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UK Minister Calls for International Support on Arms Trade Treaty

17 May 2012

Guardian (UK)

The international arms trade has become the greatest threat to development and has to be controlled by a tough treaty to regulate weapons and munitions sales, a government minister warns. In a speech to the Institute for Strategic Studies thinktank, Alan Duncan, the minister for international development, will urge allies such as the US to set aside their concerns and sign up to the comprehensive arms trade treaty (ATT), which will be hammered out during a month-long... (

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A 'Bulletproof' Arms Trade Treaty Could Slow the Global Flow of Guns

8 March 2012

MediaGlobal News (New York)

Every day, according to Amnesty International, thousands of people are killed, injured, raped, and forced to flee from their homes as a result of armed conflict, armed violence, and human rights violations and abuses perpetrated using conventional arms. As violence continues unchecked around the world, a coalition of humanitarian and health organizations is rallying support for a "bulletproof" global Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), to be discussed in July, that would stymie... (

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UN Urges Asian Nations to Help Curb Global Trade in Illegal Guns

6 March 2012

Jakarta Post

The United Nations is urging all nations in the Asia region to implement concrete solutions to stop illegal trading in small arms and light weapons. "Over the past decades, trade has made this region grow so phenomenally. If you are a region where international trade is what makes you tick, you better also make sure that you are seen as doing trade in the right way," UN disarmament affairs official Daniel Prins told reporters on the sidelines of opening the Asian... (

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Pakistan Has Achieved Self Sufficiency in Small Arms and Ammunition

5 March 2012

Indian Defence Review

After partition, Pakistan did not inherit any military production facilities. In 1951, the Pakistan Ordnance Factory was established at Wah cantonment to produce small arms, ammunition and explosives. After 1965, Pakistan, apart from shifting its overwhelming arms supplies reliance from the US to China and other western countries like France; also began to concentrate on expanding its defence production facilities. In this, it received effusive assistance from... (

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Russia Faces a Growing International Outcry over Its Arms Sales to Syria

21 February 2012


MOSCOW/BEIRUT - Russia faces a growing international outcry over its arms sales to Syria but shows no sign of bowing to pressure and has even increased deliveries of arms that critics say are helping keep President Bashar al-Assad in power. The biggest importer of arms to Syria, Russia sold Damascus nearly $1 billion worth of arms including missile systems last year, while shipments of hard-to-track Russian small weapons have risen since the uprising against Assad... (

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Collapse of UN Arms Trade Treaty Talks Narrowly Averted - Reuters

17 February 2012


UNITED NATIONS - Negotiators on Friday narrowly averted the collapse of talks on a world arms trade treaty to regulate the $55 billion global weapons market, agreeing on ground rules for negotiations after days of procedural wrangling. Delegates and advocates for tougher oversight of global arms sales said the agreement set the stage for a monthlong conference in July to draft the treaty. Arms control campaigners say one person every minute dies as a result of armed... (

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Illegal Arms Importation, a Threat to Nigeria's Existence

23 January 2012

Nation (Nigeria), Editorial

A critical factor fuelling the alarming state of insecurity in Nigeria today is the dangerously large number of illegal arms circulating throughout the country. It is with these illegal weapons that sundry criminal elements have unleashed an unprecedented orgy of violence in recent times. In carrying out their dastardly acts, armed robbers, kidnappers, aggrieved militants, perpetrators of ethno-regional and communal conflagration, religious (Boko Haram) zealots,... (

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Civilians Have Easy Access to Illegal Guns in Kurdistan Black Market

3 December 2011

Kurdish Globe (Kurdistan)

Some see their firearms as further protection Twenty years after the Kurdish uprising, civilians still keep guns in their homes. Firearms remain widely accepted by people in a region where possession of unlicensed firearms is considered illegal. A weapon that was once essential for their survival--especially in the 90s--still has not lost its appeal among civilians. Politicians gift guns as a tradition. The gun market located outside of Erbil city is part of some 20... (

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Quebec Woman Charged with Trying to Export Assault Rifle Parts to Lebanon

21 October 2011

National Post (Toronto)

MONTREAL — Young and striking in her black hijab, Mouna Diab was once active in a Quebec youth group that fought discrimination against Muslims by challenging the stereotypes that too often associate them with violence and terror. But the outspoken 26-year-old activist had little to say this week after appearing in a Montreal courtroom to face a charge alleging she had violated a United Nations Security Council arms embargo that prohibits the export of weapons to... (

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Syria's Alawites Go on Arms Shopping Spree

16 October 2011

Jerusalem Post (Israel)

Small arms are increasingly in demand inside volatile Syria, particularly among the country's Alawite minority, who fear they may face retaliation over the revolt against their co-religionist, President Bashar Assad. Most of the weapons are being smuggled in from Lebanon, once an end user of small arms during the country's 15-year civil war that ended in 1990. Today, Lebanon is overflowing with automatic weapons, grenades and hunting rifles, all of which are in demand... (

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Smuggling of Small Arms in Central Asia Is Endemic - British Expert

