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Arms Supplies to Armenia and Azerbaijan

17 February 2021


Armenia and Azerbaijan have been embroiled in an intense and violent ethnic conflict over Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) for over three decades. The conflict is at the very core of the modern statehoods of both countries. It has resulted in two full-scale wars in 1992-94 and 2020 and regular skirmishes, with the most significant one being the 2016 Four Day April War. The conflict has led to both countries becoming among the most militarized countries in the world. A 2019... (

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Eyes on Armenia, Azerbaijan Builds Its Own Gun Industry

14 October 2016 (EU/Asia)

With an array of new, domestically produced weapons, including sniper rifles, machine guns, armed drones, and armored vehicles, Azerbaijan is showcasing its arms industry amid growing tensions with neighboring Armenia. Much of the attention on Azerbaijan's growing military has focused on the country's weapons purchases from abroad, notably from Russia and Israel. But the country also has been steadily building up its indigenous production capabilities. The new wares... (

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14 Gun Crimes Committed in Armenia Over 2 Months as Total Crime Rises

17 April 2013

Azer News (Azerbaijan)

An increase in the number of crimes was recorded in Armenia in the first quarter of the current year, reported on Monday. 4,322 crimes were registered during this period, whereas the figure for last year was 3,968, according to the Armenian police. A total of 2,171 minor offenses were registered in the first quarter of 2013, against 2,032 such misdemeanors in the same period of last year. The number of crimes of medium severity increased four-fold, totaling... (

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South Caucasian Republics Purchased 107,324 Small Arms in 2005-2010

4 January 2012 (Azerbaïdjan)

The South Caucasian republics purchased 107 324 small arms from various countries of the world in 2005-2010. APA reports quoting the UN Register of Conventional Arms that Georgia takes the first place among the South Caucasian republics on purchase of small arms during this period. Georgia bought 76 377 small arms from 7 countries. The submachine guns, short rifles, pistols, automatic rifles, pistol-machineguns, heavy machineguns, grenade launchers as well as the... (

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Belarus Ratifies CIS Accord on Illegal Gun, Ammunition Trade

30 May 2009

BBC Worldwide Monitoring / Belapan (Minsk), Transcript

MINSK — Belarusian MPs have agreed to ratify the agreement on cooperation between the CIS member-states in counteracting illegal production and sales of firearms, ammunition, explosive substances and devices. Belarusian Deputy Interior Minister Syarhey Hureyew said that the agreement was signed on 14 November 2008 in Chisinau by Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan to ensure effective joint struggle against crime, including... (

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Former Soviet States Plan Database of Gun Runners, Illicit Arms Dealers

11 April 2008

BBC Worldwide Monitoring / Interfax, Transcript

A joint CIS database of transnational criminal groups involved in illegal arms trafficking will be created, the press service of the Minsk-based CIS Executive Committee has told Interfax. "This is stipulated by a draft agreement on cooperation in combating the illegal manufacturing and sale of firearms, ammunition, explosives and explosive devices, which has been discussed by the committee's expert group," the press service said. Chief of the committee's anti-crime... (

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Embarrassed Armenian PM Promises Stricter Gun Control

6 October 2005

Radio Free Europe

Prime Minister Andranik Markarian pledged late Wednesday to be more careful in presenting government officials and friends with firearms and effectively admitted that one of those "gifts" was used in a recent high-profile murder. He said he asked the Armenian police to screen prospective recipients of such presents "more strictly." Markarian has faced embarrassing questions about his weapons-giving practices since an extraordinary crime committed in a small town... (

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