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Gun Policy News, 18 May 2010


18 May 2010

Stabroek News (Guyana), Editorial

Last week's forum – "In Harm's Way: Girls in Settings of Endemic Armed Violence" – that was organized to observe the 'Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence' by the International Action Network against Small Arms was cause for both controversy and concern. Ms Glynis Beaton, General Secretary of the Young Women's Christian Association, created a stir by declaring, probably with some hyperbole, that there were "at least 150,000 persons in possession of illegal... (

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Afrique du Sud

18 May 2010

News24 (Cape Town) / SAPA

JOHANNESBURG - Small arms shooting ranges that fail to comply with government safety regulations will be "harshly dealt with", the national regulator for compulsory specifications (NRCS) said on Tuesday. The NRCS would inspect shooting ranges across the country to ensure that owners were obeying the safety rules laid out in the NRCS Act, spokesperson Thomas Madzivhe said. "Where there is non-compliance, the NRCS will withdraw certificates of compliance issued for... (

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18 May 2010

Himalayan Times (Kathmundu)

KATHMANDU - Gun-culture is surely growing in the Valley, and police have sounded the alarm bell. The number of criminals arrested in possession of small firearms stands as a stark indicator of this trend in the underworld of theft, robbery, and extortion. Police arrested seven gangsters with four firearms in separate raids in Kathmandu over the week. A special squad of Metropolitan Police Crime Division on Monday night nabbed Pawan Tamang (23) of Nuwakot and Sabin... (

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18 May 2010

National Public Radio (USA)

Anti-Washington anger is in the air, and the National Rifle Association hopes to tap into it. At the NRA's annual meeting in Charlotte, N.C., over the weekend, NRA members made clear that it is President Obama who is driving a recent demand for guns. "He's been a very good gun salesman. People have been going out and buying guns and ammunition — people who've never even owned one before — because they figure under his administration, there's going to be the... (

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18 May 2010

Daily Gleaner (New Brunswick), Opinion

"If you think education is expensive, try ignorance," Derek Bok, former Harvard University president, has said. A similar analogy applies to the long-gun registry, as activists and objective observers alike are making clear. In 1995, Ted Miller turned his attention to the costs associated with gun violence in Canada. Miller is an internationally recognized safety economist and leading expert on injury incidence, costs and consequences, with more than 150 studies and... (

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18 May 2010

Arizona Republic

Victoria Healey aims a shotgun at an orange clay target flying through the night sky, pulls the trigger and shatters it. A round of applause erupts. Healey smiles. The Phoenix resident attended Ben Avery Desert Roses, a program that introduces women to shotgun-shooting sports at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility, 4044 W. Black Canyon Blvd. The free 2 1/2-hour class, which meets the first and third Thursdays of the month, aims to get women comfortable around firearms by... (

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