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Seized Weapons Are Destroyed in Honduras [ES]

29 July 2014

Diaro Digital (Honduras)

[Translated summary: The Armed Forces of Honduras destroyed 5,000 seized firearms on July 29, 2014.] Las fuerzas armadas de Honduras destruyeron este martes 29 de julio más de cinco mil armas de fuego decomisadas a capturados de crimen organizado en ese país. El comandante Elvin Noé Corea indicó que estas pistolas y fusiles representan un peligro y ayudan a prevenir el crimen y brindar seguridad a la... (

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Gun Thefts From Peru Army Supplies Points to Possible Corruption, Trafficking

3 April 2014

InSight Crime (Bogota)

Authorities in Peru say the majority of arms used by criminal groups are stolen from private owners and security forces, highlighting a common regional phenomenon that is often facilitated by corrupt officials. Specialists consulted by El Comercio said the majority of pistols and shotguns used by criminal groups in Peru were stolen from legitimate owners, rather than acquired through the black market. Authorities reported that 1,767 firearms were declared lost or... (

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Judge, Attorney Gunned Down in Honduras

14 March 2014

Latin American Herald Tribune (Venezuela)

TEGUCIGALPA – A judge and an attorney were fatally shot Friday in separate incidents in different parts of Honduras, bringing to 75 the number of legal professionals slain in the Central American country since 2010, authorities said. Lenin Castañeda, a justice of the peace, was gunned down in front of his home in Tocoa, a city in the Caribbean coastal province of Colon, army Col. Rene Martinez told Radio America. "We don't know who murdered him," the officer said.... (

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Insecurity Fuels Honduras' Illegal Gun Ownership of Over 1 Million

13 February 2014

InSight Crime (Bogota)

Two thirds of the 1.8 million guns in Honduras are reportedly circulating illegally, with the country's geography and high perceptions of insecurity fueling gun ownership. According to newspaper La Tribuna, just 600,000 guns are legally registered, leaving 1.2 million guns in undocumented circulation. The total figure, if accurate, equates to nearly one gun for every four people in the country, with La Tribuna reporting their total estimated value to be $1.8... (

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Over 1 Million Illegal Guns Circulating in Honduras [ES]

11 February 2014

La Tribuna (Honduras)

[Translated summary: New figures suggest there are 1.8 million firearms in Honduras, although only 600,000 of these firearms are legally registered. A former police official says that insecurity is a key reason why citizens are purchasing guns, despite a number of laws aimed at restricting gun ownership.] Cortés, Atlántida, Colón, Copán y Francisco Morazán, concentran la mayor cantidad de armas prohibidas, según trascendió hoy martes. Por cada cuatro... (

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Majority of Legal Guns in El Salvador Traced Back to US [PT]

6 January 2014

Vermelho / El Pais

[Translated summary: Around 60% of legal guns traced in El Salvador originate in the US according to ATF data. The US has a similar tracing system in place with Honduras and Guatemala. 70% of El Salvador's homicides are committed with firearms. Many of these guns are bought legally in America and trafficked to El Salvador.] Cerca de 60% das armas legais rastreadas em El Salvador têm sua origem nos Estados Unidos. O dado, obtido graças a um programa de colaboração... (

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Honduras Police Seized Over 2,000 Firearms in 2013 [ES]

5 January 2014

La Tribuna (Honduras)

[Translated summary: Honduras Police seized over 2,000 last year according to authorities. Firearms offences are subject to penalties of between 6-60,000 lempiras.] JUTICALPA, Olancho - Por diversas causas, los agentes de la Policía Nacional Preventiva decomisaron más de 2,000 armas de fuego el año pasado, confirmó el subcomisionado Gustavo Sánchez, comandante de la Jefatura Departamental Número 115, con asiento en esta ciudad. Agregó que el proceso a seguir... (

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Honduras Won't Debate Gun Control Despite Being World's 'Murder Capital'

19 November 2013

New Republic (USA)

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras — Nearly everyone in Honduras blames drug trafficking for the Central American country's unfortunate distinction of having the world's highest homicide rate - over 91 per 100,000. But in the same breath, nearly everyone in Honduras will also admit, just days away from a landmark general election, that the proliferation of firearms plays a key role in the tragic triumvirate of corruption, trafficking, and violence that's increased here over the... (

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Guatemala Gun Homicide Rate Double World Average: Report

23 October 2013

InSight Crime (Bogota)

A new study has found Guatemala's firearm homicide rate is almost twice the global average, with the violence fuelled by the large number of illegal arms circulating in the country. A new report published by the National Economic Research Center (CIEN) found the rate of homicides linked to firearms in Guatemala over the last decade was 82 percent. This is almost double the global average of 42 percent, and above even Central America's relatively high average of 70... (

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Honduras Authorities Destroy 3,000 Crime Guns

26 September 2013

InfoSurHoy (USA)

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras – The Honduran Army on Sept. 25 destroyed about 3,000 firearms it seized from organized crime groups as part of a program supported by the Organization of American States (OAS), according to Col. Jeremías Arévalo, a spokesperson for the Armed Forces. The weapons, which included pistols, AK-47 rifles, rocket launchers and machine guns, were destroyed with chainsaws in a ceremony that was attended by Honduran Defense Minister Marlon Pascua,... (

