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Prison Sentence a Lesson to All Gun Owners, Says Victim's Mother

21 July 2004

Cumhuriyet (Turkey)

Turkish mother Ozlem and Scottish father David Grimason of Alistair who was shot dead by a stray bullet in Foca town of Izmir last summer when he was 2.5 years old said about 36 years sentence, "the Turkish court has done his duty. This case should be a lesson against individual... (

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Murdered Toddler is Symbol for Anti-Gun Movement

20 July 2004

Scotsman (Edinburgh)

Alistair Grimason has become a symbol for Turkey's anti-gun movement. His parents, David and Ozlem, launched a petition calling for tighter firearm laws after the two-year-old was shot dead. And in the wake of his death, their plight touched the people of Turkey, where he is known as "Ali Star". Such was the public's reaction, a street was named after the child — Ali Star Road — near where he was killed. Mr and Mrs Grimason launched a campaign calling for... (

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Petition to Overhaul Gun Laws

14 December 2003

BBC News

Alistair Grimason died after being hit by a stray bullet The parents of murdered Scots toddler Alastair Grimason are to deliver a petition to Turkey's opposition leader calling for the nation's gun laws to be tightened. David and Ozlem Grimason will travel to Ankara on Tuesday and meet Deniz Baykal of the CHP party. Mr Baykal has said he intends to pass on the petition to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Two-year-old Alastair, from East Kilbride, was... (

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British Parents Visit Turkish Cafe Where Bullet Killed Son

12 December 2003

Telegraph (UK)

A British couple whose two-year-old son died when he was hit by a stray bullet in a cafe in Turkey paid an emotional return visit yesterday to the scene of his killing. David and Ozlem Grimason wanted to see the spot where their only child, Alistair, was shot before seeing his alleged killer in court tomorrow. Their lives changed irrevocably on July 7 in the seaside resort of Foca, near Izmir, when a single bullet pierced their son's heart as he slept in his pram at a... (

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Jail Terms for Gun Crimes to be Increased

14 November 2003

Herald (UK)

Campaigners claimed yesterday that sentences for gun violence offences in Turkey are to be increased in the wake of the shooting of a two-year-old Scottish boy. David and Ozlem Grimason, from East Kilbride, near Glasgow, supported an anti-gun law campaign following the death of Alistair, their son, in Turkey last July. The child's Turkish mother had been sitting in a café in the resort of Foca when a gunfight broke out at the next table. A stray bullet entered... (

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Thousands Support Parents' Petition

25 August 2003

Telegraph (UK)

The parents of a two-year-old boy who was shot dead while on holiday in Turkey have exceeded their target of 10,000 signatures on a petition calling for stricter gun laws in the country. David and Ozlem Grimason launched the petition in their home town of East Kilbride, Lanarkshire, on Thursday in memory of their son, Alistair, who was struck by a stray bullet when a gun fight erupted at a cafe in the Turkish resort of Foca. Alistair, who was sleeping in his pram, is... (

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Picture of a Child That Drives Anti-Gun Campaign

22 August 2003

Herald (UK)

The sight of the blond child clasping the tiny battered teddy made David Grimason smile. For carved into his memory was the time he bought the gift for Alistair, his only child. "It was his first toy on the day he was born," recalled Mr Grimason, 31. "I was so excited. I picked up the teddy as I was rushing around the shops buying little vests for Alistair on my way to see him in hospital." Yesterday, two years on, the little brown bear nestled between piles of... (

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Father Seeks Tighter Gun Laws

21 August 2003

BBC News

The petition will be taken to Turkey next month The father of a toddler who was shot dead in Turkey has launched a petition to tighten the country's gun laws. David Grimason is aiming to collect 10,000 signatures in his home town of East Kilbride over the next three days. His two-year-old son Alistair died after a gunfight broke out at a cafe in the Turkish resort of Foca last month. The toddler was asleep in his pram when a stray bullet pierced his heart,... (

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Time to End Turkish Gun Culture That Helped Kill Our Little Boy

14 August 2003

Evening Times (Glasgow)

The parents of a two-year-old boy shot dead on holiday in Turkey have launched a campaign against the country's gun culture. David and Ozlem Grimason are to collect signatures for a petition calling on the Turkish authorities to tighten lax gun laws which they believe played a part in the death of their son Alistair. The East Kilbride toddler was killed last month as he slept in his pushchair at a cafe in the resort town of Foca. Turkish police are still hunting for... (

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Gun Anger of Grieving Parents

17 July 2003

BBC News

The parents of a toddler shot dead in Turkey have urged tourists to seriously consider their safety before booking a holiday there. David and Ozlem Grimason, from East Kilbride, in Lanarkshire, attacked Turkish gun laws as they laid their two-year-old son Alistair to rest. In a statement, the couple said the grief of losing their little boy was "indescribable" and they then rounded on the Turkish Government, accusing it of failing to act to curb gun crime in the... (

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Kurdish Gun Culture Falls from Favour

30 April 2003

Washington Times

SULAYMANIYAH, Iraq — War has brought some collateral damage to the gun-happy culture of Iraq's Kurdish ethnic minority. The fall of Saddam Hussein, the presence of nervous American forces and a government crackdown on illegal weapons in Sulaymaniyah have helped introduce a new concept to a people used to casually slinging Kalashnikovs over their shoulders: gun control. "Now that the war is over, we don't need weapons anymore," says Raza Hamid Qarib, a 34-year-old... (

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