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Nouvelles sur les armes à feu


New Gun Law in Cameroon Bans Homemade Firearms [FR]

23 November 2016

237 Online (Cameroon)

[Translated summary: The National Defence and Security Committee of Cameroon has examined a new firearm and ammunition bill. The new regulations include the prohibition of homemade firearms and mandatory marking for better tracing.] L'Economie du projet de loi examinée à la Commission de la défense nationale et de la sécurité. La Commission de la défense nationale et de la sécurité a, vendredi dernier, en présence du ministre de la Défense, examiné le... (

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New Gun Licence and Hidden Handgun Fees in Gabon [FR]

16 October 2016

Gabon Review

[Translated summary: There are an estimated 190,000 firearms (licit and illicit) in the hands of civilians in Gabon. Recently, the government adopted a new decree that sets the fee for firearm licences and hidden handgun carry permits. The aim is to reduce the number of homicides, which was 148 in 2012.] L'utilisation des armes à feu par des civils dans certaines localités du pays lors des émeutes postélectorales fait réfléchir le gouvernement. Avec un arsenal... (

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République démocratique du Congo (RDC)

429 Guns Destroyed During Buyback Operation in Congo [FR]

24 August 2016

Radio Okapi (Kinshasa)

[Translated summary: Authorities of the province of Haut-Katanga (Congo) have destroyed 429 firearms of different calibres. These arms were recovered in three months during an on-going civilian disarming operation on which the owners were rewarded with motorcycles, bikes and other goods.] Les autorités de la province du Haut-Katanga ont détruit, mardi 23 août, environ 429 armes à feu de différents calibres, dans la cité de Kilwa, située à plus de 350 km de... (

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Over 67,000 Illegal Firearms Destroyed in Angola

10 July 2016

Angola Press Agency (Luanda)

NAMIBE — Sixty-seven thousand of 102,027 fire arms so far collected from the civil population countrywide have been destroyed, said Saturday in southwest Namibe province the second general commander of National Police chief commissioner, Paulo de Almeida. Also coordinator of National Technical Sub-Commission for Civilian Disarmament, Paulo de Almeida was speaking at the central event of the International Small Arms Destruction Day, on July 9. The senior police... (

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Angola Police Seize Five Kalashnikovs in Cuanza Sul [FR]

14 May 2016

Angola Press Agency (Luanda)

[Translated summary: Angola National Police has recovered five firearms and a Kalashnikov magazine in the context of the disarmament of the civilian population. Since 2008, the police have seized 6,849 guns.] SUMBE - Cinq armes à feu de type AKM ont été récupérées par la Police nationale, au cours des sept derniers jours, dans la province de Cuanza Sul, dont la ville de Sumbe est le chef-lieu (littoral-centre). Outre les armes, un chargeur de Kalachnikov a... (

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Angola Police Collect Five Guns During Civilian Disarmament

14 May 2016

Angola Press Agency (Luanda)

Five fire-arms of the AKM type were collected in the last seven days by the Police Command of the central Cuanza Sul Province, in the ambit of the disarmament process of the civilian population. The weekly report of the corporation, which reached ANGOP last Friday, states that one AKM bullets magazine was also collected. Since the start of the process in 2008 the corporation in Cuanza Sul collected 6,849 fire-arms of different calibres, and from that number 425 were... (

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République démocratique du Congo (RDC),Corée du Nord,Rwanda,Burundi

North Korea Giving Guns to Congolese Police, Soldiers: UN

14 May 2016

Daily Mail (UK), Associated Press

UNITED NATIONS — U.N. experts say Congolese army officers and police reported receiving pistols from a group of 30 North Korean instructors training their presidential guard and special police forces, which would appear to be a violation of U.N. sanctions banning Pyongyang from exporting weapons or providing military training. The panel of experts monitoring U.N. sanctions against Congo said they found that pistols similar to those produced in North Korea were issued... (

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Anti-poaching Raids Seize 2,000 Guns in Cameroon [FR]

19 April 2016

Tribune de Genève

[Translated summary: According to the Cameroonian minister in charge of wildlife, 2,000 firearms have been seized during an operation against ivory poaching.] Plus de six tonnes d'ivoire saisies par les services camerounais de protection de la faune et des forêts ont été incinérées mardi en public dans Yaoundé, une première dans ce pays d'Afrique centrale. Cette destruction par le feu concerne 2000 défenses d'éléphants pour un poids de 3,510 tonnes et 1753... (

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100,000 Firearms Recovered in Angola Civilian Disarmament [FR]

17 April 2016

Agência Angola Press

[Translated summary: The coordinator of an on-going disarmament programme in the province of Cuanza Sul, Angola, claimed that this government strategy contributes to the consolidation of peace and development. Since the beginning of the programme, more than 100,000 firearms have been recovered.] Sumbe - Le coordinateur de la Sous-commission Technique Nationale pour le Désarmement de la Population Civile, le commissaire chef Paulo de Almeida, a considéré comme très... (

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2,303 Firearms Seized by Angola Police in 2015 [FR]

17 March 2016

Angola Press Agency (Luanda)

[Translated summary: According to the 2015 National Police Report, 2,303 firearms of various calibres were seized last year.] LUANDA — La situation de la sécurité publique dans le pays est stable, selon les autorités policières, 80 pour cent des crimes enregistrés ont été éclaircis en 2015 et par conséquent, la détention des présumés auteurs impliqués dans des homicides volontaires, vols et violations. La constatation a été exprimée dans un... (

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Cameroon: More than 34,000 Small Arms in Circulation [FR]

