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Indonesian Students Call for a Gun Registry

14 June 2012

Antara News (Indonesia)

JAYAPURA, Papua - The Indonesian Papuan University Students Movement (GMPI) has requested that local police again compile an inventory of gun ownership by civilians in Indonesia's eastern most province of Papua. The security authorities must address security problems by establishing an inventory of firearms ownership in Papua, GMPI Chairman Habelino S Sawaki said here Thursday. He made the statement following shooting incidents in Papua during the last few... (

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Warn of Increase in Guns in Papua New Guinea Ahead of Elections

4 May 2012

Pacific Islands News Association (Fiji)

At least three current Members of Parliament from the Enga Province and their people have been amassing guns in preparation for the general elections, the head of the Gutnius Lutheran Church said yesterday. The Gutnius Lutheran Church is based in the Enga Province. "I know them," he said. Bishop David Piso said supporters of the three MPs are saying they are gathering guns to use against their political opponents. "This is very frightening and I am now thinking very... (

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Papua New Guinea MPs Urged to Set Example by Handing In Their Guns

2 May 2012

Pacific Islands News Association (Fiji)

Gun smuggling in Papua New Guinea (PNG) is a multi-million kina business which police are powerless to deal with, Deputy Police Commissioner Simon Kauba says. And he had suggested that parliament implement the recommendations of the guns summit committee to address the problem to some extent. Parliamentarians raised concern last week over the serious issue of firearms build-up in the country, especially in the highlands provinces, on the eve of the national... (

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Pacific Nations Push for Global Arms Trade Treaty to Curb Gun Trade

19 March 2012

ABC News (Australia), Transcript

Every year illicit trade in small arms results in thousands of deaths. Most of them in developing countries, including the Pacific, where the impact of gun violence has been devastating. Now the international community is to meet at the United Nations to finalise the first ever global arms trade treaty. HELEN HAKENA, WOMEN'S RIGHTS CAMPAIGNER: I was seven months pregnant when gunmen came into our village terrorising the entire village community. My house was burnt to... (

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More Rumours, No Evidence of Indonesia-Papua New Guinea Gun Running

19 March 2012

Pacific Islands News Association (Fiji Islands)

There is an arms build-up between Vanimo and Green River in the border areas of West Sepik province, a Papua New Guinea Customs official said. He said intelligence indicated that guns were being smuggled into the country from five locations in Indonesia. While there were customs operations in Vanimo and Wutung, "there is none in Bewani, Imonda, Kembratoro in Amanab and Green River". "These are strategic locations, including open jungle where illegal trade and... (

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Proliferation of Home-Made Guns Out of Control in Papua New Guinea

31 October 2011

Radio New Zealand International (Shortwave)

A member of the Pacific Small Arms Action Group says the proliferation of home-made guns in Papua New Guinea is out of control and requires a multi-agency approach to deal with it. John Toguata, a former PNG police commander and a spokesman for the Coalition Against Gun Violence, says weapon parts are readily accessible in PNG, especially in the Highlands where stockpiles are growing. He wants the government to allocate sufficient funding and resources to reduce the... (

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On Peace Day, UN Notes Papua New Guinea's Gun Control Problems

21 September 2011

Radio New Zealand International (Shortwave)

The United Nations resident co-ordinator to Papua New Guinea, David McLachlan-Karr, says gun control in the country is a matter of urgency. Marking International Day of Peace, Mr McLachlan-Karr, says PNG is no stranger to conflict, with competition over land, resources and local political tensions often leading to violence. He says the most affected by fighting are very often the most vulnerable - the women, children and the elderly - who are least able to defend... (

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Papua New Guinea Island Authorities Powerless to Deal With Illegal Guns

25 April 2011

ABC News (Australia)

Recently we reported on the stalled efforts to dispose of the weapons that fuelled the decade-long civil war on the island of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea. Ten years after a peace agreement ended the conflict, hundreds, possibly thousands of weapons are still in the hands of former combatants and criminals. Bougainville's government says it doesn't have the money or expertise to solve the problem and has called for international help. The issue's importance has... (

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Papua New Guinea Gun Culture Threatens Security in Run-up to Elections

6 April 2011

IRIN (UN News)

PORT MORESBY - The proliferation and use of illegal guns in Papua New Guinea (PNG) is threatening security ahead of parliamentary elections slated for June 2012, and causing misery and trauma to gun crime victims, says the government. The police, the PNG Electoral Commission and the Inter Department Election Committee (IDEC), a government body overseeing election preparations, are aware of the risks in the run-up to and during the elections. "We are very much aware of... (

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Gun Runners Pose 'Major Security Concern' in Fragile Papua New Guinea

4 March 2011

Torres News (Queensland)

The police commander of Papua New Guinea's Western Province says high-powered weapons are regularly being smuggled into the country from the Torres Strait in exchange for drugs. Commander Peter Philip says not enough is being done to prevent the illegal trade in arms ranging from high-powered, semi-automatic weapons to small arms and shot-guns. Two weeks ago, a man who attempted to smuggle three firearms from Saibai Island to Daru has been sentenced to 18 months in... (

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Claim: Indonesia, Australia Sources of Gun Running to Papua New Guinea

