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Around 90,000 Illegal Guns in Indonesia

18 June 2012

Jakarta Post

With a spike in armed robberies taking place in Greater Jakarta over the past few months, the Jakarta Police are being expected to work harder to cut off the circulation of illegal firearms, a police watchdog group said over the weekend. "The police are very sluggish in cracking down on the spread of illegal guns, while armed robberies occur everyday," Neta S. Pane, chairman of the Indonesian Police Watch (IPW), told The Jakarta Post on Sunday. Neta said that weak... (

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Indonesian Students Call for a Gun Registry

14 June 2012

Antara News (Indonesia)

JAYAPURA, Papua - The Indonesian Papuan University Students Movement (GMPI) has requested that local police again compile an inventory of gun ownership by civilians in Indonesia's eastern most province of Papua. The security authorities must address security problems by establishing an inventory of firearms ownership in Papua, GMPI Chairman Habelino S Sawaki said here Thursday. He made the statement following shooting incidents in Papua during the last few... (

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Uncontrolled Circulation of Guns in Indonesia Jeopardizes Development

22 May 2012

Jakarta Post

The media coverage of an Army officer who brandished his gun in a street quarrel with a motorcycle rider recently raised concerns about the inappropriate use of arms. The circulation of small arms has clearly reached a point that puts development sustainability and security in many countries in the world at risk. The uncontrolled circulation of arms has contributed much to the mounting tension, terrorism or any other security threats to a country, such as what has... (

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Gun Licenses in Indonesia 2010

7 May 2012

Jakarta Globe

Indonesia's National Police will continue to grant civilians gun permits, despite calls from lawmakers for stricter gun regulations after a series of headline-grabbing reports cast doubt on public safety. The National Police have issued more than 25,000 gun permits to civilians since 2009, not counting the 10,154 permits for guns that fire rubber bullets and 5,810 permits for airsoft guns, according to National Police spokesman Ins. Gen. Saud Usman Nasution. Critics... (

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Indonesian Lawmaker Urges Ban on Firearm Ownership by Civilians

7 May 2012

Jakarta Post

People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) deputy speaker Lukman Hakim Saifuddin is urging the National Police to take back all firearms they have granted to civilians, including members of the House of Representatives (DPR). "People get easily angered. They can get really emotional over trivial matters," Lukman said on Sunday as quoted by, adding it was economic hardship that likely had made them more "sensitive". "Imagine this: Even the most well-trained... (

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Gun Permits Still Issued too Frequently in Indonesia

7 May 2012

Jakarta Globe

Indonesia's National Police will continue to grant civilians gun permits, despite calls from lawmakers for stricter gun regulations after a series of headline-grabbing reports cast doubt on public safety. The National Police have issued more than 25,000 gun permits to civilians since 2009, not counting the 10,154 permits for guns that fire rubber bullets and 5,810 permits for airsoft guns, according to National Police spokesman Ins. Gen. Saud Usman Nasution. Critics... (

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Tighter Gun Control Laws Demanded in Indonesia

7 May 2012

Jakarta Post

Tighter gun-controls are being demanded by politicians and activists following a spike in firearm-related violence across the country. Poengky Indarti, executive director of human rights watchdog Imparsial, urged the government and the House of Representatives to work together to change the firearms policy. "Both should amend the law on the control of firearms and explosive, audit all firearm possession in the country and strengthen supervision and control," she said.... (

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Armed Civilians in Public Places Highlight Gun Misuse in Indonesia

5 May 2012

Jakarta Post

The House of Representatives plans to summon National Police chief Gen. Timur Pradopo in the near future in the wake of a series of incidents involving armed civilians in public places, a lawmaker has said. A member of House's Commission III overseeing legal, human rights and security affairs, Sarifuddin Sudding, said the meeting would be carried out soon after the currently ongoing recess period ends on May 13. "We will demand National Police chief explain why there... (

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Southeast Asian Nations Meet in Cambodia to Strengthen Small Arms Control

29 March 2012


PHNOM PENH -- The ASEAN security officials gathered here on Wednesday to seek effective measures for cooperation to prevent disasters caused by illegal arms smuggling and trafficking, said Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sar Kheng. Speaking at the opening ceremony of the three-day ASEAN workshop on Small Arms, Light Weapons and Unexploded Ordnances Control, Sar Kheng said the meeting was very important to identify effective measures for... (

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More Rumours, No Evidence of Indonesia-Papua New Guinea Gun Running

19 March 2012

Pacific Islands News Association (Fiji Islands)

There is an arms build-up between Vanimo and Green River in the border areas of West Sepik province, a Papua New Guinea Customs official said. He said intelligence indicated that guns were being smuggled into the country from five locations in Indonesia. While there were customs operations in Vanimo and Wutung, "there is none in Bewani, Imonda, Kembratoro in Amanab and Green River". "These are strategic locations, including open jungle where illegal trade and... (