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Honduras Destroyed 3,000 Seized Weapons [ES]

24 September 2013

RPP Noticias (Honduras)

[Translated summary: Honduras Armed Forces destroyed 3,000 seized firearms, through a Programme of the Organization of American States (OAS).] El Ejército hondureño destruyó armas de fuego decomisadas al crimen organizado, en el marco de un programa apoyado por la Organización de Estados Americanos (OEA). El Ejército hondureño destruyó unas 3.000 armas de fuego decomisadas al crimen organizado, en el marco de un programa apoyado por la Organización de Estados... (

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Criminal Groups Use Women to Move Guns in Honduras

9 September 2013

InSight Crime (Bogota)

Authorities in Honduras say recent arrests of women transporting weapons indicate they are now being used by criminal groups for arms trafficking, among other tasks, another illustration that the role of women in organized crime is growing in Latin America. According to a Honduran police spokesperson, six women have been arrested in recent days carrying weapons, reported El Proceso. Two of these women were caught September 2, after authorities stopped a bus northwest... (

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Do Stricter Gun Laws Reduce Gun Violence in Latin America?

4 September 2013

InSight Crime (Bogota)

Latin America has some of the highest gun homicide rates in the world, despite certain countries having relatively strict gun control laws, raising the question: to what extent, if any, does tighter legislation help to lower homicide rates and violent crime in the region? The short answer to this question is that there is no clear correlation. A look at six countries with widely differing gun legislation and gun homicide statistics - Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela,... (

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Up to 17 People Dead in Honduras After Drug Gang Shootout

7 August 2013

InSight Crime (Bogota)

Up to 17 people died in a shootout in an isolated drug trafficking hub along Honduras' Mosquitia coast in a clash over 700 kilos of cocaine involving Honduran, Nicaraguan, and Mexican gangs. While the Honduran Ministry of Defense announced they had confirmed the death of four alleged drug traffickers, prosecutors said they had unofficial information showing a total of 17 deaths, among them women and children, reported Proceso Digital. According to the military,... (

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Caribbean Needs to Stem Illegal Trade in Small Arms

23 July 2013

Cayman News Service

The Caribbean's ambassador to the United Nations has said the region needs to address the small arms trade which is causing intense violence in its communities. Speaking at the seventh general meeting of CARICOM and the UN in New York Monday, Irwin Larocque, CARICOM's Secretary-General said citizen security was of paramount concern as the "dimensions of the scourge of crime" increased and the region was plagued by the illegal trade in small arms. The Caribbean is a... (

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Venezuela Experiment: Will a Gun Ban Stop the Murders?

15 July 2013

Lowell Sun (USA)

LIMA, Peru — Besieged by one of the world's highest murder rates, Venezuelans are hoping against hope that new gun controls may finally halt the violent crime wave engulfing their country. The new Disarmament Law will restrict purchases of guns and ammunition to the army, police and the country's booming private security industry. Previously, anyone with a permit could legally buy a gun in Venezuela. Signed into law in June by President Nicolas Maduro and due to... (

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'Iron Fist' Policies Feed Central America Gang Violence: Study

3 July 2013

InSight Crime (Bogota)

Harsh and repressive actions taken against gangs by Central American governments have served to worsen violence, according to the independent research project Small Arms Survey, highlighting the need for policy alternatives. The Small Arms Survey's research director, Anna Alvazzi del Frate, told EFE that attacking gangs and eliminating leaders ends up causing more violence, and that these kinds of "mano dura" - or "iron fist" - policies have failed throughout the... (

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Expert Says Fighting Drugs Generates More Violence in Central America

2 July 2013

Prensa Latina (Havana)

Tegucigalpa - Research director of the organization Small Arms Survey, Anna Alvazzi del Frate, stated today that the policies implemented by some governments in Central America in the fight against drugs generate more violence. She said that anti-gang strategies failed, hence the need to implement peaceful policies to counter crime rates and homicides, which in Honduras and El Salvador are the highest in the world in areas without conflict. In this regard, the expert... (

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Fighting Guns With Graffiti in Honduras

13 June 2013

al Jazeera

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras - It's almost sundown and a small sport utility vehicle glides through one of the most dangerous cities in the world which has been overrun by rival gangs and organised crime. During the drive, dozens of Hondurans are seen making their way home, wary of the time to ensure they get there before dark. The SUV crosses a bridge and parks on the sidewalk, just two blocks away from the capital Tegucigalpa's red-light district. It is here where Urban... (

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80% of Crimes in Honduras Committed with Unregistered Guns

21 May 2013

InSight Crime (Bogota)

According to a Congressional committee that handles public security issues, some 80.5 percent of all crimes in Honduras are committed with unregistered guns, as the country prepares to debate a new set of gun reform laws. A member of the committee told El Heraldo that only 23 percent of the weapons circulating in Honduras are registered. This is slightly lower than a previous estimate released by the Honduran government's human rights commission (CONADEH), which... (

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