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Nouvelles sur les armes à feu


The Gun Rules

12 November 2001

Newswatch (Nigeria)

Federal government, security agencies are increasingly worried over the free flow of arms and ammunition in Nigeria On Sunday evening, October 28, President Olusegun Obasanjo had a long discussion at Aso Rock Villa with Musiliu Smith, the inspector-general of police who had come there to brief him on the security situation in the country. Smith spoke about the tense situation in Benue State where soldiers had invaded several villages and killed many Tiv people in... (

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Nigerian Secret Agent Fires Gun in Cockpit

6 October 2001


LAGOS — A Nigerian secret service agent accidentally fired his gun in the cockpit of a plane passengers were boarding in the capital Abuja, newspapers reported on Saturday. Passengers ran from the aircraft, fearing a hijacker had fired the shot at 3.30 p.m. (10:30 a.m. EDT) on Friday, according to the reports. The 180-seat Boeing 727 was bound for Lagos. Airport authorities and airline officials were not immediately available for comment on Saturday. "This is a... (

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Govt to Stop Renewal of Arms Licences

24 September 2001

Guardian (Lagos)

A nationwide disarmament exercise may soon be undertaken by the Federal Government in a move to curb the rising incidence of ethnic clashes in the country. As part of this move, granting of licences for all categories of firearms by state commissioners of police has been stopped while renewal of such licences is being discharged. States' police commissioners were previously allowed to grant licences to individuals who wish to possess single or double barreled guns for... (

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Defence Committee Warns on Arms Proliferation

7 August 2001

This Day (Lagos)

BENIN CITY — The National Sub-committee on the Proliferation and Illicit Trafficking in small arms and light weapons has alerted the public of the danger to the presence of weapons and firearms in the hands of wrong people pose to national security . Leader of the committee, Major-General Yellow Duke (rtd) said the illicit trafficking in small arms and light weapons has increased steadily, prompting the committee to step up its activities which included gathering... (

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Governor Urges Probe of Military Officers' Role in Arms Trafficking

3 August 2001

Guardian (Lagos)

Following the alleged involvement of serving and retired military officers in illicit arm deals, Governor Donald Duke of Cross River State has urged the National Committee on the Proliferation and Illicit Trafficking in Small Arms and Light Weapons to investigate the charge. Duke who was speaking when members of the Committee paid him a courtesy call on Monday in his office, said setting up special committees to monitor border towns and villages to track down illegal... (

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Robbery Gang in Nigeria Kills Up to 22 in Revenge Attack on Anti-Crime Group

20 July 2001

Associated Press

ABUJA, Nigeria — An armed gang attacked the house of a volunteer crime fighter and then turned their guns on his neighbors, killing up to 22 people in a revenge attack on a citizens anti-crime movement. The 30-strong robbery gang raided the home of Francis Okafor in Awkuzu town in Anambra state, but Okafor was out, so they killed his two wives and burned down the house, the national newspaper Vanguard reported Friday. The attackers accused Okafor of pressuring the... (

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West Africa to Curb Import of Small Arms

20 July 2001

Dawn (Karachi)

LAGOS — Nigeria and Benin Republic have agreed to discuss stringent measures to control the import of small arms and cross border banditry, according to a police spokesperson. Haz Iwendi, Nigeria's law enforcement spokesperson, says "police officers from Benin Republic will travel to Nigeria for talks in a fortnight. The meeting follows a visit to Benin Republic by the Inspector General of Police recently." The meeting comes in the wake of the growing concern among... (

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Liberia,Nations Unies

Small Arms, Violence & War Crimes

18 July 2001

Concord Times (Freetown), Opinion

FREETOWN — Two events have dominated the international news sections of British newspapers for the past two weeks: the trial of Milosevic at the Hague for war crimes and this week's UN conference on small arms. None, however, have made the connection between the two, but in fact they are closely related: the crimes for which Milosevic is standing trial were committed, and probably could only be committed, by small arms (the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki,... (

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Lagos Robbery: Military Barracks to Be Searched for Arms

16 July 2001

PM News (Lagos)

LAGOS — A combined team of security operatives will soon embark on a surprise search of military barracks with a view to recovering illegal arms. P.M.News gathered that the action became necessary as a result of secret reports linking military personnel with various robberies in Lagos and environs. The report also fingered military barracks as the storehouse of illegal arms. The bulk of the arms used by armed robbers are believed to emanate from military... (

