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Brazilian Gun Industry Seeks New Markets: Africa and Asia [PT]

27 January 2012

Publica (Brazil)

[Translated summary: With the support of the Ministries of Defence and Foreign Affairs, Brazilian gun manufacturers seek new markets in countries with a history of human rights violations: Tunisia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Philippines and Yemen. Brazil is among the six countries in the world with annual exports exceeding $ 100 million, according to recent research from Small Arms Survey. According to the Army, responsible for supervising and controlling exports from 2005 to... (

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Indonesian Police Arrest 7 Suspects for Smuggling Assault Rifles

6 July 2011

San Francisco Chronicle / AP

JAKARTA, Indonesia -- Indonesia's anti-terrorism squad has arrested seven suspects for allegedly smuggling assault rifles into the country from the Philippines. National police spokesman Untung Yoga Ana said Wednesday the men were rounded up this week in separate raids in the capital, Jakarta, and other cities on the main island of Java. They are accused of smuggling firearms and hundreds of rounds of ammunition from the Philippines via the Malaysian town of... (

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Malaysian Man Sentenced to Life in Prison for Trafficking Two Firearms

29 June 2011

Star Online (Malaysia)

KUALA LUMPUR - A former mechanic was sentenced to life imprisonment by the High Court after he pleaded guilty to two counts of trafficking in firearm. Abdul Aziz Buang, 38, who is currently serving a five-year jail term for firearm possession, was calm when Justice Ghazali Cha handed down the sentence yesterday. Justice Ghazali also ordered Abdul Aziz to receive six strokes of the rotan for each of the two offences. The judge said he viewed the offences very... (

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Malaysian Ex-assemblyman & Female Assistant Dead by Gunshot in Car

3 August 2010

Malay Mail (Kuala Lumpur)

KUALA LUMPUR (Update 21:30)- As investigations continue into the death of former Selangor assemblyman Datuk Abdul Aziz Mohd Noh and Tanjung Karang Wanita Umno vice-chief Siti Rohana Ismat, police have not ruled out the probability that one of them had shot the other. Selangor police chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar said initial investigations showed that the shots were fired from inside the car they were travelling in and that there was no other person in the vehicle at... (

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Malaysia Escapes UN Censure After Officials Scrap Arms Sale to Burundi

10 December 2009

Malay Mail (Malaysia)

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - An attempt by a local company to export some 30,000 assault rifles to Burundi, worth more than RM200 million, nearly caused Malaysia to be censured by the United Nations Security Council, if not for the prompt action by Malaysian officials at the UN body. The Malay Mail learnt that officials from the Permanent Mission of Malaysia to the UN in New York had managed to assure the world body that the Malaysian government had not sanctioned the deal... (

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Man Spends 16 Years in Malaysian Prison for Firearm Possession

12 October 2009

New Straits Times (Malaysia)

PUTRAJAYA — Describing it as an unusual case, the Court of Appeal on Monday ordered a fresh trial for a former security guard who was sentenced to life imprisonment and given six strokes of the rotan in a firearms case in Johor Baharu, 16 years ago. The court quashed the conviction on Abdul Rahim Itap after hearing that there were no grounds of judgment from the Sessions Court and the High Court involved in his case, as both judges had passed away. Defence counsel... (

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Submachine Gun Cache Found in Malaysia Included Unused Weapons

8 July 2009

New Straits Times (Malaysia)

IPOH — Some of the firearms recovered by police near the North-South Expressway in Bercham have never been used, said Perak police chief Datuk Zulkifli Abdullah. To date, police believe that the cache of weapons and ammunition had not been used in any crime, he said after the monthly assembly at the state police contingent headquarters yesterday. On May 24, workers of a cement factory found two bags in the bushes near the factory, containing six submachine guns,... (

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Malaysia Probes Political, Crime Links to Illegal Submachine Gun Cache

27 May 2009

New Straits Times (Malaysia)

KUALA LUMPUR — A cache of weapons and ammunition found in Bercham, Perak, on Sunday night could be linked to the chaotic political situation in the state, police say. This is one of the possibilities police are probing, besides the possibility of the cache being used for criminal or militant activities. What is certain, though, is that the weapons and ammunition were brought in from a neighbouring country. Checks revealed that the cache was not from the armoury of... (

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Cop Took His Handgun Home, 15yr-old Son Shot His Mother in Malaysia

27 November 2008

New Straits Times (Malaysia) / Bernama

SUNGAI BULOH — A policeman who brought home his service pistol, which resulted his 15-year-old son allegedly shooting his mother, did not contravene procedures. Deputy Gombak police chief Superintendent Rosly Hassan said as a detective sergeant in the crimes division, the policeman was permitted to take his gun home. "His action (in taking the gun home) was not wrong. Any action to be taken against the policeman would depend on the police disciplinary board," he... (

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Assault Rifle, Handguns Seized in Malaysian Robbery, Drug Gang Sweep

20 April 2008

New Straits Times (Malaysia)

KUALA LUMPUR — Police scored two major successes over the past 48 hours, including solving the RM3.5 million robbery outside the main terminal building of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport earlier this month. Five men were arrested in Johor on Friday in connection with the April 9 heist which saw five people wounded in a shoot-out with the robbers. Sources said firearms were seized from the five men. However, it is not known if any of the money, some S$1.5... (

