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InSight Crime's 2021 Homicide Round-Up

1 February 2022

InSight Crime

In 2021, most countries in Latin America and the Caribbean experienced a marked increase in murders. Resurgent violence was to be expected after some of the world's longest COVID-19 lockdowns were lifted. Much of the population found themselves sinking deeper into poverty. With schools late to reopen, teenagers returned to the streets with little to do, making them prime targets for recruitment. The pandemic also made law enforcement more difficult. Police were... (

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U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, and Tobacco (ATF) Firearms Tracing Data (2015-2019) Revealed

11 January 2022

U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), Web page

Gangs and drug cartels commit much of the violence in Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. The guns they use are mostly from other countries, including the U.S. While reducing violence in the region is a U.S. policy goal, agencies' efforts—such as helping countries secure their borders—haven't focused on guns. The State Department plans to focus more on gun trafficking but lacks information to tailor its programs to each country's needs. For instance,... (

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Jamaïque,Venezuela,Haïti,Honduras,Trinité-et-Tobago,Mexique,Belize,Colombie,Salvador,Brésil,Puerto Rico,Guatemala,Pakistan,Panama,Costa Rica,Nicaragua,Uruguay,République dominicaine,Pérou,Équateur,Paraguay,Argentine,Chili,Bolivie

InSight Crime's 2020 Homicide Round-Up

29 January 2021

InSight Crime

While unrest gripped much of Latin America in 2019, it was the coronavirus that took center stage and ripped through the region in 2020, upending everything from commercial trade to the operations of local gangs and transnational criminal organizations. It's too early to tell with any degree of certainty how exactly the pandemic may have impacted levels of violence, but there were notable developments, including significant reductions in El Salvador, Guatemala,... (

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Jamaïque,Honduras,Trinité-et-Tobago,Salvador,Belize,Mexique,Colombie,Guatemala,Puerto Rico,Brésil,Panama,Costa Rica,Uruguay,République dominicaine,Pérou,Nicaragua,Équateur,Argentine,Chili,Bolivie,Paraguay

InSight Crime's 2019 Homicide Round-Up

28 January 2020

InSight Crime

Unrest gripped much of Latin America and the Caribbean throughout 2019. From record violence in Mexico that recalled the darkest days of the drug war, to increased fighting among armed groups in Colombia vying for control in the absence of the FARC and a rise in massacres in Honduras, the region was again one of the world's most homicidal last year. In its annual Homicide Round-Up, InSight Crime looks into the country-by-country murder rates and the factors... (

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Latin America Leads World on Murder Map

6 May 2015

Guardian (Latin America)

Latin America may be the most murderous continent on Earth, but huge improvements in public safety have been achieved in several major cities, according to a new homicide map of the world that is being launched this week. Several metropolises that were once bywords for violent death – such as Medellín, Bogotá, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro - have seen murder rate declines of more than 60% over the past two decades thanks to improved living standards, better... (

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Belize Opposition Party Wants Gun Laws Relaxed

21 May 2014

Breaking Belize News

Earlier this year the Government of Belize indicated interest in revising the gun laws after a series of controversies, including the release of public officer Reynaldo Verde from a mooted firearm charge and the release of Police Corporal Gino Peck after a little-used section of the law was implemented. But planned consultations have not taken place and the People's United Party (PUP) proposed amendments have not been responded to. Today the party said it would... (

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Belize Cop Charged Over Theft of Eight Revolvers from Police Safe

7 May 2014

Breaking Belize News

Police have arrested and charged one of their own in connection with the theft of a cache of weapons and ammunition from inside a safe at the San Pedro Police Station over the Labor Day holiday. Constable Yannick Wade, 27, has been arrested and charged for the two counts of kept firearm without a gun license and two counts of kept ammunition without a gun license. PC Wade has been additionally charged for the crime of theft. The charges arose out of the theft of eight... (

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Belize Authorities Charge Two Guatemalans Over Unlicensed Guns

20 June 2013

Guardian (Belize City)

Two Guatemalans were arraigned at the Belmopan Magistrate's Court on Tuesday of this week, five days after their encounter with a Belizean patrol. Last Friday, the Friends for Conservation and Development, the Belize Defense Force and the Special Patrol Unit were on a joint patrol on the Caracol Road when they encountered two Guatemalans. The Caracol Road is about 2.2 kilometers from the Tapir Camp and 8.5 kilometers from the Belize Guatemala Border. In the... (