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Sierra Leone

Gun Culture of Sierra Leone

3 April 2000

Newsnight (UK)

Foday Sankoh was in an angry mood. The Chairman — as he likes to be called — wanted to visit Makeni, one of the towns in that part of Sierra Leone still controlled by the rebel fighters of his Revolutionary United Front. But he could not get a helicopter. The UN would not provide one, and I certainly could not. He declined an offer of a lift in my car. There are far too many potentially-hostile roadblocks on the route out from Freetown, the Sierra Leone... (

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Illegal Arms Threaten Lagos

28 March 2000

PM News (Lagos) / Africa News Online

LAGOS — Law and order may totally break down in Lagos soon if reports emanating from security agents hold water. P.M. News investigations revealed that security reports have raised an alarm at the rate at which illegal arms have been entering into Lagos State in recent times. The arms, including explosives are reportedly being shipped into Lagos from neighbouring countries and some parts of the Northern and Eastern hemispheres. Some of the arms were reportedly... (

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Liberia Completes Destruction of Civil War Arms

19 October 1999


MONROVIA, Liberia — Liberia has completed the painstaking destruction of tons of arms and ammunition collected from combatants at the end of seven years of civil war, United Nations officials said on Tuesday. Nearly 20,000 weapons, ranging from small arms to heavy machine guns, and more than three million rounds of ammunition have been destroyed over a period of nearly three months. The last pile of weapons surrendered by warring militias was set ablaze in the... (

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Ghanaian Govt Suspends Importation of Arms

1 August 1999


NAIROBI — Importation of small arms and ammunition including shotguns and cartridges by licensed arms dealers in Ghana has been suspended with immediate effect. There is also to be an immediate freeze on sales of existing stocks pending an inventory of all stocks held by private arms dealers and a review of procedures for their acquisition and registration, the Ghana News Agency (GNA) reported Sunday. This was contained in a statement issued in Accra, capital of... (

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Government to Destroy Surrendered Arms

3 June 1999

Pan-African News Agency / Africa News Service

MONROVIA, Liberia — President Charles Taylor has announced that government will destroy arms and ammunition surrendered by former warring groups during the February 1997 disarmament. In a radio broadcast Wednesday night, he said the decision "followed consultation with the leadership of the legislature (parliament) and cabinet." Controversy has been brewing over the fate of the tens of thousands of assault rifles, artillery and millions of ammunition collected from... (

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Afrique occidentale,Ghana

Churches Call for Moratorium on Small Arms Transfer

12 October 1998

All Africa News Agency

ACCRA — Churches in West Africa have called for a moratorium on the manufacture, export, import and distribution of small arms and light weapons in the region. The call was made at a recent consultation on micro disarmament in the sub-region of West Africa organized by the World Council of Churches (WCC), the Fellowship of Christian Councils in West Africa (FECCIWA) and the Norwegian Initiative on Small Arms Transfer (NISAT). The Christian Council of Ghana (CCG)... (

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Mali Urges World Drive to Curb Small Arms Trade

1 October 1998


OSLO — Mali's President Alpha Oumar Konare on Wednesday urged an international drive to curb trade in small arms, saying they were a bigger threat to many nations than nuclear weapons. "I'd like to make an appeal to the international community to wage an unrelenting battle against this type of arms," he said at the start of a two-day conference of about 15 West African nations and 20 arms producing countries. He said West African heads of state would meet later this... (

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Ghana-Disarmament Veteran Army Chief Urges End to Arms Proliferation

29 September 1998

Africa News Service

ACCRA, Ghana — The executive director of the Centre for Conflict Resolution, Lt. Gen. Arnold Quainoo, has stressed the need to stimulate debate and public consciousness to help address the problem of weapons proliferation in the West African sub-region. Civil society should support government initiatives to rid the sub-region of weapons, he told a Consultation on Micro Disarmament in West Africa Monday. The three-day meeting is being organised by the World Council... (

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Afrique occidentale

West African Nations Meet in Oslo to Curb Small Arms

27 March 1998


OSLO — About 15 West African nations will meet in Oslo next week to seek a moratorium on supplies of assault rifles and other small arms to the region, organisers said on Friday. "For us this is a breakthrough in work on the proliferation of small arms which is one of the main sources of war and human rights abuse in the 1990s," Jan Egeland, head of the Norwegian Initiative on Small Arms Transfers, told Reuters. Egeland said Mali's President Alpha Oumar Konare... (

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