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Two Shootings in Three Nights, Swedish Police Blame Drugs and Gangs

2 August 2012

Local (Sweden)

Two men were shot in Eskilstuna near Stockholm on Wednesday night in what police believe to have been the latest exchanges in three days of gang-related violence. According to the police, the men were shot in the legs and were conscious when they were taken to hospital in an ambulance shortly after midnight. The shootings are the third gun-related incident to occur in the town on consecutive evenings and police believe that the shootings are part of a drug-related... (

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Swedish Man Shoots Self After Shooting At Family, Police Chase

27 July 2012

Local (Sweden)

A man who shot at his wife and her daughter, set alight to the family home and then fled from police in western Sweden on Friday morning, finally turned his hunting rifle on himself is now in hospital recovering from gun shot wounds. "It is a family-related incident," said press spokesman Thomas Fuxborg to daily Dagens Nyheter (DN) on Friday morning. Police received a call at 3.23am that a man in his sixties had fired shots against his wife and her adult daughter,... (

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Talks Begin at UN on Global, Legally Binding Arms, Ammo Trade Treaty

4 July 2012

Associated Press

UNITED NATIONS — The world's nations began a final push Tuesday for the first legally binding global treaty that would regulate the international arms trade and try to prevent the transfer of weapons to armed groups and terrorists. The 193-member U.N. General Assembly is expected to approve the treaty, which has been in the works since 2006, when the U.S. voted against the resolution that launched the process. The Obama administration later reversed the George W.... (

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3 Swedish Journalists Guilty of Weapons Crimes

18 May 2012

Local (Sweden)

The editor-in-chief of Swedish tabloid Expressen and two other journalists with the paper have been convicted of weapons crimes related to a report about how easy it is to buy guns in Malmö in southern Sweden. Expressen's editor Thomas Mattson was convicted of instigating a weapons crime, while former news editor Andreas Johansson was found guilty of being an accessory to a weapons crime. Journalist Diamant Salihu, who actually purchased the gun, was convicted of a... (

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Pakistan a 'Very Gun-friendly Society,' 9 in 10 Owners Unlicensed

30 April 2012

Dawn (Karachi)

On January 25 this year, 32-year-old Waqas, a garment factory employee was hit by a bullet in New Karachi and he died. The bullet was not fired from the gun of a target killer, but by friends of a bridegroom amidst late-night wedding celebrations. Two children aged 10 and 12, died in Sialkot in a similar incident on February 20, when the jubilant brother of a bridegroom unleashed a burst of bullets. Such accidents, almost an every-day affair in Pakistan, never make it... (

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Swedish Minister 'Ignorant' of UN Gun Export Embargo on China

23 April 2012

Local (Sweden)

Sweden's enterprise minster Annie Lööf has come in for heavy criticism following a blunder about Sweden's arms exports. In an interview broadcast on Saturday on Sveriges Radio (SR), Lööf didn't rule out exporting arms to China – despite an arms embargo having been imposed on the country since 1989. "If we don't export weapons to China, as far as pesticides or other equipment for instance, what consequences would that have," said Lööf on the air. When asked... (

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Swedish Govt Suggests Stricter Penalties for Carrying Gun in Public Place

20 January 2012

Local (Sweden)

In a proposal to the Swedish Council on Legislation's (Lagrådet) the government has suggested implementing stricter penalties for carrying a weapon in a public place. However, at present they are not willing to grant police the wire tapping capabilities for less serious crimes, powers which police have long sought. "We have made every effort to signal the need for this and we hope that the government will continue to work on it. We really do need to have these... (

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Swedish Courts 'Go Easy' on Gangsters Needing Guns for Self Defence

8 January 2012

Local (Stockholm)

Being a member of a criminal gang in Sweden can actually result in milder sentences for weapons offences as courts provide leniency in cases in which offenders have been shown to live in a hostile environment and need extra protection. Following the recent spate of killings in Malmö, politicians have promised changes in Sweden's current weapons laws to curb the violence. According to some court's interpretation of current laws, criminals can actually receive milder... (

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Swedish Customs 'Not Focused' on Weapon Smuggling from Denmark

5 January 2012

Local (Stockholm)

The Öresund bridge, connecting Sweden and Denmark, has long been known to be an important route for weapons smugglers to get their wares into Sweden. Despite this only seven illegal weapons were seized there over the course of 2011. "We have been mainly focusing on drugs," said Anders Trägårdh, head of operations at customs in Malmö, to daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter (DN). The debate about the illegal smuggling of weapons has been given a new lease of life after a... (

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Swedish Gun Laws May Be Tightened - Minister for Justice

4 January 2012

Local (Stockholm)

Sweden's minister for justice, Beatrice Ask, says Swedish weapons laws will be looked over, after recent events in Malmö where five people have been shot within the space of a month. "The previous report didn't see a reason to change the law. I am not happy with that and we are looking into it at the moment," Ask told news agency TT. The Chairman for the Committee on Justice, Social Democrat Morgan Johansson, has been demanding that Ask does something about the... (

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Swedish Editors Charged for Buying Illegal Pistol, Handing it to Police