21 February 2011

BBC Monitoring Asia Pacific / National (Port Moresby)

Western law enforcement authorities have raised concerns about arms smuggling into the province from Australia and Indonesia, saying it is a threat to national security. Provincial Police Commander Peter Philip said his men had confiscated arms ranging from high-powered semi-automatic weapons to small arms and shotguns. He also raised concerns that Operation Sunset Merona refugees had been flown into East Arwin refugee camp without consultations with provincial... (

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Gun Violence Seen as Sign of Growing Disparity in Papua New Guinea

28 October 2010

Radio New Zealand International (Shortwave)

A spokesperson for Papua New Guinea's Coalition Against Gun Violence says the proliferation of guns in the community is symptomatic of a growing social disparity. There are calls for action amid fears the presence of guns could undermine development projects. A former senior police officer, John Toguata, was part of the gun control committee, which toured the country several years ago garnering people's views on what to do about guns, but so far the government hasn't... (

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Drinking PNG Policeman Opens Cell, Shoots, Kills Imprisoned Teen

26 October 2010

ABC News (Australia)

A 15-year-old boy is dead after being shot several times by a policeman while in custody in Papua New Guinea. The teenager was arrested last Friday after the armed robbery of a store in Popondetta. Local reports say the arresting officer was drinking with the store's owner yesterday when he armed himself with a rifle and went to the police station. Reports say he then got into the cell where the 15-year-old was being detained and shot him several times at close... (

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Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée,Nouvelle Zélande,Océanie,Australie

Lack of Legislation Leaves Pacific, NZ Wide Open to Illegal Arms Trading

20 October 2010

ABC News (Australia), Transcript

A new report on illegal arms trading has singled out New Zealand as an example of a country where weaknesses in company law allow the trade to proliferate. The report, Brokers without Borders, by the international aid organisation Oxfam, draws on the example of a shipment of conventional weapons that was intercepted in Thailand en route from North Korea to Iran in December last year. It transpired that the plane chartered to carry the illegal shipment had been leased... (

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Papua New Guinea: Minister Must Clear Air on Guns Purchase

6 October 2010

Transparency International

Transparency International PNG (TIPNG) Chairman Peter Aitsi, is calling on the CS Minister Hon. Tony Aimo to fully disclose the commitments made in relation to the K9m firearm purchase from Australian firearms manufacturer Metal Storm. TI PNG is making this call after the Minister and Commissioner's media statement in the daily papers (Monday 04/10/2010) seems to be contradicted by an official press release from Metal Storm that says a purchase contract was signed by... (

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Government Blamed for Death, Lack of Gun Control in Papua New Guinea

5 July 2010

Post-Courier (Port Moresby)

Post-Courier reporter Sent Timbi was laid to rest at his village, Puntpulg, yesterday amidst a cry for strict gun control and an attack on Government failure in addressing illegal firearms by leaders. Mr Timbi was allegedly gunned down by relative and Yamka coffee businessman Dokta Maip and his son David on the previous weekend near his village in Ogulbeng, outside Mt Hagen. During an emotional burial ceremony, lawyer Paulus Kunai and businessman Michael Makop, who... (

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PNG Police Commissioner Approved 'Smuggled' Assault Weapons

4 November 2009

ABC Radio Australia (Shortwave)

Papua New Guinea's Police Commissioner, Gari Baki, says he authorised the importation of illegal firearms seized by Customs officials at Jacksons international airport, Port Moresby, last month. PNG customs officials seized four high-powered assault rifles and a nine millimetre semi-automatic pistol from a passenger on an Air Niugini flight from the Philippines. The passenger claimed he was working for an arms dealer. But PNG Customs officials maintain the... (

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PNG Police Boss 'Forgot' Signing Import Permit for Assault Rifles, Pistol

30 October 2009

National (Port Moresby), Editorial

We are flabbergasted by Police Commissioner Gari Baki's attitude towards the high-powered guns which Customs seized at the Jackson International Airport over the weekend. First he said he was not aware of having signed any approvals for the importation of the weapons. Later, he reversed his statement to say he remembered approving the importation of the gun. He promised to do something about it as soon as he has seen the Customs report on the issue. Read together,... (

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PNG Police Commissioner Admits Approving Assault Weapon Imports

29 October 2009

National (Port Moresby)

Confusion surrounds the ownership and importation of an assortment of deadly weapons that were confiscated by Customs officials from a man coming from the Philippines on an Air Niugini flight into Port Moresby. On Sunday at 5am, Customs officers seized four high-powered Colt assault rifles and a semi-automatic Glock 9mm pistol from the man after he disembarked PX011. Customs officials believed the import and luggage declaration documents held by the man were not in... (

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Illegal Assault Rifles Seized from Club Shooter at Port Moresby Airport

28 October 2009

National (Port Moresby)

Four high-powered Colt assault rifles, designed for military use, and a 9mm Glock semi-automatic pistol were seized by Customs officers from a passenger arriving from the Philippines on Sunday morning at Jackson International Airport. Two assault rifle parts were also found in the man's luggage. The man (named) claimed he was transporting the weapons for a licenced arms dealer, but Customs officers say the man is no longer employed by the firm. "It is very unlikely... (

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