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Gun Policy News, 1 January 2012


1 January 2012

Courier-Mail (Brisbane)

Firearm thefts are soaring in Queensland, bolstering a booming black market for illicit weapons and fuelling a deadly wave of armed violence. Gun shops, homes, cars and even a house used to grow marijuana have all had weapons including handguns stolen in the past year. The thefts come as legal firearm ownership spikes in Queensland and as crime fighters haul underworld figures before coercive hearings into gun crimes. Latest police figures show 551 guns were stolen... (

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1 January 2012

Telegraph (UK)

According to the FBI, over 1.5 million background checks on customers were requested by gun dealers to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System in December. Nearly 500,000 of those were in the six days before Christmas. It was the highest number ever in a single month, surpassing the previous record set in November. On Dec 23 alone there were 102,222 background checks, making it the second busiest single day for buying guns in history. The actual number... (

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1 January 2012

Daily Nation (Nairobi)

DAKAR — Senegal's interior ministry has announced the suspension of all licences it awarded civilians that guaranteed them to legally carry arms ahead of polls in February. A statement by the ministry on Friday night said the suspension takes immediate effect and will stay put for four months. The move is in the "best interest of civilians and will further intended to protect and guarantee peace and security in the country," the statement said. It did not provide... (

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