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Gun Policy News, 31 May 2011

Îles Salomon

31 May 2011

Solomon Star (Solomon Star)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs must get whole of government support and develop a comprehensive policy framework to ensure that the planned international arms trade treaty (ATT) has the most benefit to the Solomon Islands. These were some of the recommendations emerging from a national consultation held in Honiara last Thursday on the treaty, which aims to create a legally binding international framework to regulate the trade in conventional weapons. If successful... (

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31 May 2011

KGPE CBS47-TV (California)

After 6-year-old Emily Lavender was accidently shot and killed by her 2-year-old half brother, police served a search warrant and found 53 firearms. Lavender was a first grader at Maple Creek Elementary. "Emily was very sweet and a loving, loving young girl here at maple creek and she's going to be missed," said Gina Kimset, the Principal at Maple Creek Elementary. Police say the 6-year-old was accidentally shot and killed by her two-year-old half brother, who somehow... (

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31 May 2011

Columbus Dispatch (Ohio)

Columbus police take guns off the streets at a pace of about eight a day, 250 a month, 3,000 a year. In the police property room on Fairwood Avenue are derringers and AK-47s, ancient Colts and slick new Glocks. There are Hi-Points that cost less than $200 and Les Baer custom pistols that likely set back the original buyer a few grand. Columbus Police Officer Ky H. Reed started work in the property room last summer after an injury took him off the streets. It has been... (

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31 May 2011

Le Temps d'Algérie

Un réseau de trafic d'armes à feu a été démantelé dans la wilaya de Mostaganem par le groupement de la Gendarmerie nationale de la wilaya selon son premier responsable, le commandant Mohamed Ben Hmida. Ce réseau est composé de seize personnes dont trois accusées de soutien au terrorisme. Trois autres personnes demeurent actuellement en fuite et font l'objet de recherches. La gendarmerie a aussi récupéré 22 armes à feu dont 16 pistolets automatiques (PA) de... (

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