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UN Urges Asian Nations to Help Curb Global Trade in Illegal Guns

6 March 2012

Jakarta Post

The United Nations is urging all nations in the Asia region to implement concrete solutions to stop illegal trading in small arms and light weapons. "Over the past decades, trade has made this region grow so phenomenally. If you are a region where international trade is what makes you tick, you better also make sure that you are seen as doing trade in the right way," UN disarmament affairs official Daniel Prins told reporters on the sidelines of opening the Asian... (

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Pakistan Has Achieved Self Sufficiency in Small Arms and Ammunition

5 March 2012

Indian Defence Review

After partition, Pakistan did not inherit any military production facilities. In 1951, the Pakistan Ordnance Factory was established at Wah cantonment to produce small arms, ammunition and explosives. After 1965, Pakistan, apart from shifting its overwhelming arms supplies reliance from the US to China and other western countries like France; also began to concentrate on expanding its defence production facilities. In this, it received effusive assistance from... (

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Aceh Elections Prompt 'Stern Action' to Curb Private Gun Possession

15 February 2012

Jakarta Post

Widespread armed violence in Aceh ahead of the province's upcoming gubernatorial election has prompted police to take stern actions to curb the possession of illegal arms by civilians. The arms in question are believed to be remnants of Aceh's era of conflict, which have not been handed over in an apparent defiance of the peace pact in the province. In a bid to anticipate armed attacks ahead of the Aceh gubernatorial election, police have issued an ultimatum running... (

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Gun Crime 'New Trend' in Jakarta, 17,000 Illegal Arms in Circulation - Police

15 February 2012

Jakarta Globe

More and more criminals are using guns to perpetrate their crimes, the Jakarta Police said after they confiscated 23 firearms of various makes and models in just a nine-day operation. During the operation, police also arrested 396 people in 386 different cases of robbery, rape and kidnapping. Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Rikwanto said more street criminals were using guns to intimidate their victims. "Using guns in criminal action has become a trend. In the... (

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Brazilian Gun Industry Seeks New Markets: Africa and Asia [PT]

27 January 2012

Publica (Brazil)

[Translated summary: With the support of the Ministries of Defence and Foreign Affairs, Brazilian gun manufacturers seek new markets in countries with a history of human rights violations: Tunisia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Philippines and Yemen. Brazil is among the six countries in the world with annual exports exceeding $ 100 million, according to recent research from Small Arms Survey. According to the Army, responsible for supervising and controlling exports from 2005 to... (

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Concern over Continuing Gun Smuggling between Indonesia, Philippines

14 December 2011

GMA TV News (Manila)

Indonesia's foreign minister, in Manila for an official visit, has expressed concern over the continuing smuggling of firearms between Indonesia and the Philippines, fearing that some of these weapons may end in the hands of terrorists. "Illicit transfer of firearms is certainly one issue that we're keen to address," Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa told reporters, adding that the problem was among the many issues that he raised with Philippine Foreign Affairs... (

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3 Men Charged with Production and Selling of Imitation Guns in China

15 August 2011

China Daily

XIAMEN, Fujian - Three men in East China's Fujian province have been charged with producing and selling imitation guns following a raid on a toy gun factory in Jinjiang city in July. You Zhixian, a publicity officer with Jinjiang public security bureau, said the three suspects surnamed Huang, Ge and Chen had been arrested on suspicion of producing and selling imitation guns that could cause injury. "More than 10,000 imitation firearms were discovered in the factory,"... (

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New Zealand Police Promise Gun Ban for Rugby World Cup Bodyguards

14 July 2011

Stuff (New Zealand)

Foreign bodyguards will be banned from carrying weapons when protecting overseas dignitaries at this year's Rugby World Cup. New Zealand police will assume full responsibility for the protection of visiting heads of state and VIPs at the tournament, which starts two days before the 10th anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks. Visiting security agents were permitted to carry weapons to protect foreign leaders during the 1999 Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation... (

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Indonesian Police Arrest 7 Suspects for Smuggling Assault Rifles

6 July 2011

San Francisco Chronicle / AP

JAKARTA, Indonesia -- Indonesia's anti-terrorism squad has arrested seven suspects for allegedly smuggling assault rifles into the country from the Philippines. National police spokesman Untung Yoga Ana said Wednesday the men were rounded up this week in separate raids in the capital, Jakarta, and other cities on the main island of Java. They are accused of smuggling firearms and hundreds of rounds of ammunition from the Philippines via the Malaysian town of... (

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The Arms Trade Treaty, Several Hurdles Must be Overcome Before 2012

8 June 2011

United Nations News & Commentary

In a three-day meeting organized by the UN Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR) the European Union, and the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, representatives of nearly 30 East Asian and Pacific countries are gathering with regional and international organizations to discuss the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). This is the latest in a series of regional meetings UNIDIR is conducting to develop concrete recommendations on the future Treaty and to assist States with... (

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