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Gun Policy News, 29 May 2011


29 May 2011

Richmond Times-Dispatch (Virginia)

The number of justifiable killings committed by police and private citizens has been trending upward over the past decade, rising in 2009 to their highest levels in more than a dozen years in both Virginia and the nation. There are no definitive answers to what is causing more law-enforcement officers and individuals to use deadly force in dealing with crime. But some criminologists say changing attitudes about the circumstances in which lethal force can be used in... (

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29 May 2011

Daily Mail (UK)

The Obama administration is exploring tighter regulation on gun policy that can be secured through an executive order, bypassing congressional approval, officials have confirmed. The potential crackdown has prompted concern among gun rights groups in the ongoing debate surrounding gun control and Second Amendment rights. Administration officials said talk of executive orders or agency action are being considered, amidst its crossfire over regulations with a... (

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29 May 2011

Des Moines Register (Iowa)

A former state senator and Waterloo service station owner is offering $5,000 worth of gas on June 11 for those who voluntarily turn in firearms. Jim Lind, who owns and operates a Shell station on the south side of Waterloo, is sponsoring a "Gas for Guns" promotion from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Waterloo Fire Department station at Mulberry and East Third streets. The Waterloo Police Department will be on hand to receive the guns, and Lind said "no questions will be... (

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29 May 2011

San Francisco Chronicle

California's tough gun-control laws are targeted at armed criminals in general and mass-shooters in particular. But they appear to have had the unintended consequence of making California gun stores unattractive to purchasers buying weapons for the Mexican drug cartels. A Hearst Newspapers survey of guns purchased in the United States and funneled to Mexican drug traffickers found that out of 1,600 guns identified by brand name and purchase point in court documents, a... (

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29 May 2011

Columbus Dispatch (Ohio), Series

Before a bullet severed her spine on the Near East Side last May, Alix Reese hoped to teach preschool. She was "always on the go," as one friend put it. Now, she moves at a mechanical crawl in a motorized wheelchair that she maneuvers with her mouth, changing directions with puffs and sips of air. She hasn't given up on teaching, but a more-pressing goal is to breathe without the help of a machine. Reese is 26, the innocent victim of an unsolved gang shootout at... (

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