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Tanzania Authorities Seize 47 Guns in Illegal Immigrant Operation

20 September 2013

Tanzania Daily News

47 guns, 600 rounds of ammunition impounded 3,400 cattle abandoned OPERATION "Kimbunga" (whirlwind) does not only target illegal immigrants but also criminals who have been vandalizing public and private property in Kagera, Kigoma and Geita regions, the government explained . The operation's Head of Communications, Ms Zamaradi Kawawa, said in a statement that the operation has netted suspected armed bandits, poachers as well as weapons such as hand grenades, guns and... (

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'Guns and Roses' in Tanzania as Gun Homicide Rate Rises

11 August 2013

Tanzania Daily News

A few metres down the lane from the legendary 'Clock Tower' roundabout, along Sokoine Road, there is a special store which stocks arms and ammunition. The shop mostly serves as a reminder or monument indicating that people here are free to buy and own fire arms like pistols and guns, as long as their acquisitions are done in accordance with the law . During the boom of Tanzanite mining in the 90s, many people who were in one way or another involved with Mirerani Hills,... (

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Tanzania Authorities Fighting Against Illegal Crime Guns

3 August 2013

Tanzania Daily News

A high percentage of firearms in the country are currently in the hands of wrong people and President Jakaya Kikwete has issued a directive for culprits to surrender weapons immediately or face the full force of the law. Addressing residents in Biharamulo District, Mr Kikwete issued a two week ultimatum for culprits to comply, warning that a major operation is underway to recover these weapons. "We cannot allow Tanzanians to be terrorised by a few criminals," warned... (

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Tanzania Police Seize Assault Weapon, Pistols

10 April 2013

Citizen (Dar es Salaam)

DAR ES SALAAM - Police in the city have recovered three guns and 33 bullets from different locations. The weapons were reportedly to be used by suspected bandits in commiting robberies. The firearms were recovered in a special round up carried out by police after receiving intelligence information from citizens, according to Dar es Salaam Special Zone Police Commander, Mr Suleiman Kova. He said that one sub machine gun (SMG) was recovered at Kimbangulile area in... (

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Illegal Crime Guns Causing Havoc in Tanzania say Authorities

28 March 2013

Tanzania Daily News (Dar es Salaam)

Armed robbers are out of their lair again and are busy scheming, so it seems. It was reported in the press early this week that five suspected robbers had been gunned down by police in Kagera Region. The robbers had engaged four motor vehicles in a stick-up and were robbing passengers when the police, who had already been tipped off, ambushed them. The police killed five suspects in the ensuing shoot-out. The police recovered two sub-machine guns in the process. They... (

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3,100 Illicit Small Arms and Light Weapons Destroyed in Tanzania

20 March 2013

IPP Media

German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) and the Tanzanian Police have agreed to strengthen their cooperation in the fight against organised crime and international terrorism. "The fight against international terrorism, piracy, organized crime and also everyday crime remains the essential task of the security authorities throughout the world … therefore, international cooperation is crucial …," stated the German Ambassador Klaus-Peter Brandes. He emphasised... (

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Tanzania Celebrates Gun Destruction in East Africa

17 February 2013

Tanzania Daily News (Dar Es Salaam)

The Vice-President, Dr Mohamed Gharib Bilal, has said that recovery of more than 500,000 small arms and light weapons presently in wrong hands in the East African region would be possible through shared information among the member states. Speaking at the destruction of illicit small arms and light weapons, the event held at Ukonga Prisons Ground on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam, and witnessed by delegates to the East African Community (EAC) Joint Meeting of the... (

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Tanzania Govt Considers Allowing Gun Ownership in Zanzibar

8 February 2013

Tanzania Daily News (Dar es Salaam)

DODOMA — The government will look into the possibility of people in Zanzibar to own firearms but the matter will be worked out carefully to study its legal status and other various implications. The Deputy Minister for Home Affairs, Mr Pereila Ame Silima, told the Parliament that according to the law, the Firearms Decree Cap section 165, Zanzibaris are not allowed to own firearms except for security organs. He said due to the fact that normal civilians in the Isles... (

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East Africa Civil Society Calls for Tougher Laws to Curb Illegal Gun Trade

27 January 2013

New Vision (Kampala)

The East Africa Action Network on small arms (EAANSA) has called for tougher laws and increased vigilance among member states of the East African community (EAC) to curb illegal movement of small arms and light weapons. According to the executive secretary EAANSA, Richard Mugisha, considering that the dynamics and movement of small arms and light weapons (SALWs) transcend the political boarders that divide state parties within East Africa, there is need for increased... (

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Tanzanian Police Recover 439 Illegal Firearms in Amnesty

8 January 2013

Sabahi / Guardian (Dar Es Salaam)

Tanzanian police recovered 439 illegal firearms from citizens in a month-long drive to collect unlicensed weapons, police spokesperson Advera Senso announced Monday (January 7th). The police drive, which ended January 5th, afforded Tanzanians an opportunity to give up their illegal arms without consequence, Tanzania's The Guardian reported. Surrendered weapons included shotguns, rifles, submachine guns, pistols, air guns and rockets. Police will now begin a... (

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Special Investigation: How Smugglers are Flooding Kenya with Guns

