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Nouvelles sur les armes à feu

République tchèque

2004 Firearms Statistics Show Rise in Ownership but Decrease in Licences

11 February 2005

Radio Prague (Poland)

According to a newly released study, last year 308,308 people in the Czech Republic were licensed gun-owners. That's about 3 percent of the population. The Czech Interior Ministry says that about 632,000 firearms are now legally held in private hands, but the number of registered owners is on the decrease. Dita Asiedu has been pouring over the statistics and joins us now in the studio - Dita, what do these numbers say about Czech gun ownership? How do these statistics... (

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République tchèque

Czech Republic Singled Out Again as Source of Illegal Arms

14 July 2003

Prague Business Journal

Concerns were raised over the thriving Czech arms trade — both legal and illegal — last week in the annual international Small Arms Survey and an investigation by the defense publication Jane's Intelligence Digest. Suspect practices continue in legal trading, local NGOs say, with a lack of transparency that breaches international accords signed by the Czech government and indirectly encourages illegal trade. Concerns have been raised that many illegal small arms,... (

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République tchèque

No Regular Checks on Private Firearms

22 May 2003

Czech News Agency

PRAGUE, Czech Republic — The Chamber of Deputies today passed a bill under which private entrepreneurs will be able to dispose of unexploded ammunition and not only police as so far. On the other hand, the Chamber rejected a proposal by the Trade and Industry Ministry which demanded regular controls over fire arms. Some politicians perceive the rejection as the result of various lobby interests, for instance, hunting associations. Private persons who want to dispose... (

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