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Pakistan Has Achieved Self Sufficiency in Small Arms and Ammunition

5 March 2012

Indian Defence Review

After partition, Pakistan did not inherit any military production facilities. In 1951, the Pakistan Ordnance Factory was established at Wah cantonment to produce small arms, ammunition and explosives. After 1965, Pakistan, apart from shifting its overwhelming arms supplies reliance from the US to China and other western countries like France; also began to concentrate on expanding its defence production facilities. In this, it received effusive assistance from... (

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400,000 Illegal Guns in Bangladesh, Many from India, Claims NGO

19 February 2012

Financial Express (Bangladesh)

Country's law and order situation might become unstable as cadres of different political groups were learnt to have been buying smuggled small firearms, reports UNB. Intelligence sources told the news agency Saturday that increasing use of small firearms in different criminal activities, including murder, robbery and extortion, have increased the smuggling of firearms from across the border. They said syndicates from two sides of the border control such smuggling of... (

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Indian Insurgents Procuring, Smuggling Arms from China, Southeast Asia

9 December 2011

Times of India

NEW DELHI - Insurgent groups in the northeast are procuring arms in China and some other South East Asian countries before smuggling them into India through Myanmar and Bangladesh, the government has said. "There are reports that insurgent outfits operating in the northeastern states of India have been procuring arms through smugglers based in the Yunnan province of China, Myanmar and South East Asian countries," minister of state for home Mullappally Ramachandran said... (

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Menace of Illicit Small Arms Industry, Trade, Violence in India - Opinion

28 November 2011

Express Buzz (India), Opinion

According to a recent study, India witnessed 4,100 gunshot murders in 2008. These murders would work out to 12.2 per cent of the over 33,700 murders reported during the year. Overall, there were over 6,200 deaths due to gunshots; about 66 per cent of them were murders, 26.3 per cent were accidental deaths and 7.7 per cent were suicides. It was also reported that most of the victims of firearm murders in India were killed using unlicensed firearms. Studies conducted... (

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Separatists, Burmese Rebels Make and Sell 'Chinese' Guns Across Region

3 August 2010

BBC News

South Asia's illegal arms market is full of "Chinese-made weapons" - but many of them may not actually be made in China. Anti-arms campaigners say that the rifles and machine guns which South Asia's rebel armies buy are manufactured under "an informal franchise" that Burma's rebel United Wa State Army (UWSA) has managed to secure from Chinese ordnance factories. The UWSA is an ethnic left-wing rebel militia, with an estimated 30,000 fighters. It is accused of being... (

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Gun Control 'Absurd Policy,' No Effect on Crime Gun Use in Bangladesh

3 May 2010

Financial Express (Dhaka), Opinion

Past governments of the country were noted a number of times for ordering the deposition of all legally owned firearms with the police or the offices of the district commissioners (DCs) in their bids to control the crime rate. But every time such orders were issued, the same created a great deal of hassle and loss to the legal wielders of firearms. For, it was a short-sighted view in the first place that firearms owners with valid licenses had descended to the level of... (

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Guns Seized in Bangladesh 'Just Come Back' if Not Destroyed: Minister

9 November 2009

New Nation (Dhaka) / BSS

DHAKA — Finance Minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith on Sunday strongly suggested destroying all illegal arms for ensuring security and peace in the country. The Finance Minister said this while inaugurating a two-day regional seminar on small arms control in the city. He criticised candidly the practice of keeping all illegal arms and ammunition intact after capturing those from smugglers, illigaly arms traders and miscreants. "We see illegal arms and ammunition are... (

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Guns Kill 1500 a Year in Bangladesh, 545 Firearms Seized in 6 Months

27 June 2009

New Nation (Bangladesh)

Widespread use of smuggled small arms continue to pose a threat to the country's law and order. The number of such arms in the hands of criminals has been estimated to be somewhere around two lakhs, according to relevant sources. Despite repeated drives for recovery of such arms criminals continue to get such arms from the neighbouring countries at very cheap prices, sources said adding the country is also being used a transit route for smuggling of such weapons and... (

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UN Seminar Tackles Gun Smuggling, Trafficking in South, Central Asia

17 June 2009

Indopia / PTI

KATHMANDU — Delegates from 13 countries, including India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, today participated in a UN-brokered regional seminar in the Nepalese capital to combat arms smuggling in South and Central Asia. The two-day seminar, first in a series of three sub-regional meets on 'Illicit Brokering of Small Arms and Light Weapons' in Asia and the Pacific, began today with an aim to enhance cooperation among the states in the region to address the issue of arms... (

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Former Bangladesh Spy Chiefs 'Smuggled Arms' to Unnamed Country

19 May 2009

Deutsche Presse-Agentur

Investigators yesterday detained two former chiefs of Bangladesh's National Security Intelligence (NSI) for their alleged connection with an aborted bid to smuggle a huge cache of arms and ammunition five years ago. Police detectives arrested retired Major General Rezaqul Haider Chowdhury and retired Brigadier General Abdur Rahim at their homes in Dhaka early yesterday, an officer said. Abdur Rahim was the head of National Security Intelligence while Rezaqul Haider... (

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Stolen Guns Fuelled Bangladesh Border Guard Mutiny, Bloodbath

