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Nouvelles sur les armes à feu


Colombia Gov't to Arm Peasants

22 August 2002

Associated Press

BOGOTA, Colombia — President Alvaro Uribe's government plans to arm 20,000 peasants to support the armed forces in the fight against outlawed rebel and paramilitary groups, Colombia's defense minister said Thursday. The recruits will receive military training, and a small salary paid for by a new 1.2 percent war tax being imposed on higher-income businesses and individuals in Colombia, Defense Minister Martha Lucia Ramirez said in a radio interview. The recruitment... (

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A Colombia Arms Deal and the Perils of Blowback

3 March 2002

Washington Post

As Colombia's 38-year civil war careers toward a showdown between Latin America's largest rebel group and government forces backed by the United States, it is worth asking where the rebels got their some of their vast supply of weapons. Part of the answer may come as a surprise to those unfamiliar with the murky world of arms dealing: A substantial shipment of guns was air dropped to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, as the result of a 1999 deal... (

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Colombia Conflict Highlights Impact of Small Arms Trade

8 July 2001

Associated Press

BOGOTA, Colombia — The smuggling operation showed how fueling a war in Colombia can be nearly as easy as stepping into a Miami gun shop. Colombian arms dealers in the United States, on tourist visas, purchased assault rifles in Miami shops, packed them in bubble wrap and sent them home on cargo flights, listed as machinery parts. Their destination: the hands of guerrillas trying to overthrow the South American country's elected government. The smuggling operation,... (

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Israeli, Colombian Forces Thwart Huge Illicit Gun Deal in Latin America

20 June 2000

St Petersburg Times (Florida)

MIAMI - A joint operation by U.S., Israeli and Colombian authorities may have thwarted one of Latin America's largest illegal arms deals, interrupting alleged plans to ship as many as 50,000 AK-47 automatic rifles, as well as other weapons, to armed groups in Colombia. Police in Colombia and Israel who infiltrated what they described as a $100-million arms smuggling ring say the deal was being underwritten with large sums of counterfeit dollars being manufactured in... (

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