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Gun Policy News, 26 May 2010


26 May 2010

Portland Press Herald (Maine), Opinion

CUMBERLAND — In light of the recent "open carry rally" in Portland (where firearms were openly displayed), it might be of interest to review the gun situation in Maine. Maine has one of the highest gun ownership rates in the country and a higher rate of death from firearms than Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire and six other states. About 13 children and 100 adults die in Maine each year from firearms. The most recent data from the Maine Center for... (

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26 May 2010

WTAE-4 TV News (Pittsburgh)

LOYALHANNA, Pennsylvania - A Westmoreland County man has been ordered to stand trial in connection with the execution-style killings of his mother, sister and elderly aunt at the family business. A judge ruled on Wednesday there is enough evidence to hold Kevin Murphy for the shooting deaths of Doris Lee Murphy, Kris Lynn Murphy and Edith Cora Tietge inside Ferguson Glass on Loyalhanna Lake Road on April 23, 2009. Tietge, 81, Doris Murphy, 69, and her daughter, 43,... (

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26 May 2010

Toronto Sun (Ontario)

OTTAWA - The mother of a young woman gunned down nearly 20 years ago urged MPs not to scrap the gun registry, arguing the human costs outweigh any price tag of retaining the registry. Pricilla de Villiers, who became an advocate for tougher laws and gun control after her daughter Nina was murdered in 1991 while jogging in Burlington, Ont., told the Commons public safety committee Wednesday the debate must shift from the rights of gun owners to the rights of... (

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26 May 2010

Herald News (Massachusetts)

The state House of Representatives has given its approval to a crime bill that would, among other items, give prosecutors greater abilities to seek dangerousness hearings for suspects arrested while carrying illegal firearms. According to Bristol County District Attorney's office spokesman Gregg Miliote, the House version limits district attorneys' opportunity to ask for dangerousness hearings to only those cases where the defendant is charged with carrying an illegal... (

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26 May 2010

Philadelphia Inquirer

HARRISBURG - In what has become an annual exercise in the Capitol, lawmakers who support tighter gun control measures - most from Philadelphia - put their quixotic agenda before their fellow legislators. It happened again Tuesday as the House Judiciary Committee considered a flurry of gun-related bills; one that would expand the rights of gun owners and three that would limit them. The legislation that passed would broaden the so-called "castle doctrine," which offers... (

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26 May 2010

KTVU-TV News / Bay City News (San Francisco)

SAN FRANCISCO - A panel discussion in San Francisco Wednesday evening about a state bill that would ban open carry of firearms in California focused on balancing safety and public order versus individual rights and the Constitution. Much of the conversation - which featured a police chief, law professor and gun advocate - centered around interpretation of the Second Amendment and the practical implications of carrying unloaded weapons. The Commonwealth Club event was... (

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