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Gun Policy News, 2 August 2012

Sierra Leone

2 August 2012

News24 (Cape Town)

Freetown - Sierra Leone lawmakers have lifted a ban on small arms in new legislation which seeks to regulate ownership of weapons in a country ravaged by a decade-long civil war, an official said on Wednesday. "The act will regulate the private ownership of guns and other weapons in the country to control the proliferation nationwide," said deputy Internal Affairs Minister Raymond Kabia, who piloted the bill. "The act will also ensure that stockpiles of small arms and... (

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2 August 2012

Yemen Observer

Abdulkhaleq, 8-year-old child, was killed last Wednesday when he was tampering with Russian-made pistol in his district of al-Qaflah, Amran governorate. According to the police, the bullet lodged in his head and died on the spot. In another accident, an 8-year-old child killed his father during his tampering with a machine gun in his home in Sabwah governorate. According to the Ministry of Interior, the bullet launched from his fathers' gun that the child was playing... (

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2 August 2012

Local (Sweden)

Two men were shot in Eskilstuna near Stockholm on Wednesday night in what police believe to have been the latest exchanges in three days of gang-related violence. According to the police, the men were shot in the legs and were conscious when they were taken to hospital in an ambulance shortly after midnight. The shootings are the third gun-related incident to occur in the town on consecutive evenings and police believe that the shootings are part of a drug-related... (

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2 August 2012

Times of India

AHMEDABAD - The wealth of the city and areas nearby has grown in the past half decade or so, and the number of firearms has also corresponded with this. In Ahmedabad city and parts of Gandhinagar, applications for firearm licences have increased by 25 per cent in the last two years. In the city alone, the firearm licence branch receives about 25 new applications every month. J B Gadhvi, inspector of licence branch, said most applications come from persons fearful for... (

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2 August 2012

InSight Crime (Bogota)

Ecuadorian authorities seized an illegal shipment of weapons allegedly destined for the FARC that included anti-aircraft munitions and sub-machine guns, on the border with Peru. The shipment, which was confiscated in the border town of Huaquillas on August 1, also contained mortars, anti-tank weapons, and .50 caliber ammunition, reported El Tiempo. Ecuadorian authorities detained two adults and a minor, one of whom was Colombian. El Pais reported that the shipment... (

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2 August 2012

Star (Kenya)

Spy agents will soon have powers to carry and use firearms in an attempt to deal with increasing security threats. The National Intelligence Service Bill 2012 which is now before Parliament also gives the agency's Director General, "in the event of extreme emergency" unfettered access to any place, seize any property including information and document [sic] and restrain suspects from escaping. There is however a caveat that the DG shall "as soon as practically... (

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