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Guns for Hire and Bullets for Cheap, Says Malaysian Crime Watchdog

5 August 2013

Yahoo News (Singapore) / Malay Mail

PETALING JAYA — Guns are rented out for less than a night's stay at a local five-star hotel while bullets are sold cheaper than a bottle of water, crime watchdog MyWatch co-founder S. Gobi Krishnan alleged yesterday as the nation continues to be stunned by the proliferation of shootings. Yesterday, a 44-year-old businessman was shot dead in a drive-by shooting in Kota Kinabalu, bringing the number of gun-related incidents to eight in as many days — including a... (

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Malay Police Using New Ballistics System to Trace Crime Guns

2 August 2013

New Straits Times (Malaysia)

KUALA LUMPUR - Police are conducting a massive ballistics and gun-matching exercise to narrow down the leads in shooting cases that have seen a surge in recent months. The force recently acquired the Integrated Ballistics Identification System (IBIS) to analyse bullets and guns and is rapidly building up a comprehensive database. This means that investigators will be able to compare ballistics evidence gathered at crime scenes and from criminals against the central... (

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15-Year Old Suspected Gun Runners Detained in Malaysia, 2 Guns Seized

21 July 2013

New Straits Times (Malaysia)

KOTA BARU - Police today seized two pistols and detained three people including a 15-year-old boy and a woman in a raid at a house in Kampung Bunut Susu, Pasir Mas near here. Besides the American-made Colt Super Automatic .22 calibre Magnum and a French-made Modele Mikros, the team also found a fake pistol Baby 111-CAPA 3.8 model, a plastic packet containing three pyschotropic pills, a taser gun, two empty magazines and a magazine with four bullets in it. Kelantan... (

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Malay School Teacher Shot Dead at Traffic Lights

18 July 2013

New Straits Times (Malaysia)

KULIM - A secondary school teacher was killed after being shot nine times at point blank range by an unidentified gunman in Kulim here today. The victim, K. Shanmugam, 45, from Taman Bidara was travelling in his silver Toyota Wish when he stopped at a red light near Simpang Empat Keladi here. A witness who wanted to be known as Mat Lin said in the 12.20pm incident, two men on a black Yamaha LC motorcycle approached the left side of the vehicle before one of them... (

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Brazil Named Fourth Top Arms Exporter in the World [PT]

8 July 2013

Tribuna Hoje (Brazil)

[Translated summary - A new Small Arms Survey report shows Brazil is ranked the fourth biggest arms exporter in the world. In 2010, Brazil exported $326 million (£736 million) in arms and ammunition, behind the United States of America, Germany, and Italy. Most of the exported weapons go to the United States, Malaysia, Germany, Estonia and Singapore.] O Brasil ocupa a 4ª posição no ranking de maiores exportadores de armamentos do mundo, segundo documento divulgado... (

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Only $4 to Buy a Gun in Malaysia, Cops Say Smuggling is 'Rampant'

7 July 2013


MALAYSIA - The abolition of Malaysia's Emergency Ordinance in 2011 has put many former detainees on the streets, and some of them are selling guns to criminals. A former gangster told The Star that it is easy for someone to buy a gun by working with former criminals who have links with illegal firearm suppliers in the Malaysian-Thai border town of Sungai Golok. The 40-year-old from Seremban, who didn't want to be named, said these former detainees returned to their... (

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Malaysian Man Charged Over Unlicensed Gun, Ammunition

21 June 2013

Sun Daily (Malaysia)

KUALA LUMPUR - An unemployed man pleaded not guilty to two charges, one of possessing an unlicensed pistol and another for possessing live bullets at the sessions court here earlier today. Ng Yim Kead, 52 claimed trial to a charge of possessing a black nine-millimetre calibre Beretta USA Corp 92PS pistol that was found in a Mercedes Benz he was driving at about 11.30pm on June 13. He allegedly committed the offence under Section 8 of the Firearms (Increased Penalties)... (

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Officials Seize 8 Imitation Guns Illegally Imported to Malaysia

19 June 2013

Borneo Post

IPOH - Perak Customs seized eight imitation firearms which were imported without permit, at the General Post Office here on Saturday. State Customs Department director Datuk Mohd Nasir Said said during an inspection carried out by a Customs team at about noon, they seized among others an imitation M16 gun, MP5, air rifle, Glock and automatic Colt 45 pistols. "The five high quality imitation firearms were estimated to be worth RM2,043.90 and duties involved amounted to... (

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Malay Officials say Illegal Airsoft Guns Easily Available Online

19 June 2013

Star (Malaysia)

PETALING JAYA - Airsoft guns are fast gaining popularity in Malaysia, especially among those who enjoy tactical wargames. Airsoft weapons are new generation BB (bird bullet) guns, a type of air-powered gun designed to shoot projectiles. The AEG (airsoft electric gun) and accessories are sold together with other military-like gears and tactical equipment that come complete with holsters and military-like outfits including boots. They can be easily bought online... (

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Gun Smuggling and Renting are Rising Problems in Malaysia say Police

15 May 2013

Asia One (Singapore)

KUALA LUMPUR - An influx of cheap weapons coming through our porous borders from neighbouring countries has led to a rise in gun-toting criminals and assassins for hire. Police say there are more than 200 jalan tikus or hidden entry points along the border which syndicates use to smuggle in the guns. The firearms are believed to be from the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia. According to Federal CID director Comm Datuk Seri Mohd Bakri Zinin, who announced the... (

