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Gun Policy News, 3 August 2012


3 August 2012

Age (Melbourne)

Criminals have stolen thousands of guns from homes and dealers in Australia over the past eight years, with only a fraction recovered by police within a year, according to a study of organised crime gangs and firearm trafficking. And police have seized hundreds of semi-automatic rifles (the type of weapon used by the man who murdered 12 people in a Colorado cinema last month) from organised crime gangs such as bikies across the country. The report, by the Australian... (

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3 August 2012

InSight Crime (Bogota)

A new decree banning the public possession and transportation of weapons in northern Honduras, a key drug trafficking region, is intended to cut violence in the area though critics argue it will prevent farmers involved in a violent land struggle from arming themselves in self-defense. The decree passed August 1 and prevents civilians from carrying weapons in public or in vehicles in Honduras' northern Colon province. La Tribuna published the full text of the law,... (

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Nouvelle Calédonie

3 August 2012

Radio New Zealand International (Shortwave)

New figures show that in New Caledonia the number of sales of high-powered arms has tripled in the last two years. The French High Commission in Noumea says this follows the liberalisation of the gun law two years ago to make it easier for hunters to obtain rifles. It says last year an additional 4,500 guns have come into circulation. This means that there are nearly 50,000 weapons in the territory or about one firearm for every three adults. Under the new law, it... (

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3 August 2012

RIA Novosti (Russia)

Russian investigators arrested a man in northwest Russia on Thursday for arms offences, including possession of an anti-tank rifle, the police said on Friday. Police raided the man's apartment and country house in Gatchina, Leningrad Region, and uncovered an arsenal of weapons including the anti-tank rifle, pistols, grenades, mortar, and aircraft machine-guns, city police said. The unemployed 39-year-old man was detained after he tried to sell a TT-30 semi-automatic... (

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3 August 2012

Caribbean 360, Opinion

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados - Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries joined dozens of other nations in fighting for a robust and comprehensive Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) during negotiations at the United Nations headquarters in New York from 2 to 27 July, but their efforts were frustrated by President Barack Obama's re-election campaign team. The Caribbean countries have very good reason for wanting a strong ATT. In recent years, these countries have become the hapless victims... (

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3 August 2012

BBC News

Why do so many Indian parliamentarians need guns? And why are guns being sold to MPs who have criminal cases pending against them? Nobody quite knows. But the government's reply to a freedom of information request on gun ownership among MPs has revealed some startling facts: - 756 guns were sold to MPs and VIPs - usually politicians - in India between 1987 and 2012. - 82 MPs purchased guns being sold off by the state between 2001 and 2012. - 18 of these 82 MPs have... (

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