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Gun Thefts From Peru Army Supplies Points to Possible Corruption, Trafficking

3 April 2014

InSight Crime (Bogota)

Authorities in Peru say the majority of arms used by criminal groups are stolen from private owners and security forces, highlighting a common regional phenomenon that is often facilitated by corrupt officials. Specialists consulted by El Comercio said the majority of pistols and shotguns used by criminal groups in Peru were stolen from legitimate owners, rather than acquired through the black market. Authorities reported that 1,767 firearms were declared lost or... (

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Investigation Shows Colombia Military-Criminal Firearms Trafficking Ties

4 March 2014

InSight Crime (Bogota)

Prosecutors in Colombia have issued a warrant for a high-ranking army official who stands accused of leading a ring that sold military weapons to narco-paramilitary group the Urabeños, highlighting a common source of weapons for armed groups across the region. Lieutenant Colonel Robinson Gonzalez del Rio led a group of four active members of the military, four retired members, two police and several private citizens that acquired guns, munitions and explosives for... (

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Falling Gun Registrations in Argentinian Region [ES]

10 February 2014

Diario El Argentino (Argentina)

[Translated summary: 47 guns were registered in the Argentinian region of Entre Rios in January 2014 according to data from the Provincial Weapons Registration Division (Repar). Most buyers are men over the age of 40 and the guns are purchased for hunting or sport shooting. The number of guns registered in the province fell from 645 in 2012 down to 566 in 2013 and it is estimated that there are 1.5 million registered in Argentina overall. Citizens must undergo a... (

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Paraguay Gun Seizure Linked to Brazilian Crime Gangs

10 February 2014

InSight Crime (Bogota)

Police in Paraguay have arrested three Brazilians after finding a cache of high-powered firearms, including a heavy machine gun, in a case highlighting both the migration of Brazil's criminals into Paraguay and the escalating conflict in that important trafficking corridor. In a house in Ciudad del Este - located in the country's Triple Frontier region with Brazil and Argentina - Paraguayan police found the Brazilians, one of them an escaped convict, along with 8... (

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Seven Out of Ten Homicides in Argentinian Capital Involve Firearms [ES]

18 November 2013

Diario La Prensa (Argentina)

[Translated summary: A new report from the Argentinian Supreme Court found that 7 out of 10 intentional homicides in the greater Buenos Aires area during 2012 involved firearms. The study recorded 789 intentional homicides in total for 2012.] El informe elaborado por la Corte Suprema reveló que en Lomas de Zamora el 78% de los crímenes fueron con armas de fuego, en La Matanza el 75% y en San Martín el 67%; mientras que donde menos se utilizó ese instrumento fue en... (

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Concern Over the Number of Guns Seized in Argentine City [ES]

3 November 2013

El Litoral (Argentina)

[Translated summary: Police in Santa Fe, Argentina have seized 644 firearms so far this year. This is an increase from 474 seized in 2011 and 523 in 2012.] Sólo en lo que va del año, la policía secuestró 644 armas de fuego de distintos calibres, en intervenciones concretadas en diversos puntos de la ciudad. El número resulta por demás significativo si se tiene en cuenta que supera a las 474 armas secuestradas durante todo el 2011 y a las 523 que se incautaron en... (

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Argentina's Successful Gun Reduction Law Wins Top International Award

24 October 2013

Action on Armed Violence

The outstanding success of Argentina's National Programme for the Voluntary Surrender of Firearms was today recognised with a Silver Future Policy Award by the World Future Council. The World Future Council cites the Asociación Para Politicas Publicas (APP), a long term partner of AOAV in Argentina and member of SEHLAC, as the key civil society organisation that has helped establish and implement this programme. In collaboration with the APP, AOAV works on a template... (

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Argentina Youth Gun Homicides Points to Rising Organized Crime

15 October 2013

InSight Crime (Bogota) / La Nacion

Violent deaths among youth in Argentina are at a ten-year high in a pattern that may point to the rise in organized crime in the country. In 2011, the most recent full year statistics are available, 794 people aged 15 to 29 were murdered, reported La Nacion; the total figure of 4,935 violent deaths in that age range is the highest since 2003. The number of intentional homicides could be much higher. As reported by La Nacion, another 1,074 youth deaths were recorded as... (

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Argentine Cop Shoots Estranged Wife's New Partner

4 July 2013

Croatian Times

A jealous policeman who shot his estranged wife's new partner 14 times with his service handgun is being held on murder charges after handing himself in. Jilted Antolin Creda, 36, had gone to his nurse wife's hospital to attempt a reconciliation but was furious when he saw her getting into a car with another man, say prosecutors in Neuquen, Argentina. After following them, he challenged his ex and then calmly emptied his gun's entire clip into his rival's chest... (

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Argentina Considers Controversial Law to Ban Gun Sales [ES]

2 July 2013

Ansa Latina (Buenos Aires)

[Translated summary: Argentinian lawmaker María José Lubertino has introduced a controversial bill to ban the sale of guns in Buenos Aires, in an attempt to reduce violence. Last month, Argentina signed the Arms Trade Treaty in New York.] BUENOS AIRES - La legisladora María José Lubertino, de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, presentó un polémico proyecto de ley que propone la prohibición de venta de armas de fuego en el ámbito de la capital argentina. El proyecto de... (

