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Russian Boy on Trial for Murdering Six in France

4 March 1998


VERSAILLES, France — A Russian teenager went on trial in suburban Paris on Wednesday for the 1995 slaying of six family members and friends, a crime he initially admitted but later blamed on Russian mobsters. The youth, now 19 and identified by judicial authorities only as Alexi P., is accused of using guns from his father's collection to kill his father and stepmother, grandparents and two family friends — all of Russian nationality — after a family... (

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'Burglar' Killed by Police Was in Own Home

1 March 1998

Press Association (UK)

A man shot dead by a police marksman after being mistaken for a burglar with a handgun was in his own flat and armed with a fake gun, it emerged tonight. Michael James Fitzgerald was killed by a single bullet to his chest. Mr Fitzgerald, 32, single and unemployed, was surrounded by four police firearms officers after a member of the public dialled 999 to report a burglary in progress on Thursday. Mr Fitzgerald was spotted struggling to get into his own flat at the... (

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US Shooting Lobby Funds Countryside March

26 February 1998

Independent (UK)

America's shooting and hunting lobby has been bankrolling this weekend's mass march pledged to save the British country way of life. The Duke Of Westminster, Britain's richest man, has also given more than £1m to the organisers of the Countryside March, which is intended to save rural jobs and promote fox-hunting. Other supporters include the chairmen of some of Britain's biggest companies, including Sir Alick Rankin, of General Accident, and Jonny Weatherby of... (

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Police Are Suspended Over Gun Payments

25 February 1998

Times (UK)

Two police officers in the South Yorkshire force have been suspended from duty over allegations that compensation claims for large-calibre handguns outlawed after the Dunblane massacre were inflated. A civilian employed by the force has also been suspended. The Home Office halted payments after providing £570,000 to meet 524 claims in the... (

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Dunblane Handgun Ban Scheme Hit by Fraud

22 February 1998

Sunday Times (UK)

A government spending watchdog has identified 11 areas of concern, including fraud, in the operation of the firearms compensation scheme for handgun owners whose weapons were banned following the Dunblane tragedy. A national audit office survey of 15 British police forces has revealed widespread inconsistencies and different interpretations of the operation. Some forces have even failed to understand the scheme's own notices designed to clear up confusion. A Home... (

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Gun Owner Can Sue Home Office Over Late Compensation

19 February 1998

Telegraph (UK)

The government has lost the latest stage of a legal battle over delays in paying compensation for handguns confiscated after the post-Dunblane ban. A county court judge has upheld a shooter's right to sue the Home Office for payment on the grounds that it has taken an unreasonable length of time to process his compensation claim. A full hearing will now be heard which, if successful, could open the floodgates to thousands of similar actions from shooters still waiting... (

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Lithuanian Guns Down Eight in Tiny Village

16 February 1998


VILNIUS — A man went on a house-to-house killing spree and shot dead eight neighbours before he was beaten to death by survivors in a small village in Lithuania, police said on Monday. The dead, aged between 17 and 65, were four men and four women. "It seemed that he wanted to kill everyone in the village," said police inspector Cheslovas Girdzishka, giving details of the massacre in Drauchiu in the Shirvintos region some 50 km (30 miles) north of the capital... (

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Motorist Shot in 'Road Rage' Confrontation

11 February 1998

Telegraph (UK)

A motorist was shot and seriously injured yesterday after a so-called road rage incident between two drivers. The victim, aged 46, struggled to a nearby office for help after the gunman drove away from the scene in Croydon, south London. The injured man was shot at least once in the lower body during an argument with the driver of a silver R-registration Ford Escort. Det Insp Andrew Claiden said: "It seemed that they were basically going to have it out verbally. Then... (

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Heston's Criticism of Gun Laws Angers Dunblane Parents

9 February 1998

Scotsman (Edinburgh)

Dunblane parents yesterday condemned the Hollywood actor Charlton Heston after he attacked Britain's tough new gun laws. The movie star sparked controversy in a leading US gun magazine by saying UK gun laws were introduced only because of public hysteria after the shootings. Then Heston launched a scathing attack on Britain for introducing the firearm legislation. The actor is pictured holding a shotgun for the article in Guns & Ammo magazine. But yesterday parents... (

