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Nouvelles sur les armes à feu

Amérique centrale,Honduras,Nicaragua,Salvador,Guatemala,Costa Rica,Panama

Central America: Civilians Armed to the Teeth

4 December 2001

Inter Press Service

SAN JOSE — There are more than two million illicit small arms and light weapons circulating in Central America, a region of 35 million, authorities and civil society organisations warned at a regional conference running Monday through Wednesday in the Costa Rican capital. The government of Costa Rica and the non-governmental Arias Foundation for Peace and Human Progress expressed their concern over the large number of firearms still in the hands of civilians, a... (

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Panama Becomes Bazaar for Central American Weapons

18 April 2000


PANAMA CITY — Guns for cash or guns for drugs: Panama has become an arms bazaar for South American guerrillas and narcos looking to stock up on grenade launchers, high explosives or just plain machine guns. And officials say it is unlikely that Panama's hard-pressed border patrol will be able to do anything soon to stem the flow of weapons from formerly civil war-ravaged Central America to the hungry embrace of Colombian or Peruvian rebels. Panama's borders are "an... (

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