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Most Brazilian Guns Exported to US

29 April 2013

Folha de Sao Paulo

BRASILIA - The U.S., currently discussing restrictions on the sale of firearms, purchased 7.9 million guns from Brazil in the past 40 years, and 59% of those were exported during the Lula administration (2003-2010). That is the result of a new study by the Army Command to which Folha had access through the Access to Information Act, with a detailed record of the sellers and buyers of 9.9 million revolvers, pistols, rifles and shotguns, among other weapons, exported... (

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Argentine Citizens Can Object to Gun Access in New Initiative [ES]

14 April 2013

Diario El Argentino (Argentina)

[Translated summary: Argentina has introduced a new procedure to allow citizens to object to others' access to firearms, based on solid reasons. Authorities say a voluntary disarmament campaign, under law 26 216, has also reduced the availability of guns.] Rige en el país el denominado Procedimiento de Participación Ciudadana por Oposición para la Autorización de Tenencia o Portación de Armas de Fuego. El procedimiento permite a cualquier ciudadano la posibilidad... (

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Drugs and Gun Violence Plagues Argentina Province

1 April 2013

Deutsche Welle

Argentina's Santa Fe province is one of the richest in the country. A focal point of the vast farming sector, hundreds of thousands of tons of soya leave the ports surrounding its main city, Rosario, every year. Despite the glossy facade, the province - and in particular the metropolis - is becoming known for something far more unsavory: an out-of-control drugs market and a spiraling murder rate. The poor neighborhoods of Rosario, some 300 kilometers (185 miles)... (

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Gun Homicide Rate Rising in Argentina as Drug War Heats Up

26 February 2013

Independent (UK)

ROSARIO - The events of that evening in January are etched into Vilma Jaime's memory. The sun had set, but it was still oppressively hot and neighbours were outside in the street, chatting and drinking traditional mate tea. Then the gunshots began. Ms Jaime ran into her house, and watched through the keyhole of the front door as the blood started to spill. Three people were shot that night – miraculously, no one was killed. But many others have not been so lucky. Ms... (

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Bolivia Breaks Gun Trafficking Ring, Weapons from US to Brazil

28 January 2013

InSight Crime (Bogota)

Bolivian authorities broke up a network suspected of smuggling guns from the United States to Brazil's First Capital Command (PCC) gang, highlighting this Andean nation's role as a transit route in the region's illicit arms trade. On January 25, authorities arrested four Bolivian nationals in the city of Santa Cruz and seized an arms shipment worth $150,000 that was destined to be sent across the border to the Brazilian PCC gang, reported EFE news agency. Among the 28... (

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Gun Laws in Six Latin American Nations Explained

11 January 2013

Americas Society/Council of the Americas

Following a mass school shooting in Connecticut in December 2012, policymakers in the United States began engaging in a renewed debate about gun control. AS/COA Online looks at gun-related legislation in Latin America's six largest economies, identifying regulations for arms licensing. In Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela, gun possession is legal for civilians, though restrictions tend to be stringent. … Argentina: Gun ownership in Argentina... (

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What Google's Arms Trafficking Map Tells Us

28 August 2012

InSight Crime (Bogota)

The lights blanketing the globe on Google's latest foray into data visualization tell a hidden story of the gun trafficking business: that understanding the movement of ammunition is just as important as understanding the movement of weapons. Google says the interactive map, which was a joint initiative between Google Ideas and the Brazil-based Igarape Institute, was pulled together using more than a million data points of small arms, light weapons, and ammunition... (

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Argentina Loses 400 Military Guns, Pointing to Brazil Connection

16 July 2012

InSight Crime (Bogota)

Argentina's Armed Forces have lost track of more than 400 firearms in the past two years, according to a government report, in evidence that military stockpiles may be feeding a regional arms bazaar. The newspaper Clarin obtained a report which Chief of Staff Juan Manuel Abal Medina prepared for Argentina's Congress, highlighting the theft of arms from the army, air force, and navy. Among the weapons stolen from the air force and army were six Browning heavy machine... (

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Arab Spring Demands Change in UK Small Arms Export Policy - Report

13 July 2012

Al Arabiya / AFP

Britain must exercise more caution in granting licenses for the export of arms to authoritarian regimes such as Bahrain in light of the Arab Spring uprisings, a parliamentary report has urged. A Commons select committee review of export controls also revealed that Britain's Foreign Office (FCO) is concerned about the sale of equipment to Argentina amid tensions over the Falkland Islands, the Guardian reported Friday. Select committee chairman John Stanley said the... (

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Around 11,000 Firearms Destroyed in Argentina

16 May 2012

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)

In Argentina, a national program has led to the destruction of firearms in civilian hands. The surrender of firearms is voluntary and in return financial incentives are offered. The aim is to reduce number of weapons in civilian hands and contribute in building a less violent society. According to official data, 65% of intentional homicides in Argentina result from interpersonal conflicts in which one party has a gun. When it comes to self-defense, the problem lies... (

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