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PC Injured and His Dog Killed by Gunman

7 February 1998

Guardian (UK)

A police dog handler and a woman have been shot and wounded and a police dog killed, following a domestic incident in Northamptonshire. The gun used was a legally held .22 rifle which has raised issues of gun ownership in the wake of the banning of handguns. PC Ian Churms, aged 33, was called out with his dog, Bryn, to an incident in Irthlingborough, near Wellingborough, at about 11.30 on Thursday night. Shortly after his arrival with a uniformed colleague, a man... (

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Disarming News: Why Bobbies Have No Guns

3 February 1998

US News & World Report

LONDON — A total ban on private ownership of handguns went into effect in Britain last week, the result of a public outcry over the 1996 massacre of 16 schoolchildren and their teacher by a crazed loner in Dunblane, Scotland. But it is not just the citizenry that wants a gun-free zone here. The police are equally anxious to keep firearms off the streets and, for the most part, see no way to do it except by leaving their guns at the station. According to a survey by... (

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Dunblane Parents Say They Will Not Sue Police

2 February 1998

Scotsman (Edinburgh)

Families of children killed in the Dunblane massacre have angrily denied that they are planning to sue the police. A small group of the parents of the 16 murdered children were reported yesterday to be planning to take legal action against the Central Scotland force for negligently granting and renewing a firearms licence to the killer, Thomas Hamilton. According to the Sunday Mail, the action will be raised after the second anniversary of the killings, which happened... (

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Hunt Ban Protest Draws 250,000 to London

1 February 1998


LONDON — An estimated 250,000 country folk marched peacefully through central London Sunday to protest against issues ranging from a proposed ban on foxhunting to rules prohibiting the sale of beef on the bone. Hunters in full riding gear and gentlemen clasping walking sticks joined butchers, farmers, villagers and landowners from the far corners of the nation to show the 10-month-old Labor Party government that the rural lobby is strong and vocal. Police estimated... (

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Total Ban on Handguns Comes Into Force

27 January 1998


LONDON — A total ban on handguns came into effect in Britain Monday and anyone who decides to hold on to their favorite pistol could face up to 10 years in jail. The firearms legislation, among the toughest in the world, was introduced after the 1996 Dunblane massacre when crazed loner Thomas Hamilton shot and killed 16 schoolchildren and their teacher before killing himself. Owners of handguns of .22 caliber or less now have until the end of February to hand in... (

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After Land-mine Triumph, a New Crusade

7 January 1998

New York Times

VIENNA, Austria — Buoyed by their surprising success in achieving a treaty to ban land mines, a range of nongovernmental groups from academic institutes to human rights and aid agencies are now girding for a campaign against assault rifles and other light weapons, which inflame ethnic and nationalist wars around the world. The campaigners do not have as their goal a gun free world, which they say would be unrealistic. Rather they seek to curb the brisk, and largely... (

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Arms Cache Seized in Greece, American Woman Arrested

5 January 1998

Associated Press

SALONICA, Greece — Police seized an arsenal of rifles, grenades and dynamite while searching a pig sty on an American-born woman's farm in northern Greece. Ballistic experts planned to examine the weapons, believed to have been smuggled from Albania, for connections to killings or robberies in Greece, authorities said Sunday. Police said Ms. Donna Wilkins-Kaltsas, 41, was sleeping with a machine gun at her side when officers burst into her farm house in Dion, about... (

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Royaume-Uni,Écosse,Angleterre et pays de Galles

Gun Amnesty in England and Scotland Following Dunblane Massacre

25 April 1996

Independent (UK)

Dunblane Prompts 28-day Guns Amnesty A national firearms amnesty is to take place in June in the wake of the massacre of the Dunblane children, the Home Secretary announced yesterday. But while Michael Howard was confident the move would save lives, he accepted it could not prevent a similar tragedy at the hands of a deranged gunman - such as Thomas Hamilton who killed the 16 children and their teacher. "No one is suggesting a firearms amnesty is a panacea in... (

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