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Talking About Disarmament

10 April 2003

Small Arms Survey 2003: Development Denied (Oxford University Press)

Box 9.4 Disarmament Pacific-style: Bougainville and the Solomon Islands During the Second World War, Pacific island states were home to thousands of armed troops and the site of famous conflicts such as the Battle of Guadalcanal. In recent years, small arms have reappeared as vectors of civil conflict and violent crime, with profound social and economic impacts. Bougainville was the site of a devastating nine-year war ending in 1997. While it began primarily as a... (

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The Pacific's Gun Problems

1 March 2003

Pacific Magazine

Stowed away in a Tongan Defence Force's armoury are .303 Lee Enfield rifle and circa (early last century) still in their original packing, unfired. Also, there are World War Two automatic Bren guns, maintained and ready. For what, academic David Capie wonders. Tonga, along with Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu, maintain military or paramilitary forces whose existence, he believes, has no positive rationale, but which often represent a threat to the nations they are... (

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Îles Salomon

The Pacific's First Failed State?

13 February 2003


Bill Morrell's first big case was not long in coming. He arrived in the Solomon Islands from Britain on January 28th to take up the job of police commissioner. Now he is investigating the murder of Sir Frederick Soaki, who had once also been police chief. Sir Frederick was shot dead by a masked gunman while he dined in a restaurant in Auki, on the island of Malaita. He was in a United Nations delegation trying to demobilise the country's "special constables". His murder... (

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Weapons Amnesty in Solomons Ends With Hundreds of High-Powered Arms Still Not Returned

1 June 2002

Associated Press

HONIARA, Solomon Islands — Rebels who stole about 500 military-style weapons from authorities two years ago returned only about 50 of them during a gun amnesty, international monitors said Saturday. Peace monitors said the amnesty, which lasted several weeks and ended at midnight Friday, was a partial success in that nearly 1,650 old or homemade weapons were turned in. "The number of weapons collected is a good sign. Former militants are realizing that the people of... (

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Solomon Islands Weapons Amnesty Ends Today

31 May 2002

ABC News (Australia)

Today is the last day of the Solomon Islands amnesty for former combatants in the country's ethnic war to surrender their weapons. A number of key militia leaders have yet to hand over their guns. Some leaders of the Malaita Eagle Force and the renegade Guadalcanal militant, Harold Keke, have not yet joined the process. However, many others have given up their guns in exchange for a certificate of amnesty. The International Peace Monitoring Team has collected about... (

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New Plan to Recover Weapons

16 April 2002


HONIARA, Solomons Islands — The Solomon Islands Peace Monitoring Council has launched a new campaign to recover guns that are still in the community following the country's two-year ethnic war. The Council has issued a warning to those still holding onto weapons that they could go to prison if they don't surrender their guns by 31 May. The end of May is the latest expiry date of the gun amnesty provided for under the legislation that gave effect to the Townsville... (

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Hell in the Pacific

1 December 2001

Weekend Australian

There has been no bread in Honiara homes this week. The staff of life has been absent from the Solomon Islands' capital after eight former employees turned up at the main baker on Monday with a militia escort demanding money with menaces. The former bakery workers arrived accompanied by members of the Malaita Eagle Force, a militia involved in last year's coup d'etat, carrying bags in which they said were guns and demanding $SBD8000 ($2800) "danger allowance" for... (

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Solomons Agreement Imposes Fake Gun Ban

8 December 2000

ABC News (Australia)

No child in Solomon Islands will be getting a toy gun this Christmas. As part of the Townsville Peace Agreement that has brought the ethnic war in the Solomons to a halt, the Parliament in Honiara has passed a bill banning all imitation firearms. The Firearms and Ammunition Amendment Bill prohibits the manufacture, sale, carriage, possession and use of imitation firearms throughout the Solomons. Solomon Islands Police Minister William Haomae told Parliament the ban... (

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US Weapons Resurface in Solomons

14 June 2000

Associated Press

NGALIBIU, Solomon Islands — The bullets were made for the carbines U.S. soldiers battling Japanese troops in the jungles and mountains of the malaria-ridden island of Guadalcanal — a pivotal battlefield during World War II. Once buried in ammunition dumps around the island, the shells have been dug up and pressed into service in a new conflict: the fighting between Isatabu militants who want to push migrant Malaitans off Guadalcanal, the South Pacific nation's main... (

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A Deal Under Suspicion

6 June 1998

New York Times

The Solomon Islands, a tiny country in the Pacific with 400,000 people, has no army and a police force of barely a thousand (including traffic patrols). But last summer the Government purchased enough equipment to outfit a small combat unit — assault rifles, machine guns, helmets and boots, and two small airplanes — from an American company. At the Pentagon and the United States Customs Service, officials expressed misgivings about the sale, fearing the weapons... (

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