2 August 2011

Journal of Turkish Weekly (Turkey), Transcript

British intelligence analyst and journalist Richard M. Bennett says the Fergana Valley is extremely vulnerable to the covert smuggling of arms and drugs, despite the official reports of Central Asian governments denying its highlighted status. Mr. Bennett told JTW that Russia has been responsible for an overwhelming amount of illegal arms circulating in ex-Soviet Central Asia. In his view, Russia's military intelligence (GRU) is the mastermind of major trafficking... (

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UN Global Arms Trade Treaty Could Dangerously Weaken US Gun Rights

1 August 2011

Albany Democrat-Herald (Oregon), Editorial

For five years the United Nations has been working on a comprehensive treaty to control the international arms trade. The last preparatory meetings were held in New York on July 11-15, and the organization is preparing the final version to be adopted and released for ratification by the member nations in 2012. The process represents a constitutional threat to Americans with, unfortunately, the support of President Obama. The treaty seeks to control and restrict arms... (

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UN Security Council Reveals New Zealand Role in Global Gun Running

12 November 2010

Stuff (New Zealand)

New Zealand's role in allowing easy shell company creation has been revealed by a UN Security Council report as a key component in efforts by North Korea to break international arms trading sanctions. A 75-page report on North Korea's sanctions busting efforts was released by the council in New York today after its publication was blocked for six months by China, a key ally for North Korea. Written by a panel of experts it also reveals some new details about a... (

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Oxfam Report Details New Zealand's Vulnerability in Global Gun Trade

19 October 2010

New Zealand Press Association

Gaps in New Zealand's company laws that leave the country vulnerable to illegal arms traders need to be addressed urgently, an Oxfam report says. The report, Brokers without Borders, was released yesterday and highlighted the need for a global arms trade treaty. It holds New Zealand up as an example of how illicit arms brokers continue to use international networks of companies to exploit regulatory gaps, when detailing an incident last December when a 35-tonne cache... (

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NZ Woman Linked to North Korea-Iran Arms Trafficking, Guilty Plea Tipped

2 September 2010

New Zealand Press Association

A director of a New Zealand firm allegedly linked to arms traffickers reappeared in court today. Lu Zhang, 28, is accused of 75 offences of making false statements in company registration forms after she declared her office address was her residence in 75 companies she registered. She was charged after a plane loads of weapons, including rockets and grenades, from North Korea bound for Iran was seized in Bangkok last year. The Russian-made aircraft was allegedly... (

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Gun Dealer's Stash of Military-style Guns Links Iran, Canada, US, Europe

26 July 2010

Seattle Times

Federal investigators will have six more weeks to solve the mystery of Oliver King. A federal judge in Seattle on Monday postponed the trial of an Iranian-born Canadian citizen caught in the U.S. with a huge stash of military-style firearms and ammunition until Sept. 20 in order to give investigators a chance to sort out the man's mysterious past in Iran, Europe and Canada. Prosecutors in Seattle are working with State Department and law-enforcement officials in... (

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Complex International Web Entangles Weapon Cargo Seized in Thailand

22 January 2010

Associated Press

SHYMKENT, Kazakhstan - The trail of the plane seized in Thailand last month for reportedly smuggling North Korean weapons to Iran leads back to a small air freight company housed near an old Soviet airfield on the edge of the Kazakh steppe. The aging Russian plane's odyssey took it through a web of companies, financiers and air cargo carriers with addresses stretching from New York through the Persian Gulf to New Zealand, an Associated Press investigation has... (

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Michigan Firm to Remove 'Bible Code' from Weapon Sold to Kill Muslims

21 January 2010

New York Times

Bowing to Pentagon concerns and an international outcry, a Michigan arms company said Thursday that it would immediately stop embossing references to New Testament Scriptures on rifle sights it sells the military. The company, Trijicon Inc., has multimillion-dollar contracts with the Pentagon for advanced telescopic sights that are widely used in Iraq and Afghanistan. Trijicon also said it would provide the Pentagon with 100 free kits to use for removing the lettering... (

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Newspaper Reports 'Alarming, Massive' Gun Smuggling, Trafficking in Iran

16 January 2010

Tehran Times / Khorasan (Iran)

[Iranian newspaper] 'Khorasan' in a report has pointed to the alarming massive gun trafficking into the country. According to the official statistics, compared to the previous year (March 2008–March 2009), the gun smuggling has risen by 10%. According to the statistics published by the national police, most of those who have been arrested on the charges of involvement in the violent crimes have claimed that they have obtained their guns form country's western... (

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US Seizure of Iran-Syria Ammunition Cargo 'Embarrassing' for Germany

12 October 2009

Spiegel (Germany)

US troops boarded a German-owned freighter in early October and found eight containers full of ammunition, allegedly headed to Syria from Iran. The shipment is in violation of a UN weapons embargo and has become a source of chagrin in Berlin. An "embarrassing affair," is how one German diplomat described it. The official could also have added: potentially damaging to trans-Atlantic relations. In an operation reported on by SPIEGEL over the weekend, US soldiers entered... (

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