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Gun, Ammo and Drugs Seized in Malaysia

14 March 2013

Malay Mail (Kuala Lumpur)

GEORGE TOWN - A 61-year-old man and his son and daughter-in-law have been detained by police for suspected involvement in using their pre-war house as a drug processing laboratory and for possession of firearms. A gun, handgrenade and several rounds of ammunition were seized together with drug processing apparatus and an assortment of drugs from the colonial shophouse in Jalan Patani. The man and his son and daughter-in-law, both in their 30s, were said to have used... (

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Malaysian Journalist Dies in Lebanon Gun Accident

4 February 2013

New Straits Times (Malaysia)

KUALA LUMPUR - A Malaysian journalist was killed in a firearm accident in Lebanon on Saturday. Claudia Theophilus, 42, who worked as a web producer with Al-Jazeera English news agency, died after a rifle - which she was looking at, went off accidentally about 2.30am (8.30am Malaysian time). The incident happened in Baakleen - 45km from Beirut. Malaysian ambassador to Lebanon Ilango Karuppannan said Theophilus died shortly after she arrived at a general hospital in... (

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Malaysian 'Sect' Leader Charged Over Imitation Guns, Swords

29 January 2013

Star (Malaysia)

JASIN - A man believed to be the leader of an alleged deviant sect claimed trial at the Magistrate's court here Tuesday to two separate charges of possessing a cache of dangerous weapons and imitation firearms. Mohd Jaffar Robani, 46, was alleged to have in his possession 29 swords, 11 machetes, three knives and a spear. He faced charges under Section 7(1)(a) of the Corrosive, Explosive and Dangerous Weapons Act 1958, which carries a two-year jail sentence and fine of... (

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Malaysia Cop Acquitted of Fatal Youth Car-Chase Shooting in Appeal

5 December 2012

New Strait Times (Malaysia)

SHAH ALAM - Police corporal Jenain Subi was acting within the scope of his duties when he opened fire at the Proton Iswara driven by teenager Aminulrasyid Amzah two years ago. The High Court found that Jenain had only answered was only doing his duty when he tried to stop a speeding vehicle. Judge Datuk Abdul Rahman Sebli said this yesterday before acquitting Jenain after allowing his appeal against his conviction and sentence of five years' jail for causing the... (

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Gun Crime Doubles in Thailand, Authorities Blame Smuggling, Corruption

21 October 2012


Twenty school children surround a city bus in central Bangkok. Some get on to confront a 16-year-old from a rival school and, within moments, he is shot dead. Similar altercations have become a focus of public attention, with shootings affecting seemingly ordinary folk. In one incident at a busy intersection, a computer repairman shot dead two people and took a third hostage. Witnesses said it resembled a scene from a Hollywood blockbuster. A tourist haven and... (

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Malaysia Authorities Blame Smuggling for Rise in Gun Crime

10 October 2012

Bangkok Post

The Malaysian home minister is blaming smuggling along the Thai-Malaysian border for the rise in the number of illegal firearms seized in Malaysia. According to the Malaysian newspaper New Straits Times, Home Minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said smuggling across the border was one of the reasons behind the increase in the use of firearms in the country. From January 2010 to August 2012, a total of 202 cases of robbery with firearms were reported, while there were... (

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Calls for Higher Enforcement of Gun Laws, Ending Smuggling

18 September 2012

New Strait Times

Crimes involving firearms are becoming too commonplace these days. Consider the following incidents, as reported in the last few weeks: Aug 9 Robbers shot at a victim who chased them at Pandan Perdana after robbing him of a handphone and some cash; Aug 25 A robber, armed with an automatic pistol, struck at a jewellery shop in Jalan Datuk Bandar Tunggal, Seremban; Aug 26 Mat Keya Jusoh, a coffee shop owner, was shot dead in a drive-by shooting in Kampung Bukit... (

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Southeast Asian Nations Meet in Cambodia to Strengthen Small Arms Control

29 March 2012


PHNOM PENH -- The ASEAN security officials gathered here on Wednesday to seek effective measures for cooperation to prevent disasters caused by illegal arms smuggling and trafficking, said Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sar Kheng. Speaking at the opening ceremony of the three-day ASEAN workshop on Small Arms, Light Weapons and Unexploded Ordnances Control, Sar Kheng said the meeting was very important to identify effective measures for... (

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Pakistan Has Achieved Self Sufficiency in Small Arms and Ammunition

5 March 2012

Indian Defence Review

After partition, Pakistan did not inherit any military production facilities. In 1951, the Pakistan Ordnance Factory was established at Wah cantonment to produce small arms, ammunition and explosives. After 1965, Pakistan, apart from shifting its overwhelming arms supplies reliance from the US to China and other western countries like France; also began to concentrate on expanding its defence production facilities. In this, it received effusive assistance from... (

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Brazilian Gun Industry Seeks New Markets: Africa and Asia [PT]

27 January 2012

Publica (Brazil)

[Translated summary: With the support of the Ministries of Defence and Foreign Affairs, Brazilian gun manufacturers seek new markets in countries with a history of human rights violations: Tunisia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Philippines and Yemen. Brazil is among the six countries in the world with annual exports exceeding $ 100 million, according to recent research from Small Arms Survey. According to the Army, responsible for supervising and controlling exports from 2005 to... (

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