13 March 2009

Daily Star (Dhaka)

Daisy Ahmed missed a heartbeat when she saw something wrapped in BDR uniform lying abandoned at the entrance to her house in Ganaktuli, a locality adjacent to the fifth gate of border guards' headquarters. After the February 25-26 mutiny that degenerated into a bloodbath at their HQ, most of the riflemen reportedly fled through the gate 5. It was 9:00 in the night the next day when everybody thought the wrapped thing was a rifle. But the police discovered a... (

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Bangladesh MPs, Army Fingered in Huge 2004 Gun Smuggling Attempt

5 March 2009

Daily Star (Dhaka)

CHITTAGONG — The process of 2004 botched attempt to transport 10-truck load of arms and ammunition to the United Liberation Front of Assam (Ulfa) started in late 2001, involving some big time political honchos of the last four-party government, according to confessional statements of two persons accused in the Chittagong arms haul case. The two accused — Md Hafizur Rahman and Din Mohammad — also said on Monday afternoon that the huge cache of weapons was being... (

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Political, Military Leaders Smuggled 10 Truckloads of Guns to Bangladesh

5 March 2009

Hindu (India) / IANS

DHAKA — Senior political leaders along with civil and military intelligence chiefs of then Khaleda Zia government were involved in the botched arms shipment seized at Chittagong port in 2004 that was meant for the Indian insurgent group ULFA, two people have told a court. The two accused, Mohammed Hafizur Rahman and Din Mohammad, told a court on Monday that the huge cache of weapons was being smuggled under the direct supervision of United Liberation Front of Asom... (

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High Incidence of Gun, Ammo Smuggling Across Bangladesh Borders

21 February 2009

Daily Star (Dhaka), Editorial

An investigative report in this paper on Thursday brought to light a rising trend in smuggling of firearms of variegated types in the country's southwestern region. The extent to which the clandestine activities are taking place is quite worrying. Arms traffickers are said to be active in at least 29 points in six border districts such as Kushtia, Meherpur, Chuadanga, Jhenidah, Jessore and Satkhira. There is no gainsaying that the points through which the arms... (

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Gun Smuggling Mystery Fades Due to Lax Policing, Bangaladeshi Politics

17 February 2009

American Chronicle (California)

Bangladesh government has ordered fresh investigation into the seizure of ten trucks loaded with various kinds of arms and heavy weapons to find out their source and identify those who were responsible for smuggling them into the country, said the state minister for home affairs. The detection and seizure of the arms-laden trucks on the Karnaphuli coast in Chittagong occurred in 2004 during the regime of the BNP-led alliance government. On April 3, 2004, the joint... (

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Gun Running 'Rampant,' Armed Crime Common in Bangladesh

17 January 2009

New Nation (Bangladesh)

The Government will launch special drive to recover illegal arms and crack down on criminal activities countrywide within a short period of time. This was stated by State Minister for Home Affairs Tanjim Ahmed Sohel Taj while visiting the Combined Military Hospital (CMH) in the city to see wounded Maj Sajjad of Rapid Action Battalion (Rab)-10. Maj Sajjad sustained bullet injuries during a shootout between Rab personnel and associates of top criminal Boro Mia Shaheen... (

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China Growing Illegal Gun Markets in Bangladesh, Myanmar Says India

27 November 2008

United News of India

MYANMAR SHILLONG — Security agencies have expressed concern on the increasing number of illegal arms markets in Bangladesh and Myanmar, a top official said today. "The arms markets in both countries have been thriving with the proliferation of new arms and explosives in China after Beijing's decision to dispose of obsolete weapons. Not only in Bangladesh and Myanmar, but these illegal arms market are also flourishing in China, Thailand and Cambodia," Intelligence... (

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All Private Guns Must Be Held by Police During Bangladesh Elections

12 November 2008

Daily Star (Dhaka)

The home ministry yesterday asked all to submit their licensed firearms to respective police stations across the country between November 20 and December 3. The small firearms will be in government custody until January 5, 2009, in order to keep the ninth parliamentary elections and upazila elections, scheduled for December 18 and December 28, violence free. The decision was made during a meeting of the advisory committee on law and order held at the home ministry... (

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Bangladesh Police Handguns Stolen, Smuggled to Calcutta for Sale

19 October 2008

Telegraph (Calcutta)

Bangladeshi criminal Subrata Bayen, who was arrested on October 13 in a Palm Avenue flat, was allegedly running an international arms smuggling racket from the city. According to officers of the Special Task Force (STF), Bayen's men would steal imported pistols from the Bangladesh police armoury and smuggle them to Calcutta. Investigations revealed that improvised firearms made in Bihar are in demand in Bangladesh and are routinely smuggled across the border. "In... (

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Bangladesh Urged to Support United Nations Global Gun Trade Treaty

14 September 2008

New Nation (Bangladesh)

The government has been urged to play its due role in pursuing the enactment of the proposed arms trade treaty in the General Assembly of the United Nations next month. The proposed treaty after enactment would reduce availability of the small and light arms, which are mostly used in anti human rights activities, as a total of seven lakh people killed across the globe in a year with bullets from small and light arms by both legal or illegal users. This was highlighted... (

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