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Nouvelles sur les armes à feu


Honduras Adopts Strict Gun Controls

31 March 2000

Newsnight (UK)

Congress in Honduras has approved strict gun controls in an attempt to tackle a crime wave. All high-calibre and automatic weapons will be banned, while other guns will have to be registered. Correspondents say violent crime is one of the biggest problems affecting Honduras, with armed robberies and shootings commonplace. Official figures put the number of weapons in circulation at almost a million-most of which were brought in during the civil... (

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Honduran Congress Will Propose an Exchange of Cash, Food and Tax Rebates for Guns

30 January 2000


TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras — The Honduran Congresswill propose an exchange of cash, food and tax rebates for guns in a bid to remove a million wartime weapons from circulation and reduce violent crime, a legislator said Saturday. Jack Arevalo, a deputy with the ruling Liberal Party, told reporters the disarmament plan would be written into a new law forcing holders of weapons to register their arms. "We will incorporate in the law incentives for handing in weapons:... (

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Honduras Seizes Huge Arms Cache from Army

5 January 1999


TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras — Honduran officials on Tuesday seized a massive illegal arms cache that the army had been storing on behalf of a Cuban-American arms dealer, officials said. Officials confiscated anti-aircraft missiles, explosives and tens of thousands of assault rifles that army officials said were being sold abroad legally under a 1985 contract with a private firm. But prosecutors called the arms depot a blatant violation of the law. "Having these arms is... (

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