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Gun Policy News, 14 April 2013


14 April 2013

Local (Sweden)

A group of children playing in a snow drift in Umeå in northern Sweden on Saturday came across what they thought was a toy gun only to find out that it was a real weapon when one of them pulled the trigger. Luckily the shot was fired into the ground and none of the children were hurt. "It could have gone really badly. The children could just as well have started playing a war game and begun shooting at each other. It is also an area with lots of people and children... (

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14 April 2013

Today's Zaman (Istanbul)

Family and Social Policy Minister Fatma Şahin has announced that the weapons of 15,000 men found to have been involved in violence against women have been confiscated as a protective measure since the Law on the Prevention of Violence against Women came into effect 13 months ago. Speaking to the Akşam daily during her visit to Helsinki, Şahin provided some details about the implementation of Law No. 6284 on the Prevention of Violence against Women and the Protection... (

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14 April 2013

Diario El Argentino (Argentina)

[Translated summary: Argentina has introduced a new procedure to allow citizens to object to others' access to firearms, based on solid reasons. Authorities say a voluntary disarmament campaign, under law 26 216, has also reduced the availability of guns.] Rige en el país el denominado Procedimiento de Participación Ciudadana por Oposición para la Autorización de Tenencia o Portación de Armas de Fuego. El procedimiento permite a cualquier ciudadano la posibilidad... (

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