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Gun Policy News, 24 May 2010

Afrique orientale,Tanzanie

24 May 2010


A public destruction of illicit arms and weapons organized by the East African Community ( EAC) is to be held on Tuesday in Kagera region in northwest Tanzania to mark the Africa Day on May 25th and commemorate the African Union's 2010 Year of Peace and Security. A total of 2,600 weapons will be publicly set on fire at the event, an EAC press release said, adding that the public destruction of small arms and light weapons has been ongoing in all the five EAC Partner... (

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24 May 2010

National Journal (USA), Blog

Gang violence has killed approximately 23,000 people in Mexico since 2006, in a country where gun sales are highly restricted. Mexican President Felipe Calderon stressed this in his joint address to Congress Thursday when he urged the reinstatement of the assault weapons ban. "We have seized 75,000 guns and assault weapons in Mexico over the last three years," Calderon said. "More than 80 percent of those we have been able to trace came from the United States." Some... (

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24 May 2010

Gleaner / Power 106 News (Jamaica)

The Constabulary Communication Network is reporting that two policemen were killed and six others shot and injured during a shootout with gunmen on Mountain View Avenue, Kingston 2 last night. The identities of the dead cops have not been released. One of them was a sergeant from the Motorized Patrol Division and the other a member of the East Kingston Division. It's reported that about 11:30 last night, a woman turned up at the Rockfort Police Station and reported... (

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24 May 2010

Associated Press

WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court has ruled that a minimum 30-year prison term for crimes involving a machine gun may not be imposed unless a jury specifically convicts a defendant of using a machine gun. The court on Monday unanimously upheld a federal appeals court ruling that had been challenged by the government. The decision came in the case of Martin O'Brien and Arthur Burgess, who were charged in connection with a failed robbery of an armored car carrying $2... (

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24 May 2010

The Hill (Washington DC), Opinion

Days before Mexico's President Felipe Calderon arrogantly addressed a joint session of Congress on how we ought to run this country, members of the National Rifle Association gathered in Charlotte, N.C., to celebrate their victories in Congress and the courts, discuss their passion for guns, hunting, the shooting sports and plan for the future. The largest turnout for an NRA Annual Meeting since the association's founding in 1871, the more than 72,000 members in... (

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24 May 2010

Tallahassee Democrat

As many as 30 shots blazed between two groups of men in a late-night 2008 street skirmish in Tallahassee, killing a 15-year-old boy named Michael Jackson. Last week, a Tallahassee judge decided Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law forced him to dismiss charges against two of the combatants, Jeffrey Brown and Andrae Tyler. State Attorney Willie Meggs said the Legislature should repeal "that stinking law." The judge who made the decision wrote the law created an... (

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24 May 2010

Palm Beach Post (Florida), Column

Mexican presidents who visit Washington are expected to show up on time for the photo ops, dress appropriately for the state dinner, and then flash a warm, neighborly smile as they board the plane to leave. They aren't supposed to behave the way Felipe Calderon did last week when he addressed a joint session of Congress. The Mexican president told U.S. lawmakers that they must ban automatic weapons, and he called Arizona's new immigration law a "terrible idea" that... (

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