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Gun Policy News, 27 June 2011


27 June 2011

Radio Fiji

The porous nature of Fiji's borders saw the use of foreign firearms in past coups says Fiji Ministry of Defence senior officer Joji Washington. Washington made the comments at the Asia Pacific Consultation on Arms Trade Treaty held in in Bali, Indonesia earlier this month. He told the Forum Fiji has been subjected to several coups where conventional weapons were used and resulted in bloodshed. Washington says authorities have confirmed that some of these arms were of... (

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27 June 2011

Los Angeles Times, Editorial

The agency failed in a border operation that let guns fall into criminals' hands. But Congress has failed to adopt sensible laws to prevent mass 'straw purchases' of arms destined for use in crimes. A congressional subcommittee has spent much of the last month investigating how a border security operation code named "Fast and Furious" allowed hundreds of guns to fall into the hands of criminals on both sides of the Mexican border. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,... (

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27 June 2011

Washington Post, Editorial

The gun rights lobby has spent considerable time and energy in pursuit of one goal: crippling the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). It has largely succeeded — and with dire consequences. Concerned to the point of paranoia about the erosion of the constitutional right to keep and bear arms, the National Rifle Association and far too many lawmakers have fought against virtually every proposal to empower the bureau to better track and crack down... (

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27 June 2011

Al Masry Al Youm (Egypt)

A new conversation has been taking place around Egypt for the past five months, one that rarely came up before. How do you acquire a firearm? With rising crime rates and an ongoing security vacuum since 28 January, the smuggling, manufacturing, and purchasing of weapons is on the rise.The insecurity has generated new clients and markets in a country where previously one rarely heard of civilians carrying personal weapons. The persistent security vacuum has sparked a... (

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