] BRAZZAVILLE - La représentante du Regional Center on Small Arms (RCSA), Marie Claire Bisamaza, a traduit jeudi à Brazzaville, la volonté de son institution... (

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Égypte,Afrique,République démocratique du Congo (RDC),République centrafricaine,Soudan,Tchad,Libye

African States Vow to Curb Arms Flow with Global Gun Trade Treaty

24 May 2012

New Vision (Kampala) / AFP

Security officials from five African states have pledged to step up cooperation to control the flow of small arms after a UN-backed conference. Ministers of interior and security from Libya, Chad, Sudan and Central African Republic, as well as a provincial governor from Democratic Republic of Congo, agreed to establish a joint body to counter the proliferation of small arms and light weapons. A declaration issued late Wednesday after their two-day conference said the... (

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