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Gun Policy News, 1 May 2012


1 May 2012

CBS News (USA)

SAN FRANCISCO — California has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. But one wouldn't know that going to the firing range these days. AR-15s and AK-47s are the must-have guns of choice. How can that be? Every time California tightens up the assault weapons ban, the gun industry finds a way around it. The latest example involves a tiny device. John Largaespada loves his AR-15 and goes to the range every week to fire it. And he's got plenty of company.... (

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Afrique du Sud

1 May 2012

Telegraph (UK)

Thousands of South African police officers face being stripped of their guns or kicked out of the force entirely after a leaked internal report revealed that one fifth of those with licenses were not qualified to use police-issue weapons. A total of 27,400 officers failed to complete updated firearms training introduced last year, out of 129,713 armed staff in the nation's force. Following the revelation last month, several district commanders ordered officers who were... (

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