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Îles Cayman

Cayman Islands Must Get Serious About Rooting Out Gun Violence

14 March 2010

Cayman NetNews, Editorial

What seems to have become a daily occurrence of some incident or another involving the increased criminal use of firearms must surely indicate that something effective has to be done very, very soon to get a grip on the illegal possession and use of guns in the Cayman Islands. If we don't, the same thing will happen here as happened in Jamaica – ordinary delinquency will became confounded with revenge and could be blamed on political crime, leading to a considerable... (

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Îles Cayman

Just 15 People 'Responsible for Gun Crime' in Cayman Islands - Police

30 September 2009

Caymanian Compass

GEORGETOWN, Grand Cayman — In a frank address to the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce Wednesday afternoon, Police Commissioner David Baines said a group of 15 people were responsible for the majority of the recent gun crimes being committed in the Islands. Mr. Baines said some of these individuals had previously been arrested and even charged in connection with shootings, but were let off either because of insufficient evidence or witnesses who were scared to come... (

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Îles Cayman,États-Unis

Four Charged with Smuggling Handguns from Florida to Cayman Islands

20 September 2009

Caymanian Compass

Four men, at least two of whom are from Cayman, have been charged in US federal court in connection with separate firearms-related incidents. According to federal court indictments obtained by the Caymanian Compass, three of the men are accused of conspiring to smuggle firearms into the Cayman Islands via a freight forwarder in Broward County, Florida. The fourth man is charged with illegally possessing a .40 calibre Glock semi-automatic pistol as a non-immigrant... (

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Îles Cayman

Caught with a Gun, Cayman Islander Gets 7 Years 'Reduced Sentence'

25 June 2009

Caymanian Compass

Mere possession of an unlicensed firearm creates a danger to the public, Justice Charles Quin said when sentencing Bjorn Connery Ebanks to seven years imprisonment. Ebanks, now 25, pleaded guilty to having a .38 Taurus revolver in the King Road area of West Bay on 31 May 2008 without having a licence for it. Justice Quin said the sentence had to send a message that would deter others from having an unlicensed firearm. Even if the person possessing it does not use it,... (

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Îles Cayman

Cayman Islands Man Gets Mandatory 10yrs Jail for Owning a .22 Rifle

12 August 2007

Caymanian Compass

A Grand Court judge was forced to sentence a man to 10 years jail for possessing an unlicensed firearm Friday, despite the judge saying the offence certainly warranted a lesser sentence. Maricelle Manahan, 27, of West Bay is just the latest person to receive a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years under an amendment to the Firearms Law passed by the PPM Government in 2005. "I have no option to give you any lesser sentence because the Legislature has spoken on the... (

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Îles Cayman

Cayman Islands Police Inspect Homes as Gun Owners Relicense Firearms

1 December 2006

Cayman Net News

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, (RCIPS) said all owners of firearms permits that expire on 31 December need to apply for renewal forms well in advance. The step-by-step process is fairly straightforward and should be considered a priority for all holding these permits, the police said. Officers also noted that all firearms owners should check the security of their safes, which need to be bolted to a sturdy wall or floor. An essential requirement that is... (

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Îles Cayman

Caymans Gun Amnesty Heralded a Success

4 December 2005

Cayman Observer

GRAND CAYMAN — During the month of November, the Ceasefire gun buy-back campaign collected 20 weapons and a number of rounds of ammunition. The last few days saw increased co-operation, as was predicted. One member of the public turned in 95 rounds of ammunition of various calibres. A .22 calibre handgun was handed in, complete with 340 rounds, as well as a .32 calibre handgun with 73 rounds of ammunition. On the last day of the campaign to take illegal guns off... (

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Îles Cayman

Illegal Guns Will Earn Minimum 10 Year Sentence, Max 20 Years

19 October 2005

Caribbean Net News

GEORGE TOWN — Persons found with illegal guns in the Cayman Islands will have to spend no less than 10 years behind bars before any possibility of release, according to a soon to be implemented change to the local Firearms Law. Piloting the amendments to the Firearms Law in the Legislative Assembly, the Attorney General, Sam Bulgin indicated that Government is seeking to put the strongest possible restraint on persons found in illegal possession of weapons. This... (

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Îles Cayman

To Combat Violent Crime, Cayman Islands Tightens Gun Laws

3 October 2005

Caribbean Net News

GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands — The Cabinet of the Cayman Islands has embarked on an aggressive programme of legislative reform with the aim of stemming the recent increase in violent crime. The first in this planned package of legislation, aimed at imposing stiffer penalties and to introduce new offences, will be an amendment to the Firearms Law. While the increase in violent crime is reportedly generally confined to a small core of persons with a criminal bent, the... (

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Îles Cayman

Royal Cayman Islands Police, Rotary Club Join Global Gun Grabbers

20 June 2005

Cayman Islands Net News

In the wake of so many firearms incidents in the last several months, a number of people are now raising the issue of a possible gun amnesty. The Rotary Club of Grand Cayman's president elect David Kirkaldy, has outlined that one of the Rotary's goals for this year is to work along with the police and sponsor another gun amnesty by November in order to try and reduce the levels of gun crime. "It is a very sensitive issue and although the gun amnesty will follow the... (

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