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Gun Policy News, 19 May 2010


19 May 2010

Chatham Daily News (Ontario)

The Chatham-Kent Police Services Board strongly opposes the move to scrap the long gun registry. Conservative MP Candice Heoppner's private member's bill to abolish the registry is coming up for a third and final vote. At Tuesday's board meeting, Chief Dennis Poole said that although the registry had a controversial beginning and was criticized for significant cost overruns, it has become a valuable tool for police to track firearms in Canada. "In most cases, guns... (

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Afrique du Sud

19 May 2010

Cape Argus (Cape Town)

Former VIP Protection Unit member Sydney Mangena broke down and wept in the Western Cape High Court as his former boss testified that Mangena had confessed to killing his fiancee and later attempted to commit suicide. Colonel Gerard Victor, provincial head of the police's VIP unit, said yesterday that Mangena had called him minutes after he allegedly killed parliamentary employee Thobeka Vuso at a dinner party at a Waterfront flat six years ago. Victor testified that... (

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19 May 2010

Daily Nation (Nairobi)

NAIROBI — A Malindi fisherman chanced upon a cache of arms on Wednesday, triggering a major security operation in the coastal town. The fisherman was setting nets to catch octopus in the Indian Ocean when he came across the weapons. On Wednesday, police officers hauled the arsenal ashore and displayed it at Malindi Police Station as investigators tried to unravel who the owner is. The weapons, packed in sacks, included 436 bullets, four rockets, one rocket launcher,... (

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19 May 2010

Observer (Kampala), Editorial

President Museveni is a bit disturbed that the commanders that were deployed in Karamoja to disarm the gun-wielding warriors are failing to achieve their targets at the expense of lives and property. The President is right to be upset, but he also needs to research on why the work has not run according to plan. Part of the reason is that the ordinary people and the warriors alike can't trust the UPDF to provide them with security for their lives and property, against... (

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19 May 2010

Washington Post, Editorial

Congress long ago demonstrated its disdain for the residents of the District of Columbia. So there's little hope that appeals about the rights or even the safety of its 600,000 residents will factor into consideration of the specious effort to rewrite the city's gun laws. What lawmakers might want to think twice about, however, are the homeland security implications of making the nation's capital wide open to guns. Surely currying favor with the gun lobby is not worth... (

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19 May 2010

Winnipeg Free Press (Manitoba), Opinion

It is with great interest that I have watched the reactions of the Canadian public last week to the recent media coverage of the Canadian long-gun registry and our minority Conservative government's bill to repeal it. Hopefully, the facts will prevail and the myths and political rhetoric surrounding it will be seen for what they really are. The long-gun registry was created by the majority Liberal government in power at the time in the wake of the shooting tragedy at... (

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