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Nouvelles sur les armes à feu


Gunman Targeted Family

16 October 2002

Scotsman (Edinburgh)

A security guard armed with several guns shot dead his former wife and six other relatives and neighbours before killing himself in a northern Italian town, police said. The bodies of three men and five women were found in adjacent apartments in Chieri, a suburb of Turin, said Col Filippo Ricciarelli, of the Carabinieri paramilitary police in Turin. Reports identified the gunman as Mauro Antonello, 40, a gun collector. Col Ricciarelli said police found a number of... (

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Gun Collector Wipes Out Family

16 October 2002

Telegraph (UK)

A man with a passion for guns killed seven people in a northern Italian suburb yesterday before turning one of his three firearms on himself. When police arrived at a villa outside Chieri, near Turin, they found eight corpses — four men and four women, including the killer's estranged wife, Carla. Mauro Antonello, 40, a builder, took two handguns and a sub-machinegun to his wife's house at 8.45am and shot her as she sat in her car. Decio and Laura Guerra, a retired... (

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Italian Man Kills Seven, Shoots Himself

15 October 2002


CHIERI, Italy — In the latest killings involving families or children to shock Italy, a man went on a rampage Tuesday, shooting dead seven people with three guns before killing himself. It was the third episode of domestic violence in Italy in less than 24 hours, leaving a total of 12 dead and two critically injured. The morning killing spree took place in the tranquil, well-to-do community of Chieri, in hill country outside the northeastern industrial city of... (

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Man in Italy Kills Family, Then Himself

15 October 2002

Associated Press

CHIERI, Italy — A heavily armed man fatally shot his ex-wife and six other relatives and neighbors Tuesday and then killed himself in a rampage that horrified a northern Italian town, police and news reports said. The bodies of three men and five women were found in two adjacent apartments in Chieri, a suburb of the northwestern city of Turin, said Col. Filippo Ricciarelli, of the carabinieri paramilitary police in Turin. Italian news reports identified the... (

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New Gun Rampage Shocks Italy

15 October 2002

CNN Europe

CHIERI, Italy — A heavily armed gunman has shot dead his ex-wife and six other relatives and neighbours in the latest in a spate of killings involving families or children that have shocked Italy. Police said Mauro Antonello, 40, used several weapons to shoot dead his former wife, Carla Bergamin, her mother, his brother-in-law and his wife, as well as three neighbours in Chieri, a suburb of Turin. Antonello, a gun collector, used a revolver, a semi-automatic pistol... (

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Getting With It; Italians Move Toward Protecting Self-defence

7 May 2002

National Review (USA)

Unnoticed by the establishment media in the United States, Italy is taking big steps towards greater protection of fundamental human rights, as it looks to significantly change old laws that have infringed the right of self-defense. In Italy, the Minister of Defense, Antonio Martino, recently announced his support for private gun ownership. "Gun control disarms law-abiding citizens, not criminals," he said. Martino, who was a professor before becoming defense... (

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Italians Pack Heat Against Immigrant Crime Wave (first 12 paragraphs)

25 April 2002


APPIANO GENTILE, Italy — Stefania, a 30-year-old mother of two, lives in a quiet hillside town an hour north of Milan, a leafy area ranked as one of the richest in Italy, if not the whole of Europe. Yet for all her surroundings of bucolic bliss, she doesn't sleep well at night. Sometimes I m scared witless, says Stefania, not wanting to give her surname. I sleep with a gun under my pillow. She's probably not the only one. Sales of handguns have risen sharply in the... (

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Italie,Nations Unies

Dealers in Death

17 July 2001

Mail & Guardian (Johannesburg)

Leonid Minin was celebrating at the Hotel Europa he owned in Cinisello Balsamo outside Milan. There was plenty to toast that balmy night last August. There was the fact that there were four prostitutes and 20g of cocaine to get the party off with a bang. And there was the fact that the millionaire gunrunner had just delivered 113 tonnes of small arms to West Africa from his native Ukraine. An Italian vice squad patrol chanced to stumble upon the party. "The arrest was... (

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Italy Cracks Arms Smuggling Ring

19 April 2001


ROME, Italy — An international arms smuggling ring, which allegedly supplies the Balkans, has been smashed, Italian police have said. Italy's anti-Mafia police said on Thursday they had cracked the ring after a three-year investigation involving police from Europe, Russia and the Ukraine. The network, run by Russian and Ukrainian groups, had allegedly supplied thousands of tonnes of weapons to the Balkans in the early 1990s, especially the Croatian army, when the... (

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Arms Smugglers Used Charity as Cover

4 May 1999

Times (UK)

Italian police yesterday said they had uncovered a Kosovo arms smuggling operation involving lorries disguised as aid agency vehicles and papers forged by Bosnian Muslims sympathetic to the Kosovo Liberation Army. Police and customs officials discovered 30 tonnes of weapons destined for the KLA hidden in lorries bearing a symbol forged to look like that of the Roman Catholic aid agency Caritas. The arms, including grenade-launchers, anti-tank weapons and anti-aircraft... (

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