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Gun Policy News, 9 June 2011


9 June 2011

San Francisco Chronicle / AP

KARACHI, Pakistan - Pakistani authorities are investigating a video that appeared to show paramilitary forces shooting to death an unarmed teenager in the southern port city of Karachi, officials said Thursday as hundreds of angry mourners attended his funeral. Video aired repeatedly on TV and a version posted online showed the bleeding teen begging for help. It sparked another controversy for the Pakistani military, which is still reeling from criticism following the... (

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9 June 2011

Huffington Post (Canada)

Vivian Sula Enuaraq's family says the Iqaluit woman had finally had enough. The 29-year-old had thought about leaving her husband several times during their troubled 11-year relationship, her sister Jolene Arreak recalled from Ottawa. She had few friends in the northern community, however, and couldn't afford airfare out. So each time she decided to stay in the marriage for the sake of the couple's two young daughters, Arreak said. But the last time Arreak talked... (

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9 June 2011

Huffington Post (USA), Opinion

Do you want your pediatrician to assess existing risks to your child's health, based on the latest scientific knowledge? Do you want your doctor to tell you the truth about those risks, based on the best evidence that can be brought to bear? When it comes to the risks of guns in the home, particularly to children, the gun lobby wants to prevent doctors from telling you the truth and prevent you from hearing it. At the insistence of the National Rifle Association,... (

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9 June 2011 (European Union - Asia) / Eagle-Tribune (Massachusetts)

One year after ethnic violence rocked southern Kyrgyzstan, leaving over 400 dead, gunshot wounds have been established as the main cause of death. Activists believe the country is still awash with firearms, and security experts say weapons are likely to keep featuring in domestic political struggles, especially as officials seek support from gun-toting associates or even arm themselves. During the violent overthrow of Kurmanbek Bakiyev in April 2010, protestors seized... (

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