10 February 2016

Journal du Cameroun, Agence Africaine de Presse

[Translated summary: More than 34,000 small arms are in circulation in Cameroon, according to Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF).] Plus de 34 000 armes légères sont en circulation au Cameroun, a annoncé la branche nationale de Women's international league for peace and freedom (WILPF) au cours de la restitution d'une enquête, mercredi à Douala. Cette enquête découle du Traité sur le commerce des armes (TCA) qui est un texte normatif... (

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République centrafricaine

Central African Republic Leader Calls for Voluntary Firearm Disarmament

1 June 2014


DAKAR - Central African Republic's prime minister on Sunday called for voluntary national disarmament next week in a bid to halt a worsening cycle of violence that threatens to drive Muslims from the West of the country. In a televised address, Prime Minister Andre Nzapayeke declared June 8 would be a day for all citizens to hand in their weapons, after a spike in sectarian tensions in the majority-Christian capital Bangui following an attack on a church by Muslim... (

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République démocratique du Congo (RDC),Afrique,Soudan,Soudan du Sud,Bulgarie,Iran

Chasing Bullets, Firearms in the Democratic Republic of Congo

13 May 2014

IRIN (UN News)

Virunga National Park — Her job is to track and trace small arms and ammunition in Africa's conflict zones. Each bullet, assault rifle, mortar, rocket or other item of military hardware she documents forms a piece of a huge jigsaw being created by the UK-based NGO Conflict Armaments Research (CAR) to map the precise flows of conflict weaponry in Africa. Moving within the ebb and flow of the Democratic Republic of Congo's (DRC) conflict, the investigator, who asked... (

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Union Européenne,Kenya,Tanzanie,Afrique,République démocratique du Congo (RDC),Somalie

African Experts Seek Ways to Curb Proliferation of Small Arms

13 May 2014

Shanghai Daily (China)

NAIROBI - Experts from across Africa will meet in Nairobi on Wednesday to seek ways to help address the proliferation of small arms and light weapons in the continent, ravaged by many conflicts. A statement from the Nairobi-based Regional Centre for Small Arms (RCSA) said Tuesday the 3rd meeting of the AU-Regions steering committee on small arms and light weapons and disarmament, demobilization and reintegration will seek ways of combating cross border flows illicit... (

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Questions Raised About Arms Seizures in Cameroon

14 April 2014

Voice of America

YAOUNDE — Cameroon's government says it has seized huge consignments of arms and ammunition destined for Nigerian militant group Boko Haram. Residents in the area of the alleged seizure, however, say they are unaware of any such activity. "The governor of the Far North Region has congratulated the forces of law and order and administrative authorities of Logone and Chari Division for impounding a huge quantity of arms and ammunition which was being smuggled for... (

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Doubts Over Cameroonian Claims of Arms Cache Find in Nigeria

9 April 2014

Deutsche Welle

The announcement of the discovery in Cameroon of a large cache of arms and ammunition intended for Boko Haram insurgents in Nigeria is regarded in some quarters as government propaganda. There was alarm in northern Cameroon when it was announced in early April that two Italian priests and a nun had been kidnapped by suspected members of the Islamist sect Boko Haram, which is waging an insurgency in neighboring Nigeria. The whereabouts of the three are still unknown.... (

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Cameroon Arrests Two Weapons Suppliers to Nigerian Terror Group

1 April 2014

Premium Times (Nigeria)

The Cameroonian security forces have succeeded in capturing two suspected arms suppliers to terrorists in Nigeria, an official has said. According to a statement by the Director of Defence Information, Chris Olukolade, over 288 rifles, 35 Rocket Propelled Guns and 35 improvised Explosive Devices, IEDs, were recovered from the suspects by the Cameroonian forces. Mr. Olukolade said the recovery was made after a fierce encounter at Abugasse, Cameroon, close to the... (

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Afrique,Afrique du Nord,Russie,Syrie,Mali,Qatar,Turquie,Libye,Égypte,Tchad,Somalie,Nigeria,Niger

Libya's Guns Free-For-All Fuels Region's Turmoil

22 March 2014

St Louis Post-Dispatch (Missouri)

TRIPOLI — At the heart of the Libyan capital, the open-air Fish Market was once a place where residents went to buy everything from meat and seafood to clothes and pets. Now it's Tripoli's biggest arms market, with tables displaying pistols and assault rifles. Ask a vendor, and he can pull out bigger machine guns to sell for thousands of dollars. Libya, where hundreds of militias hold sway and the central government is virtually powerless, is awash in millions of... (

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Angola Police Chief Wants Control of Police Guns to Prevent Diversion, Crime

28 February 2014

Angola Press Agency (Luanda)

The Commander of National Police in central Bie province, commissioner Eduardo Fernando Cerqueira, advised Friday the police officers to leave their firearms in police stations to better control the material and avoid guns to be in the hands of unauthorized people. The commissioner was speaking at the ceremony of 38th anniversary of National Police which is being marked on Friday, considered necessary for the police officers to avoid taking firearms to their houses, as... (

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Afrique occidentale,République centrafricaine,Soudan,Nigeria,République démocratique du Congo (RDC),Cameroun,Libye

Arms Smuggling to Nigerian Criminals Threatens Cameroon

21 February 2014

IRIN (UN News)

YAOUNDE — Recent arms seizures and arrests of traffickers in Cameroon's Far North Region have highlighted the escalating insecurity caused by Boko Haram in neighbouring Nigeria and the impact of the unrest in the Central African Republic (CAR) and Sudan. In January, Cameroon's security forces arrested a man attempting to transport 655 guns to Nigeria. In September 2013, 5,400 AK-47 rifles were seized on a pick-up truck in Maroua, the capital of Far North Region,... (

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