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Two Malaysian Police Lose Submachine Gun, Revolver in Daylight Robbery

3 October 2006

Sun Media (Malaysia)

PETALING JAYA — Four men assaulted two policemen on crime prevention patrol in Taman Petaling Utama, Old Klang Road and escaped with their firearms — an MP5 automatic rifle and a revolver. In the incident which occurred about 10.45am Friday, the men escaped on two motorcycles when one of the policemen collapsed in a semi-concious state on Jalan PJS 1/51. However, about four hours later, a man in his 20's surrendered himself at the district police... (

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Malaysian Shop Guard Drops Shotgun, Shoots 3 Supermarket Patrons

31 August 2006

Deutsche Presse-Agentur

KUALA LUMPUR — Three shoppers, including two Vietnamese workers, were shot in the leg by stray bullets when a Malaysian security guard at a popular mall accidentally dropped his shotgun, reports said Friday. The guard, 24, had been loading his shotgun early Thursday when the weapon slipped and fell to the ground. The impact resulted in the firing of several pellets which hit the two Vietnamese workers and a 42-year old man in their legs, the New Straits Times... (

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Malaysian Gun Owners Up in Arms Over Medical Fitness Licensing Fee

1 July 2006

Daily Express (Sabah)

SANDAKAN — Some 100 senior citizens who are gun owners are up in arms over the high medical check-up fee imposed by the hospital. Parti Keadilan Rakyat (Keadilan) district chief, Philip Lee Tze Ting said he received numerous complaints from gun owners who were upset over rates. Previously, it was learnt that they only had to pay RM1 for the check-up but after the new rates was introduced they now have to pay RM100 per check-up. Lee, however, said the renewal fee... (

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32 Arrested After Syndicate Steals, Smuggles Guns from Malaysian Navy

2 May 2006

Star (Kuala Lumpur)

KUALA LUMPUR — A syndicate that smuggled and sold firearms from the Royal Malaysian Navy's armoury in Lumut has been busted. Thirty-two suspects, including 15 army personnel, have been arrested over the last three months and more than 20 others detained under the Emergency Ordinance. Sources familiar with the investigations said that even the buyer of the weapons, who fled to China following the crackdown by the police and the navy, has been recently repatriated... (

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Malaysian Naval Personnel Charged With Theft of Assault Rifles, Grenades

20 February 2006

Malay Mail

Four men, including two Royal Malaysian Navy personnel, are expected to be charged with smuggling and possession of firearms, grenades and live ammunition. Sources told The Malay Mail that the two Navy personnel are attached to the Lumut naval base's ammunition and explosive depot, where the theft was reported. The first three suspects are expected to be charged at the Alor Star magistrate's court this morning for smuggling Steyr assault rifles, hand grenades and live... (

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Malaysian Man Arrested for Making and Selling Shotguns

17 February 2006

Borneo Bulletin (Brunei)

BINTULU — A 35-year-old man from Kampung Jepak, who had been making shotguns in his residence, was picked up by the police on Monday. Police believed there were at least 12 people who had purchased the guns from the man over the last two years. "We are now appealing to all those shotgun owners to surrender their weapons to the police and assist us in the investigation," said a senior police yesterday. It was also learnt that the police raided a house in Kampung... (

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Armoury Break-in: Guns Recovered, Police Arrested, Case Solved

4 December 2005

New Straits Times (Kuala Lumpur)

KUALA LUMPUR — At 7.15am yesterday, guns and bullets were found missing from a police armoury in Terengganu. Before dawn today, they were recovered. The 21 guns and 596 bullets were found in a bag placed in front of the police station in Lubok China, Malacca, some 600km from the scene of the crime. In less than 24 hours, three men were picked up in connection with the theft at the police General Operations Force camp at Kubang Badak. Two of them are policemen... (

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Weapons Cache, Assault Rifles Stolen from Army

4 December 2005

Australian (Sydney)

KUALA LUMPUR — Some 21 firearms, including Steyr rifles and hundreds of rounds of ammunition have gone missing from a police camp in Malaysia, the official Bernama news agency has reported. The weapons were missing from a camp in Gong Badak just outside Kuala Terengganu, capital of the eastern state of Terengganu, it said. Terengganu police chief Hussein Ismail said police had received a report of the missing firearms. "We are investigating it … and we are still... (

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Are Police Guns Necessary? Some Countries Say No

24 January 2005

Star (South Africa)

When a Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry enforcement officer fired his gun in self-defence and wounded a VCD peddler and a bystander in Penang on Jan 13, there was public outcry for regulation on the use of firearms. Various quarters called for the use of guns to be limited to police personnel. But even policemen don't always carry guns when on duty. In countries such as Belgium, China and New Zealand, only special operatives are issued firearms, alongside... (

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Reintroduce Police Truncheon, Reduce Gun Use

16 January 2005

New Straits Times (Malaysia)

The proposal to re-introduce truncheons for policemen has been well-received. A member of the Royal Commission on the Police Force, Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim, said it concerned "the principle of proportionality". Guns should be used only when necessary, he said. "Policemen prevent crimes from happening. You don't need an arsenal of weapons to do this. Likewise, you don't chase a snatch thief with a gun. "An armed robbery is a different story. Guns may be... (

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