27 December 2011

Local (Stockholm)

Thomas Mattsson, editor-in-chief of one of Sweden's largest newspapers, has been charged for instigating a weapons offense. Mattsson heads the Expressen daily newspaper, and in the fall of 2010 he gave one of the newspaper's reporters permission to buy a pistol in Malmö in southern Sweden. Authorization was granted in connection with the reporter's efforts to show how easy it was to obtain a firearm in Sweden. "If journalists can't work under cover, investigative... (

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Finlande,Pays-Bas,Union Européenne,Suède

Murder in Finland, Sweden, Netherlands: Drunk Friends v Criminals - Study

6 October 2011

Helsingin Sanomat (Finland)

Finland rightly appears rather high on the statistics for violent crime in Europe, but as so often behind the statistical data there lie a number of caveats and a lot of small print. There are, for instance, large differences between different EU nations when it comes to the reasons for homicides and the methods used in such crimes. In Finland, a typical person to commit a homicide is a middle-aged heavy consumer of alcohol and the victim is his drunken contemporary.... (

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Nordic Countries Set Sights on Stricter Gun Control after Norway Attacks

16 August 2011

Agence France Presse

STOCKHOLM — In the Nordic countries, where hunting is popular and firearms are plentiful, the twin July 22 attacks that killed 77 people in Norway have spurred lawmakers to consider tighter gun laws. But change will not come without resistance in a region where hunting is viewed by many as a cultural heritage passed down from Viking ancestors, and sport shooting is a favourite pastime. Finland, which has one of the world's highest gun ownership rates at 1.5 million... (

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Canada Gun Lobby Influence on Foreign Policy: Arms Trade Treaty

3 August 2011

Embassy Magazine (Canada), Opinion

Canada has never been a strong supporter of international efforts to negotiate an effective Arms Trade Treaty. But in mid-July, it reversed its previous low-key but constructive role at the United Nations ATT preparatory meetings to become a potential treaty spoiler. All indications point to this change of heart arising from the domestic gun lobby's influence on Canadian foreign policy. After years of preparation, member states of the United Nations will devote a month... (

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Unsettling Wariness in Norway, Where Police Are Rarely Armed

25 July 2011

New York Times

OSLO — When a man dressed in a police uniform began slaughtering young people at a Norwegian summer camp last week, one of the first to be killed was a real police officer named Trond Berntsen, who for years had worked in security at the camp. Whether Officer Berntsen tried to stop the gunman is still being debated. But facing a man carrying multiple guns and ample ammunition, there was little he could do. Like most other police officers here, he had no weapon. By... (

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Sweden's Gun Laws Would Have Stopped Norway Killer: Police

25 July 2011

Local (Stockholm)

In Sweden, a person like Anders Behring Breivik wouldn't have been allowed an automatic weapon, according to Swedish police. By law, licenses for automatic weapons can only be issued if there are extraordinary reasons. Among other things, the Swedish Armed Forces (Försvarsmakten) must justify the possession. Breivik, the suspected mass murderer, wrote in his application that the reason he was applying for an automatic weapon license was to hunt deer. "It wouldn't... (

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Venezuela,États-Unis,Amérique centrale,Norvège,Colombie,Amérique du Sud,Asie occidentale,Suède

Support for Arms Trade Treaty Grows as Norway, Sweden Fund SIPRI

26 January 2011

United Press International

WASHINGTON - Support for international efforts to secure an effective arms trade treaty has received boost with new European funds going into the work of leading think tank Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. Frenetic arms buying in Latin America in 2009 and last year led to diplomatic initiatives, including several from the Obama administration, to control a trend that critics said could turn into an arms race. The arms buying was fueled partly by... (

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Sweden an Armed Country

12 November 2010

Fokus (Sweden)

[Editor's note: Translated by from Swedish into English] Few countries have more weapons per inhabitant than Sweden. But the legal weapons are rarely used in crime. When the police on Saturday arrested the 38-year-old man suspected of murder and a series of assassination attempts in Malmö, they found two guns in his apartment. A 22-caliber practice gun and a Glock. A sign that it's a madman? Rather something very Swedish. In total, there are nearly... (

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Licensed Gun Owner Charged in Swedish Hate Crime Shooting Spree

9 November 2010

Associated Press

STOCKHOLM — A Swedish man suspected of a yearlong shooting spree against immigrants in the southern part of the country was ordered held in jail Tuesday on preliminary charges of one murder and five attempted murders. The suspect, identified in a court document as 38-year-old Peter Mangs, was arrested at his apartment in the city of Malmo over the weekend. Police said he denied the allegations. Investigators have been searching for a lone gunman who has terrorized... (

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Licensed Gun Owner Charged in Swedish Immigrant Shootings, Murder

7 November 2010


Swedish police have arrested a 38-year-old man suspected in a series of shootings targeting immigrants, they said Sunday. "The man was arrested late Saturday night on suspicion of murder and attempted murder," lead prosecutor Solveig Wollstad said. Eight people have been injured and a woman, 20, killed in the shootings which police believe are connected to the gunman, according to CNN's Swedish affiliate TV4. The fatal shooting took place in October 2009, and the... (

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