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Uruguay Police Suspected of Stealing Guns, Trafficking to Brazil Gangs

14 November 2012

InSight Crime (Bogota)

Uruguay is investigating 20 police officers for the disappearance of some 200 firearms over the past two years, as evidence suggests the officers may have been involved in an arms trafficking ring that sold weapons to Brazilian criminal organizations. The officers, including a former police chief, are suspected of involvement in the disappearance of more than 200 firearms from police headquarters in Treinta y Tres, an eastern province that shares a maritime border with... (

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Latin American Governments Target Gun Runners, Countries Making Guns

28 November 2011

United Press International

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay - Latin America's increasingly ambitious Mercosur regional bloc is aiming to focus on small arms suppliers who are seen as being behind the region's endemic and seemingly insurmountable problem of violent crime. The area's disparate armed groups, guerrillas with political agenda and drug-related gangs have drawn attention from Mercosur's watchdog committees as senior officials explore ways of containing organized crime, rooting out myriad networks... (

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Lawmakers Promise New 'Best Practice' Gun Law in Uruguay [Es]

19 September 2008

La Republica (Montevideo)

[Translated summary: At an IANSA event, Uruguay's four main political parties have committed themselves to create a comprehensive national firearms law based on international standards]. En Uruguay, uno de cada tres habitantes posee un arma de fuego. Se estima que 550.000 circulan en forma ilegal. Con esta realidad como punto de partida, se realizó ayer, y continúa hoy, un Foro "Hacia una Nueva Ley Nacional de Armas". Discusión. "En nuestro país existe una... (

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Uruguay, Venezuela 'Caught' Busting UN Sanctions, Buying Iranian Ammo

12 October 2007

Washington Times

SANTA CRUZ, Bolivia — Uruguayan parliamentary investigators said they blocked an attempt by their government to purchase arms from Iran, using a diversion through Venezuela to try to evade U.N. sanctions on the Tehran government. Some 15,000 rounds of Iranian-made 5.56 mm ammunition were loaded onto a Uruguayan navy ship in Venezuela before the attempt was discovered, said Javier Garcia of Uruguay's opposition National Party in an interview. Uruguay's military chiefs... (

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Latin America Armed to the Teeth With 80 Million Guns [Es]

3 July 2004

La Opinión (USA), Opinion

GINEBRA — Con una población conjunta de 464 millones de habitantes, 11 países — Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, México, Paraguay, Perú, Uruguay y Venezuela —, poseen hasta 80 millones de armas de fuego, según revelan los resultados de la Encuesta de armas pequeñas 2004: derechos en riesgo, realizada por el Instituto de Posgrado de Altos Estudios Internacionales, dados a conocer en Ginebra la semana pasada. Exceptuando a Ecuador, todos... (

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