8 January 2013

Star (Kenya), Series

There are estimated 530,000-680,000 firearms in the wrong hands in Kenya. The number of illegal arms has grown over the years and is said to fuel the conflicts witnessed within Kenya and the region. In an investigation that took close to a year, our correspondent Kassim Mohamed tracked down some of the people who smuggle small arms and light weapons into Kenya and unveils a dangerous trend that can affect the current peace if nothing is done by not just the Kenyan... (

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Tanzania Succeeds in Impounding 304 Illegally Owned Firearms

20 December 2012

Daily News (Dar es Salaam)

Armed robbers have once again emerged from their lair in the criminal underworld after a brief lull. Three robbers shot the cashier of Artan Company of Dar es Salaam as he was about to take 150m/- to a bank. The victim died in hospital later. One of the robbers shot and killed an incensed bystander in the presence of police officers who was about to hit him with a stone. The police say all three robbers have been apprehended but confess to have failed to recover the... (

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Call for Illegal Arms to be Impounded in Tanzania

6 December 2012

Tanzania Daily News (Dar es Salam), Opinion

Recent State campaign against illegal ownership of small firearms succeeded in impounding 304 guns. It is kudos for the Police Force. The number of firearms found during the brief campaign must have shocked the nation. The find pointed to the stark reality that too many arms were in dangerous hands. In fact, armed banditry has escalated to alarming proportions in the last few months. It is this nettling situation that has prompted the government to issue an ultimatum... (

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Tanzania Orders Unlicensed Gun Holders to Surrender Weapons

5 December 2012


Unlicensed gun holders in Tanzania have 30 days from Wednesday (5 Dec) to surrender the weapons to the police or risk legal action, Home Affairs Minister Emmanuel Nchimbi has said. Underlining the general public concern about the increased incidents of armed robberies around the country, Mr. Nchimbi said the government had issued a one-month notice as the last chance for persons in illegal possession of firearms. "At the expiry of this period we are going to take... (

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US Entrepreneurs Turning Thousands of African AK-47s into Jewellery

26 November 2012

New York Times

NEW YORK — As icons go, few things communicate global menace more effectively than the stark silhouette of an AK-47. Designed more than six decades ago by Mikhail Kalashnikov, a former Soviet tank commander, the assault rifle boasts the dubious distinction of being the most abundant and reliable killing device in history. "In much of the world they are everyman's gun," the New York Times foreign correspondent C.J. Chivers wrote in "The Gun," his 2010 social history... (

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Anti-Poaching Operation Seizes Tusks, Illegal Weapons in Tanzania

19 November 2012

Tanzania Daily News (Dar es Salaam)

Government trophies worth 618.4m/- were seized at Tunduru, Ruvuma Region, in an on-going operation by a special joint task force formed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism. The operation, which was launched in July this year, impounded 297 firearms, 370 rounds of ammunition and 150 shell castings. The type of firearms seized included 47 submachine guns, 225 homemade guns (gobole), 23 rifles, two SARs, one SMG, and one Egyptian G3. Trophies seized include... (

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Tanzania Govt Plans New Gun Management Efforts to Curb Death Toll

25 October 2012

Tanzania Daily News (Dar es Salaam)

BAGAMOYO — The government is planning to introduce a firearms management organ to prevent abuse of the weapons by those possessing them legally, the Civilian Owned Firearms Registrar, Superintendent of Police (SP), Tulibake Mkondya, has said. Speaking during media sensitization on peace and security here, Ms Mkondya, said the new organ will be training those applying for firearm's possession, saying the legal firearm owners will be undergoing frequent shooting range... (

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Call for Police in Burundi, Tanzania to Combat Illegal Gun Trade, Crime

13 September 2012

Citizen (Dar es Salaam)

Cross-border crime has been a major concern in the Great Lakes Region, which is awash with small arms. Raids, abductions and robberies have common. We therefore commend Tanzania and Burundi for planning to jointly tackle banditry in Lake Tanganyika and beyond it. For a long time Burundians and Tanzanians at their border have been at the mercy of a network of crime gangs. Criminals from Burundi have been hiding in Tanzania after committing offences in that country and... (

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Tanzania Police Recover Sawn-Off Shotgun from Fleeing Bandit

18 August 2012

Arusha Times (Tanzania)

Police in Arusha have recovered a Shortgun - Greener GP - abandoned by bandits when Police were tailing them. Arusha's Regional Police Commander, Liberatus Sabas told reporters in his office on Wednesday that the incident happened on August 12. He explained that when the suspects realized that they were being pursued by Patrol Police they relieved themselves of a bag that one of them was carrying and fled. Police picked up the bag only to find out that its contents... (

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Proliferation of Small Arms Poses a Big Threat to Tanzania's Security

22 May 2012

Citizen (Dar es Salaam)

Regions that border neigbouring countries often face insecurity challenges. Kagera, Mwanza, Mara, Kigoma and Rukwa are especially prone to security threats because they border countries ravaged by armed conflicts. Because of this instability in the Great Lakes countries, there is a proliferation of small arms which poses a big threat to Tanzania's security as crime-related activities rise. These include rampant armed robbery, cattle rustling, poaching, the influx of... (

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