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Mexican Arrested in Belize Casino Raid, Weapons Seized [ES]

1 November 2012

Diario De Quintana Roo (Mexico)

[Translated summary: Belize authorities have revealed a Mexican man was arrested after a raid at a casino, which resulted in the seizure of unlicensed assault weapons and drugs.] La Fuerza de Defensa de Belice (BDF) reveló que el mexicano detenido durante un operativo realizado en el casino Las Vegas, ubicado en la Zona Libre, es identificado como Zurisadey Villaseñor Méndez, de oficio taxista y comerciante de Chetumal. Durante el operativo se confiscaron armas... (

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1/3 of Femicides Committed With Gun in Latin America and Caribbean [ES]

2 March 2012

RT-TV Novosti (Russia)

[Translated summary: Nearly a third of crimes against women are committed with a firearm and in Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras this indicator is 60% - Small Arms Survey.] El mayor nivel de feminicidios se registra en Latinoamérica y el Caribe. Catorce países latinoamericanos aparecen entre los 25 del mundo con la tasa más elevada de crímenes contra la mujer. El informe de la organización de investigaciones independientes Small Arms Survey,... (

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Small Arms and High Powered Rifles Stolen from Belize Defence Force

13 October 2011

Guardian (Belize)

The Ministry of Defense called a press conference at Price Barracks on Wednesday evening to inform the media that there was a security breach at the Price Barracks compound and a number of small arms and high powered rifles were stolen. Allen Whylie, Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Defense, said it is a devastating breach and the Ministry will leave no stones unturned to get to the bottom of the heist. The discovery was made at about 10:20 a.m. on Wednesday,... (

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Mexico Provides Firearm Ballistics Training to Belize Police

18 May 2011

Caribbean News Now (USA)

BELMOPAN, Belize -- Mexican and Belizean government officials inaugurated a training course on forensic ballistics to members of the Belize Police Department and Forensic Services by a specialist from the Mexican Federal Attorney General's Office. This special training was conducted from 9 to 13 May at the Police Academy in Belmopan. It is the first of four courses included in the 7TH Technical and Scientific Cooperation Program Belize-Mexico 2010-2012. More than 40... (

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Police Find Abandoned, Loaded AK-47 in King's Park, Belize City

4 November 2009

7 News Belize

Police on an operation found a machine gun along with live rounds at a north side residence this morning. The weapon is an AK-47 with 7 live rounds. Police are tight-lipped but the head of Eastern Division David Henderson promised to provide more details after a few more pieces of the investigation fall into... (

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Mothers, Victims Lead Second Demonstration Against Gun Violence in Belize

2 October 2007

Amandala (Belize)

A group of about three hundred Belizeans took to the streets of Belize City yesterday afternoon under the banner of the Mothers Organized for Peace, led by community activists Erwin X and Therese Felix. Therese is the mother of Tyrone "Shabba" Felix, whose life was lost to gun violence. Young children and even elderly people took the long, three-hour road march, which began at 3:00 at Battlefield Park downtown and ended at the Belize City Center with a concert, having... (

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AK-47, Schoolboys' Homemade Gun Confiscated in Belize Police Raids

30 June 2006

News 5 TV (Belize City)

Five people are in police custody tonight following the confiscation of several high powered weapons from the streets of Belize City. According to authorities, on Monday an anonymous tip led them to an area in St. Martin's de Porres, where officers found an AK-47 hidden in an abandoned lot. While no one was arrested in that incident, a police patrol on Linda Vista Street had better luck. They stopped two young men throwing an object away and after detaining the... (

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Farmer Fined $20,000 for Unlicensed Shotgun and 7 Rounds

2 November 2005

News5 TV, Transcript

A farmer from Burrell Boom has pleaded guilty to firearm charges and was fined twenty thousand dollars. Thirty-seven year old Clifford Nicholson was stopped by police on February fifteenth of this year as he rode his bicycle through the village with his sixteen gauge shotgun slung across his back. Nicholson could not produce a license for the weapon or the seven cartridges he was carrying and was immediately arrested. This morning he appeared before Chief... (

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