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Gun Policy News, 14 June 2011


14 June 2011

L'Express (France)

[Translated summary: An increasing number of robberies and attacks are committed with imitation guns. One of these even lead to the death of a young man, when police shot the 19yr-old boy thinking that his imitation gun was a real gun. However, amendments to the French Law on this matter keep on being delayed.] Un nombre croissant de braquages et d'agressions sont commis avec des armes factices. Pourtant, la loi tarde à s'adapter à ce phénomène. Le 23 février... (

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14 June 2011

San Francisco Chronicle / AP

LOLO, Montana - A practiced survivalist and former militia leader whose mother said he slipped into paranoia after repeated run-ins with Montana law enforcement eluded authorities searching for him Tuesday in a remote mountain range near the Idaho border. As the hunt for 47-year-old ex-convict David Burgert carried into its third day, court documents and interviews with law enforcement officials painted a picture of a well-armed "bully" who became convinced a decade... (

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14 June 2011

New York Times

WASHINGTON — In a report issued Tuesday by two powerful Republicans in Congress, the Justice Department was accused of conducting an operation that allowed nearly 1,000 guns to flow illegally into Mexico, including two that were eventually found at the scene of the murder of an American Border Patrol agent. The report, by Senator Charles E. Grassley of Iowa and Representative Darrell Issa of California, said the 2009 operation in Arizona by the Bureau of Alcohol,... (

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14 June 2011

Guardian (UK)

The Mexican government of Felipe Calderón has been left with egg on its face after a judge ordered the release of a former Tijuana mayor arrested earlier this month when dozens of firearms were allegedly discovered in a raid on his mansion. The federal judge released Jorge Hank Rhon saying there was insufficient evidence to indict the 55-year-old gambling magnate and politician, despite reports from officials that 88 guns were found at his sprawling complex in... (

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14 June 2011

ABS-CBN News (Manila)

MANILA, Philippines - A party-list group on Tuesday urged the Aquino administration to impose stricter gun control following the fatal shooting of a radio commentator in Nabua, Camarines Sur. In a statement, Ang Kapatiran Party warned that failure to control the proliferation of unlicensed firearms will lead to more shooting deaths of journalists and innocent civilians. It noted a Philippine National Police (PNP) report that loose firearms are used in 97% of... (

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14 June 2011

Houston Chronicle (Texas) / AP

DEXTER, Maine — While known at school as a fun-loving kindergarten teacher whose students made ice cream and tie-dyed shirts, Amy Lake was living a nightmare at home as she sought to protect herself and her children from an estranged husband who threatened to take a knife to her and do things "you wouldn't do to farm animals," records show. After being held at gunpoint a year ago, Lake and her children moved from home to home. When they moved to Dexter, she stopped... (

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