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Military Audits Armouries as Assault Weapons Leak to Crime in El Salvador

8 January 2010

La Prensa Gráfica (El Salvador)

[Translated summary: El Salvador Ministry of Defence will audit its armouries to discover how military weapons are finding their way into criminal hands.] El ministro de la Defensa de El Salvador, David Munguía Payés, consideró hoy que es pertinente hacer una revisión periódica de los inventarios y almacenes de pertrechos de la Fuerza Armada. El funcionario no precisó cuándo se emprenderá una revisión a fin de evitar fuga de armamento y que este termine en... (

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Ban Guns to Curb Injury, Death in El Salvador - Health Minister [Es]

16 December 2009

Noticias (El Salvador)

[Translated summary: Deputy Minister of Health asks Congress to ban civilian gun ownership, says 80% of El Salvador's homicides, external-injury hospital admissions involve firearms.] El Ministerio de Salud dio a conocer el plan preventivo para las fiestas de fin de año, y la mayor preocupación de las autoridades son los casos de niños quemados, los accidentes de tránsito provocados por personas ebrias, y el incremento de heridos por arma de fuego que demandan... (

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Salvador,Guatemala,Nicaragua,Amérique centrale

More Central America 'Peacetime' Gun Deaths Than in Civil Wars - Report

9 July 2009


GENEVA — Some Central American countries are experiencing more gun killings now than during their civil wars and face serious security threats from firearms in civilian hands, the Small Arms Survey report released on Thursday showed. Armed robberies, extortions, kidnappings for ransom, organised riots and community violence threaten to destabilise post-conflict nations in Latin America, Asia and Africa where fighting has officially stopped, the annual publication... (

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Government, 15 Cities Ban Hidden Handguns in El Salvador [Es]

26 June 2009

La Prensa (San Salvador)

[Translated summary: The Ministry of Justice and 15 municipal governments of El Salvador have agreed to ban the carrying of guns in public places. The cities Santa Tecla, San Martin and Ilopango had previously implemented this ban and saw an improvement in public security.] La medida iniciaría a más tardar en un mes, y debido a los altos índices de violencia, Colón ha sido incluido en la iniciativa. Los alcaldes también acordaron implementar los consejos... (

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Most Adults in El Salvador Would Endorse Gun Control Law, Gun Ban

30 January 2007

Angus Reid Global Monitor: Polls & Research

Many adults in El Salvador believe their country should institute tougher regulations for the use of weapons, according to a poll by LPG Datos published in La Prensa Gráfica. 69.2 per cent of respondents would forbid people from carrying firearms. Antonio Saca — a media businessman — was elected in March 2004 as the candidate for the ruling conservative Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA), garnering 57.73 per cent of the vote. ARENA candidates have won the... (

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In El Salvador, 7 in 10 Want to Ban Carrying Guns, Government Refuses

22 January 2007

Prensa Latina (Havana)

SAN SALVADOR — Although 96.1 percent of Salvadorians admit the danger weapons represent and 69.2 percent favour prohibiting carrying these deadly weapons, the Salvadoran government opposes legislation making carrying them illegal. A poll by LPG-Data in the daily La Prensa Grafica reflects that the legislation presented by the pluralist Commission for Solidarity and Social Peace is supported by seven of ten people in this country. The survey responded to the local... (

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With 400,000 Private Firearms in El Salvador, Church Supports Gun Control

11 December 2006

Prensa Latina (Havana)

SAN SALVADOR — Archbishop Fernando Saenz affirmed the Salvadorian Catholic church views favourably the Arms Law reform recently approved by Antonio Saca's government, noted local press Monday. Saenz considered the law modification appropriate reducing the spaces in which carrying firearms is legal and said he hopes the new measures benefit Salvadorian society. "I think it is advantageous to reduce carrying weapons as much as possible," noted the catholic hierarch... (

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El Salvador Expands list of Public Places Where Gun Carrying is Restricted

7 December 2006

[Translated summary: The parliament of El Salvador has extended the list of public places where carrying guns is prohibited. Guns were already banned in schools, churches, cultural and sporting institutions; under the new law they are also banned in parks, public squares and petrol stations]. Unanimidad. Los diputados avalaron ayer únicamente la restricción para portar armas de fuego en lugares específicos y durante un periodo de tiempo determinado También... (

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Salvador,Paraguay,Guatemala,Costa Rica,Colombie,Brésil,Mexique,Amérique centrale,Amérique du Sud

At Least 90 People Killed in Latin American New Year Celebrations

2 January 2006

Australian Associated Press

SAN SALVADOR — At least 90 people were killed in Latin America in road, fireworks and other accidents during New Year's celebrations. The highest death toll was registered in El Salvador, where some 33 people were killed and another 89 injured during celebrations marking the start of 2006, officials said. Carlos Alvarado, a spokesman for the country's civil defence system, said that many of those killed and wounded from late Saturday to early Sunday were victims of... (

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Armed Children

29 January 2004

Latin America Press

Easy access to small arms following armed conflicts in Guatemala and El Salvador has exacerbated violence in those countries, with children being the main victims, United Nations Secretary Kofi Annan said. Some 370 children and young people under 23 were killed in Guatemala City in the first half of 2003, according to a recent UN report. Of them, more than 100 were street children under 18. Annan said that the impact of wars on children goes much further and as an... (

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Guns Bound for El Salvador Seized at Port

11 July 2003

Oregonian (Portland)

A cargo container of guns en route from China to Central America was stopped at the Port of Portland in one of the largest arms seizures in Oregon history. U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection officials said Thursday the handguns, shotguns and ammunition magazines were headed to an arms dealer in El Salvador. The shipment contained 780 handguns, 300 standard pump shotguns, 150 pistol-grip shotguns and 950 ammunition magazines, with an estimated value of... (

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Toy Gun Does the Job for Security Guard

27 May 2002


SAN SALVADOR — El Salvador long has been portrayed as a violent land of men with guns, but one security guard in a dangerous suburb of the capital used a toy pistol on the job, and no one knew the difference. The fake weapon was discovered by National Civil Police among unregistered arms being used by security agencies, officials said on Friday. The guard, one of 18,000 private security agents in the crime-ridden Central American country, at first refused to give up... (

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Amérique centrale,Honduras,Nicaragua,Salvador,Guatemala,Costa Rica,Panama

Central America: Civilians Armed to the Teeth

4 December 2001

Inter Press Service

SAN JOSE — There are more than two million illicit small arms and light weapons circulating in Central America, a region of 35 million, authorities and civil society organisations warned at a regional conference running Monday through Wednesday in the Costa Rican capital. The government of Costa Rica and the non-governmental Arias Foundation for Peace and Human Progress expressed their concern over the large number of firearms still in the hands of civilians, a... (

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El Salvador Weapons Collection Slowed by Soccer

8 February 1998


SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador — An attempt to swap weapons for consumer goods in the Central American country of El Salvador faced a daunting foe on Sunday — soccer. An official with the private Patriotic Movement against Crime (MPCD) said collection of weapons over the weekend was going slowly because many people were staying home to watch the Gold Cup international soccer tournament and matches in the hotly-contested local league. Funded by the Organization of... (

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