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Gun Policy News, 10 April 2013

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10 April 2013

Washington Post

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina — The wars from 1991 to 1999 as Yugoslavia broke up took up to 200,000 lives, turned millions into refugees and left much of the region's people traumatized and heavily armed. It was the bloodiest conflict in Europe since World War II. The millions of weapons that remained in possession of civilians after the fighting have caused fatalities every week, as traumatized former soldiers either shoot family members or commit suicide or... (

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10 April 2013

Toronto Star (Ontario)

The torn up shell of a school bus, pockmarked with gashes and dents from 6,000 bullets, was paraded through the streets of Washington, D.C. this week, centre of the action in the swirling American gun control debate. Was it the remains of an unspeakable horror? Some kind of war zone relic? No. It's art, and in post-Sandy Hook America, where the bullet-riddled bus installation by Toronto artist Viktor Mitic is on display, the stark portrayal of the destructive power of... (

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Angleterre et pays de Galles,États-Unis,Serbie

10 April 2013

Montreal Gazette (Québec) / Associated Press

Serbia held a national day of mourning Wednesday as police searched for possible motives in the Balkan nation's worst peacetime shooting massacre, which left 13 villagers dead and triggered demands for tighter gun-control laws. Police say a 60-year-old veteran went on a pre-dawn, house-to-house rampage Tuesday in a village near Belgrade, including killing his mother, his son and a two-year-old cousin before shooting himself and his wife. The two are in critical... (

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10 April 2013

Citizen (Dar es Salaam)

DAR ES SALAAM - Police in the city have recovered three guns and 33 bullets from different locations. The weapons were reportedly to be used by suspected bandits in commiting robberies. The firearms were recovered in a special round up carried out by police after receiving intelligence information from citizens, according to Dar es Salaam Special Zone Police Commander, Mr Suleiman Kova. He said that one sub machine gun (SMG) was recovered at Kimbangulile area in... (

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10 April 2013

Daily News (Egypt)

The United Nations published a report on Tuesday which concludes that weapons used during the Libyan civil war against Muammar Gaddafi are being funnelled at an alarming rate to other countries in the region. The report said these weapons have been found to be used in the recent war in Mali, the West Bank in Palestine and the ongoing Syrian civil war, with Egypt and the Sahel region receiving the most significant amounts. The report said these weapons are fuelling... (

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10 April 2013

Balkan Insight (Sarajevo)

BELGRADE - Milorad Veljovic, head of Serbian Police, said police were working on a draft Law on Weapons and Ammunition that would provide greater control over people who possess guns. "The draft will be passed to the government in the coming days," Veljovic said. The move comes after a 60-year-old man, named only as Ljubisa B., went on the rampage on Tuesday morning, killing six men, six women and a boy aged two in Velika Ivanca, 60 kilometres south of... (

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10 April 2013

Sudan Tribune (France)

RUMBEK — The Lakes state Legislative Assembly on Wednesday passed a Firearm Bill which makes it compulsory to register all firearms and extends more powers to the state and county authorities to disarm any pastoralists who do not comply with the Bill or who are responsible for cattle raiding and other violence. Twenty two lawmakers were absent from the parliament when the new law was passed. According to the assembly clerk, 7 MPs had been given official permission to... (

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10 April 2013

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Media release

VIENNA - Almost half a million people (437,000) across the world lost their lives in 2012 as a result of intentional homicide, according to a new study by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). Launching the Global Study on Homicide 2013 in London today, Jean-Luc Lemahieu, Director for Policy Analysis and Public Affairs, said: "Too many lives are being tragically cut short, too many families and communities left shattered. There is an urgent need to... (

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