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Gun Policy News, 4 January 2012

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4 January 2012 (Azerbaïdjan)

The South Caucasian republics purchased 107 324 small arms from various countries of the world in 2005-2010. APA reports quoting the UN Register of Conventional Arms that Georgia takes the first place among the South Caucasian republics on purchase of small arms during this period. Georgia bought 76 377 small arms from 7 countries. The submachine guns, short rifles, pistols, automatic rifles, pistol-machineguns, heavy machineguns, grenade launchers as well as the... (

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Côte d'Ivoire

4 January 2012

West Africa Democracy Radio

[Translated summary: In almost every city of Cote d'Ivoire, youth, former militia members, or simple civilians possess firearms without a permit to carry firearms. Even though many amnesties were launched to tackle the traffic of illicit firearms, the problem persists.] Dans la quasi-totalité des villes de Côte d'Ivoire de nombreux jeunes, ex-miliciens, combattants rebelles des ex-Forces nouvelles (FAFN), ou de simples civils détiennent des armes à feu sans... (

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Haïti,République dominicaine

4 January 2012

Dominican Today

SANTO DOMINGO - Most of the weapons are smuggled into the country by air and sea and not across the border as widely believed, Interior and Police minister Jose Ramon Fadul affirmed Tuesday, who stated his concern and said Haiti cannot be blamed for everything. "Haiti is not the only one way guns enter, the number which enters that way is the minimum. Haiti cannot be blamed for everything." When asked why so many criminals are better armed than the authorities, the... (

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4 January 2012

Local (Stockholm)

Sweden's minister for justice, Beatrice Ask, says Swedish weapons laws will be looked over, after recent events in Malmö where five people have been shot within the space of a month. "The previous report didn't see a reason to change the law. I am not happy with that and we are looking into it at the moment," Ask told news agency TT. The Chairman for the Committee on Justice, Social Democrat Morgan Johansson, has been demanding that Ask does something about the... (

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